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  1. +1 Good idea. Gear bindings are especially limited and being able to have more via the ability menu shift would be particularly useful.
  2. I've twice quit immediately because I was spamming melee attack on the Switch at the time of death which is also bound to Quit and accept Quit on the death screen. In the second instance I was the host and would have stuck around to let them finish without disruption, quitting was a bit mortifying hence this request. A short, 5 second, pause before the Quit prompt comes up would be nice to have.
  3. Just to be clear: the Wolf is bad for the reasons in my original post. The underlying idea is not. The very first time I encountered the wolf in a random pug mission, we took it down in a little over 10 minutes with random gear. I quite enjoyed that and even told my clan mates that this is a good mini-boss since he has well telegraphed attacks that do high damage along with ranged attacks with both his weapon and a lunge. They could even speed up his animations a bit, he's a bit too easy to dodge right now - too forgiving. If that had been preserved - 5-10 mins with frequent but avoidable deaths (ie, actual gameplay where you can learn and avoid it in the future) and a sense of actual danger and challenge, I would look forward to the Wolf. Well, and a decent drop table to keep it interesting, but of course he has one of the worst in a game where uninteresting or overly diluted drop tables are unfortunately a bit too common. But that last is a separate concern. Where this all broke down is the scaling, as I said earlier. Instead of being a 5-10 minute interesting fight, he's a 15-20 minute slog unless you specifically keep gear just for him - but he shows up too infrequently for that to make sense. The invincible trio just make it even more of a slog, there's no real gameplay added by them that's interesting. DE's lovely creation, the interesting and wonderful weapons, all these beautiful and well-crafted frames, all of the stuff that drew me in is now their biggest problem when they try to do that bugbear word: challenge. I suspect they simply do not know how to make the fight last 5-10 mins since the power creep among weapons and frames is so high and a 5 min average is going to get rapidly cut down to 1 minute or something by those hunting it. So we get the overtweaked worst case scenario, the Wolf, instead. Make the wolf "harder" by say speeding him up so it's harder to dodge, increase his damage output, whatever, but please please please make the fight take 5 mins, 10 max. Not this drudgery. The drop table is the other problem. For the fight to stay relevant, either he should show up a lot less or have more rewards we look forward to. The Wolf gets both of these wrong, which is impressive. He shows up too infrequently for those that want to farm the sledge and their drop rates are abysmal. His reward table is full of common mods outside of the sledge so players like me that don't care about the sledge given the poor drop rates think he shows up way too often as is. There's a happy medium somewhere in there where the sledge is made more appealing because the odds of getting it are not so abysmal and the fight itself is not such a slog. But that medium for me is going to be different than for others, of course. Judging by the amount of make the Wolf go away posts in this forum, we're nowhere close to making most folks happy with how it's tuned.
  4. Sure, I completely agree with you on the latter - lvl 0 everything shouldn't be able to kill anything on Sedna or most other planets outside of the starters. The reason I did the post though is that it's a bit of a strawman here where I had one of the most OP weapon setups in a game full of OP weapon setups and was muddying the discussion. I do agree with your if it can kill sortie 3 enemies, it should be able to kill the wolf in a reasonable amount of time. Italicized bit because honestly almost anything can kill the Wolf given enough time. And that's why I quit out at the 40% mark - I was disappointed at myself for not having quit out immediately. I stuck around because I was pissed at just having had to quit out when he showed up at wave 4 and now here he is at wave 13 or 14, right away. I made a poor choice initially in deciding to protect that poor investment. The game shouldn't put me to decisions like this: do I stick around for 20 mins to recoup the 15 mins I already put in in what is guaranteed to be an unfun, unchallenging, and grindy pursuit? I chose the wrong answer there, I should have left immediately which would have also saved me from this thread I created from my frustration. Also, the Wolf isn't a challenge by himself since it's easy to avoid his attacks. This is implicitly acknowledged by the devs adding the invincible trio so you can take damage and die after all. That last is another aspect of how badly designed this encounter is: the Wolf simply cannot kill you if you don't want to die. He is not dangerous in that respect. So they added invincible foes to add some sense of danger to what is already a bad fight. It's turtles all the way down. A Hanoi tower of tankiness, invincibility and ability negation.
