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  1. (NSW)v1ld

    Preserving mission progress

    This is getting pretty bad - I've had two successful 10 wave runs at Hydron and have had host migrations in 4 more. In 3 of these at least I was left with another player so it's not my connection alone causing the squad split. I cannot get to 15 waves for those Hydron Axi relics unless I solo it, which defeats the purpose of grinding both MR and relics at the same time. The bigger point here is that Switch players are more likely to have transient network problems being mobile and therefore the overall probability of a network failure causing migrations or dropouts is much larger as a whole for a 4 person squad. This is mere suspicion given how frequent host migrates are on Switch, but I would love to see the numbers I'm sure you have. The solution isn't solely to move to a server based infrastructure but to make your mission designs robust enough to allow the player a reward for their time invested even with frequent host migrations. The time wasted is starting to really add up as impedance to playing the game - shortening the window in which you lose progress would greatly alleviate this without changing your fundamental network architecture as in the oft-repeated move to servers chant. Please re-evaluate your mission reward structure with your new population of mobile device players in mind! Please don't treat host migrations as purely a networking problem - it manifests itself as wasted progression and can be tackled from a game design perspective as well if you're unable/unwilling to change the network/server architecture.
  2. (NSW)v1ld

    Preserving mission progress

    It's interesting that some PoE drops are instantly saved to your profile while most are not. What was the motivation there? Was it initial instability in the implementation? I couldn't come up with any other reason for it, so would love to know why that choice was made.
  3. (NSW)v1ld

    Preserving mission progress

    TL;DR: Please checkpoint and save mission rewards to your profile at the end of each rotation and not just at extraction from endless missions. The Switch has made a huge jump in stability and performance with the latest Fortuna 1 patch and that's very cool, but the dreaded host migration is still there. I suspect, but would love to see your numbers if you would share them, that the Switch is much worse at this than your other platforms because it is both mobile with all of the network variability that brings and it is also blessed with a particularly bad wifi connection. Frequent host migrations interact poorly with the endless mission design where a host migrate can take away all of the rewards from even a 20 - 25 minute mission. As a Nintenno I now have to consider the risk of a migrate when deciding whether to do another rotation - I love the increasing difficulty but have to quit out because of a particularly good drop I'm scared to lose to the network, not the gameplay. I don't know when the current all or nothing rewards design was put in place, but it's time to re-evaluate it now the game is also on a mobile platform with all of the network variability and fragility that brings with it. People are playing from coffee shops, over phone connections in trains, and that's a good thing - the game just has to mitigate network failure better. I don't mention P2P or servers because that's not the problem here. The P2P in this game works quite well when it's working, but it needs more graceful degradation when it can't work well because of the more fragile network environments a mobile device will find itself in.
  4. (NSW)v1ld

    Switch access to event rewards and ghoul hunts

    Good to hear, thanks!
  5. (NSW)v1ld

    Why is there no goddamn group finder tool after 6 years!

    Any improvement to the recruitment situation would be very welcome and this is a well put together proposal. There are lots of situations where this is useful even for experienced players (rad shares are the best example) but it would be a big boon for new players and most of all for non-clan players. I've been lucky enough to be part of an active and helpful clan where I don't have to use the limited chat capabilities in game to form groups, but if one was indeed limited to controller typing into recruiting to get groups for Index, *SO, frame parts BP farming, relic farming and cracking, the list is very long here, it would be quite frustrating. I also see folks asking for help with the, um, less popular content like Limbo Theorem sporadically for eg. Other games that feature grinds even eschew general chat for room based search. For eg, Monster Hunter World allows listing rooms by various fixed parameters with no user provided text or sending up SOSes - that works remarkably well and allows those new to specific monsters or gated by some wall to progress beyond it.
  6. Events have dropped many useful mods in the past, especially Acolytes. When will Switch players get access to these mods? Waiting on those events to be replayed seems like it will be months or possibly never - is there any precedent for events being replayed? It would also require either all platforms doing it or the Switch again going back to being out of sync. So can we please have them re-introduced into the Switch pool in a manner that doesn't require waiting for those events to be replayed? On the same lines, there are no Ghoul Hunts active in PoE on the Switch. They drop useful mods too. Can we please have them activated like the other platforms?
  7. (NSW)v1ld

