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  1. IMO Riven "balancing" is a terrible idea. Rivens should be used for QoL not to fix a flawed or weak weapon, rivens being used to balance will only cause an unending fluctuation in usable vs non viable weapons. If certain weapons don't meet a certain power factor fix them, "nerfing" weapons and rivens just abuses the player-bases time and energy farming and working toward something to have it taken away or ruined. Which just results in feelings of anger and resentment toward the people that put a lot of work into the development of warframe. Personally I feel all rivens should be set to the same riven disposition and the weapons fixed, to produce the same amount of damage or worth the weapon gives. Rivens shouldn't be used to balance weak or poorly implemented weapons, its a lazy way to "fix" the power creep DE, and you know it. I would love to see weapons I thought were interesting while leveling, but not worth keeping (because they a. don't do enough damage or b. there are better options) become good and worth using. Riven balancing wont make this a reality because the weapon is either too flawed or once it becomes popular again it will be "balanced" resulting in the start of the process all over again. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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