  5. Just laugh at the emerging narrative y'all are putting together - "yutz that was unprepared", "was at Sedna with only starter weapons". Either we have reading problems or y'all have forgotten or don't care about the context. I was carrying a Polearm Zaw with a Condition Overload/Blood Rush build on it. It's an Dehtat - Seekala - Ekwana Jai II with the Dehtat chosen specifically because it procs both Puncture and Slash in almost equal ratio - important for a CO build to have as many concurrent statuses on the target as as possible. It's running radiation, but that's just an artifact of whatever I was doing last before a two week break from the game, I didn't do that for the Wolf. The Seekala gives it a base speed over 1.2, which is really fast for a polearm even without Beserker on it. The Ekwana Jai II lets it be a hybrid crit/status weapon with all the well known synergy between the two. The weapon melts everything on the starmap all on its own, no exceptions but one. Sedna is hardly a challenge for it, especially for what is at most just 20 rounds. It melts things at Mot. It was melting stuff an hour and half into an Orokin Derelict Defense before we decided that was enough mutagen last night. There is no problem with the weapon or of being unprepared. The problem is that the Wolf simply negates all status in his invasion form. So that's all of the Condition Overload damage negated right there and that's the exponential scaling component of the weapon's damage output just gone. Goodbye 1.6^n damage multiplier because the devs have designed a game with horrible power creep and are now forced to negate the basics of their own design to offer challenge. n=3 on the status this weapon does on its own, so that's a +410% damage component just gone - all of you going on about radiation damage for the Wolf, that's merely +75%. For someone as tanky as the Wolf, I would typically add more status from other weapons or frames if possible and the damage can be +1000% without much more effort - but not against the wolf, because you know, it's from the non-status proc bizarro alternate universe. But ah, it's a crit hybrid weapon so that should still be good, you say? Yes, I was doing 9000+ damage red crits at times when Blood rush combined with my Smeeta's crit roll. But, and this is the other fun part of the Wolf, it didn't matter because the dude has a huge HP pool and oodles of DR. So after I dunno somewhere between 10-15 mins of hitting him for damage, including red crits galore, we had him down to 40%. I would have finished him myself if I waited another 10mins. That's certain. What I was not willing to do is to subject myself to this grind for even another minute - it's a S#&$ty design that should not be rewarded by playing it. Get off the "yutz didn't know what they're doing" high horse. The yutz was facing an enemy specifically designed to negate these weapons among others. The yutz is also unwilling to take a pure crit/radiation weapon along just on the off chance of meeting the Wolf on any given node - that is just bad. This is however what half the people here are saying: be prepared for a very low probability event at all times by sacrificing a whole weapon slot to this overtweaked, systems-negating enemy just on the off chance he shows up. Yeah, no. So, when and if you get back to your ongoing narrative, move the story away from didn't have a good weapon please - I had one of the more OP melee weapon setups in the game, just not one optimized for killing the Wolf. But that's the core of my complaint - we shouldn't have to run around waiting for a very low probability event just because the event is so S#&$tily designed.
  6. Radiation the damage type does +75% against Alloy Armor, Radiation the status proc causes enemies to get confused. The Wolf is immune to status procs, but the damage bonuses still apply. The Wolf is supposed to move into what I hope is quiet retirement in a week or two. I would hold off on DE announcing what his role is to be before going so far as to farm 20 arcanes just for him.
  7. Yes. This is called "planning ahead."
  8. Your presuppositions are correct - I can run that level till round 20 as I have said in a level 0 frame at the start, not necessarily all frames but certainly so for the Nidus I was leveling here. Noxes included. Most folks who stay can. It doesn't need a Rhino, just a build for leveling - in this case a hybrid Zaw with Healing Return to continuously heal a frame that is all health; well and a stance with forced knockdowns to keep them stunned. Thing is all that planning is useless when Mr Wolf shows up, which is the entire point here. I don't know if you realize that taking an extra weapon when you're doing the max frame + level 0 weapon level up doubles the time taken since you've halved the xp gain on the unleveled weapon? And if you're using the Level 0 frame + 2x level 0 guns + maxed melee strategy, adding a maxed weapon to the primary or secondary also exactly halves the xp gain you're seeing across the unleveled weapons? Doubling the time taken to do something just in case a mini-boss might arbitrarily show us is what I said is tedium. The very low spawn chance makes it much worse to actually carry around unnecessary for the purpose weapons with you. I shouldn't have to say this but: when you see anyone use the word fun and assume it's meant in some "objective" sense, whatever that is supposed to mean, top and ask yourself how it could ever be objective. All of what I write is from my perspective, you shouldn't be assuming otherwise. I'm gonna peace out of this, but do consider the context here: it's hydron, I'm leveling 2 weapons using a 3rd weapon which is specced out for a +45% affinity boost from Naramon. Switching either leveled weapon for a "heeeeey, it's the Wooooolf!" possibility will literally (as in exactly) double the time I will need to level those weapons. That is a decision we shouldn't have to be put to other than for some ill thought out design.