    PoE Ghoul Purges and notifications

    Yes, exactly. Some of those mods are very useful and gate possible builds (Hunter Munitions). I hope DE picks up their presence in the Switch portion of the forums. Answers to these threads aren't required, but it would be good to know that they are aware of these issues and have a schedule to fix them.
  8. (NSW)v1ld

    No relic rewards from void

    Thanks for taking the time to clarify this further. I still think it unnecessarily confusing to have the user track the drops for specific locations based on the vault being open while most other locations don't follow the same rules for the same drops. Uniformity and simplicity are good things design goals for rewards in a grindy game.
  9. (NSW)v1ld

    No relic rewards from void

    Thanks for the clarification! So the intended, by-design feature is that relics don't drop in the void - the area most closely associated with them (void rifts and all that) - when the vault is closed but will drop everywhere else in the solar system? That's confusing at best.
  10. (NSW)v1ld

    No relic rewards from void

    Where did you learn it's not a bug? The PC drop tables show a 99.96% chance at the relics below, which should be 100% modulo division by 17. Void/Ukko (Capture) Meso T1 Relic Rare (5.88%) Meso B3 Relic Rare (5.88%) Neo N8 Relic Rare (5.88%) Neo N9 Relic Rare (5.88%) Meso S8 Relic Rare (5.88%) Meso T3 Relic Rare (5.88%) Meso D3 Relic Rare (5.88%) Meso R1 Relic Rare (5.88%) Neo G1 Relic Rare (5.88%) Neo A2 Relic Rare (5.88%) Meso P1 Relic Rare (5.88%) Meso Z2 Relic Rare (5.88%) Meso A1 Relic Rare (5.88%) Meso M2 Relic Rare (5.88%) Neo Z2 Relic Rare (5.88%) Neo M2 Relic Rare (5.88%) Neo S9 Relic Rare (5.88%)
  11. (NSW)v1ld

    No relics dropping in Void

    I probably shouldn't but I'll say that a biggish downer was the hearty laughter after Steve said that 2019 would be the year of quality in that last devstream. Not what you want to see when you're not on the primary platform, one that's getting infrequent releases compared to the fix now ability you have on PC. I sincerely hope things get better once you get the consoles in sync in every way.
  12. I just tried two Void missions and no relics where they used to be one per mission. Aki/Survival (stayed 5 mins) and Ukko/Capture. Ukko used to give a relic every time. I really like this game but things seem to be breaking a lot. The Mesa Prime release on PC threw the Switch's relic tables out of whack more than a month ago and I wonder if this latest is from the urgent hotfix to remove Mag/Nova bits from a few days ago. It's getting really tough to play a grindy game when you don't even know what your possible rewards are or where to go for what.
  13. In terms of data set size, this is not large: It is exactly what you see on the final mission screen for your personal rewards. Base/bonus XP count per slot, resources picked up with counts. That's a small amount of data sent very infrequently.
  14. Not at all. It doesn't seem like the host is the one tracking everyone's rewards today since if you disconnect and are forced to the login screen, when you reconnect to the game all of the rewards you had accrued are gone even if the host hasn't changed. If the host was the one tracking that information, it could be fully restored and you could get all your rewards which simply doesn't happen today (unless DE overlooked this, unlikely). So in all likelihood, your client is the one tracking all that was picked up by you and that information is wiped out when you're forced to the restart the mission on relogin. All I'm suggesting is that clients send a periodic copy of what they have obtained to one other client, say once every 30 or 60 seconds. The host and algos around it do not change. When you relogin, you can then request a copy of that saved state and continue on though you will have lost on the average 15 or 30 secs worth of pickups. There's no change to host or other p2p protocol details.
  15. (NSW)v1ld

    PoE Ghoul Purges and notifications

    Are PoE Ghoul Purges active on the Switch? I have yet to get a single notification as the wiki says happens when they start. PC players say these generally happen on non-Baro weekends, so every other week.