  9. Just to show how limited a view this is of how people run Hydron. Yes, sometimes I go there in a frame that can solo 10-15 levels with no help from a weapon and then take a single level 0 weapon with me to level - a couple of 10 round runs will max it out because you're not wasting any of the weapon affinity that's coming in. (Rhino is not a good frame for this kind of leveling.) But more usually. and as in this case, it's a frame I'm leveling along with some weapons so I was in a level 0 frame with a level 0 primary and secondary. All of the work was being done with a Condition Overload/Blood Rush hybrid build running alongside Healing Return to keep the frame alive if needed (a polearm zaw build for speed and reach, but any decent hybrid weapon works). This was combined with Naramon's +45% melee affinity bonus ability. It's straightforward to take this to 15-20 rounds at Hydron with a little effort and it's a lot of fun besides because you have to be alert in later rounds, not just keeping some OP frame ability up while the affinity rolls in. There are many other set ups. I'm not pushing this rather common build to you. I'm pointing out to you how utterly tedious it is to have to change any of the above by adding an extra weapon to a 1-weapon leveling build as in the first example, or by adding an extra spurious weapon to the second example just in the off chance that Wolf shows up. So instead of being able to enjoy the gamelay more because I'm not running an invincible frame and must stay alert, I just sit there op because you know the fun mini-boss might drop by to say hello. It's this ridiculous restricting of gameplay by the Wolf I find tedious. I want to get on with the core game, a game that offers a lot of choice in what I play, not wait for the Wolf everywhere.
  10. You know I told myself not to respond to the typical response and am usually good at it, but this one is so typically typical of the typical response to typical complaints by the typical player that I'll post an atypical for me reponse. All of what you write presupposes that I will build out to fight the Wolf in some way or presupposes some form of playstyle. There's no "as you would expect" for running around with Rhino at Hydron or even taking a maxed out frame there. You're taking a cat just to deal with Wolf. You have other frame options for taking out Wolf. You suggest weapons for taking out Wolf. Do you find it difficult to understand why people don't want to play this game as a how to not be bothered by Wolf simulator? That they may want to continue playing the game in the manner they enjoyed when first picking it up and may want to continue doing so? That they may then ask DE to not in the future disrupt that experience by sticking poorly designed bosses right into the middle of the core flow in a manner that is now impossible to ignore - as you have shown so well in that brief except I quoted? The Wolf is not a challenge on his own as can be seen by the 3 minute runs of the higher level alert right now. That has never been the problem. It is easy to build for and take him out - I just take my Eido build, with rad Rubico Prime and Sarpa armor stripper and he gets wrecked as simply as you would expect him to. He's even got the same base armor as Teralyst - 200 - and you can treat him just the same if you want for armor strip - if you care to, since he goes down so easily anyways when you are focused on doing that. The issue is that he's been thrown in everywhere and building to take him out everywhere makes everywhere not a fun place to be in this game right now. The amount of not fun depends on how much he impedes with the core of the experience of the bit of everywhere you happen to be at. If it's a defense, it's a lot of not fun. A lot of folks can't seem to grasp the problem with Wolf is not that he's hard, he's not. He's just incredibly tedious and boring when thrown into random situations unless you build fo rit and that just makes what you were trying to do tedious and boring instead.
  11. Recent unvaults had their relics available outside the Void. The latest has it only in the Void. Is this by design? If not, please fix this as those drop tables are very diluted. Looking at a 1/16 probability of a relic you need dropping is very disheartening when combined with a 1/10 chance of getting a rare from it: a combined 1/160 or 0.6% chance of getting a rare item as a result of running a 5 minute Marduk Sabotage for eg. Or a Loki rare part showing up once every 330 minutes on the average if you choose to grind it out. Those are bad numbers when looked at before starting an activity. Note that this is the average! That distribution has a very long tail and 10% of players will have it be oh I don't even want to do the math.
  12. This is a good post. It's generally a strength of the team that there are competing, mutually incompatible influences on the design that can give us more variety. But some of the resulting stew is just badly chosen like this insistence on physical contact instead of vacuum. Making vacuum be an ability you have to invest in (endo, mod slots) is an how to put it interesting choice - but to then have the same ability be useless in some spots is well beyond interesting. But when there's no way for the player to know when and how core abilities like vacuum they've invested in will suddenly fail to work is outright baffling - there's no pattern from which we can form expectations, just seemingly random decisions thrown into random situations.
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