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  1. Melee 2.99 has been great fun while using Lesion with Shimmering Blight. Being able to for eg use melee on Corpus, see a Nullifier Bubble come up, seamlessly shot the drone so the bubble pops, then take out the Crewman with Lesion is great fun. Love that aspect of it! Great job. Like the little touches like being able to reload the gun immediately from holding a melee weapon. My only concern now is that since there is no longer any quick melee, the feel of melee is dependent on how well the stances work for your playstyle. Up until now I could just ignore stances and treat them as + mod point mods. Some stances are way too locked in their combos and have ornate flourishes that take way too long or force you to move in ways over which you have no control (Cleaving Whirlwind for eg makes me launch into a jump I don't want with Gram Prime!). Others have combo chains that go very very deep and it's difficult to control or break out of them in the heat of battle. I mentioned Lesion above because Shimmering Blight is a simple and relatively unintrusive stance, one that lets you have more control over motion and attack compared to others. I believe you've already mentioned taking away some of the timing based aspects of combo control, but please also consider releasing some stances that have very flat combos or ones in which the player retains full control over motion, speed and direction. This is a good first step and the fluidity is fun and very in keeping with the rest of the game, so please keep that as is! Stances do need a lot of love, it is no longer possible for the player to simply ignore them if they want to in battle.
  2. It's not just burn out, it's the perception that Nightwave gives of the direction DE is heading. One where daily check ins and alertium go from being things you can choose to miss out if you don't care to where you must participate in a 10 week standing campaign to get necessary things to continue playing the game - Nitain is an obnoxious hindrance in the new system. Standing in general is a so-so system at best, one whose enjoyment is intimately tied to the fun of the tasks done to gain that standing. But when tied to daily standing caps even that mitigation of fun tasks driving it is gone by forcing you to play at the pace dictated by those caps not at the pace dictated by your own enjoyment. I quickly decided I would forgo all of the syndicates because of the first taste of daily standing caps and meaninglessly repetitive tasks with Simaris. But the daily caps would make it drudgery even if the tasks were not so boring to do in the first place - the game is not letting you play at your own pace. PoE's rep grind only reinforced this feeling when I finally engaged with it to build a 223 amp - the daily standing caps made it extremely unfun to engage with it, spoiling both the current day when I had time and was having fun by capping me, but also spoiling the next day when I re-engaged with the game only to be reminded I had to grind out my PoE rep quota for the day. But all of that was not a problem - the rewards from syndicate rep can be traded, so if you don't wish to play that system, you can just organically play the game and trade any good drops you get to buy the stuff you want from other players (I did purchase a 1000 plat purely as a way to say thank you to DE). I thought this was brilliant design - a good way to allow for different types of enjoyment within the one game. The new Nightwave system doubles down on standing and takes it in even newer directions that don't bode well long term. The daily standing cap is replaced by time-limited standing sources which may seem similar but is made much worse for the player by two new additions to standing as a means to force people to engage with the game at the game's terms: The standing has limited validity - it will stop being useful in 10 weeks when the current story ends and a new story is begun with its own new standing currency. That it may again be valid in a year or two when this is re-run is quite irrelevant, the problem is that you have a forced engagement system whose currency is invalid for large periods of time - the majority of the time in fact when looked at over a period of say a year or two. Standing is earned from time-limited tasks where skipping a week or two is no longer just delaying your goals by a week or two but will remove that week or two's currency forever from your reach, limiting what can be earned by you. The if you don't play, you don't earn argument that seems to come up a lot in the discussion of Nightwave and it misses the point here - if I don't play for a few weeks, I don't earn rewards, yes. But if I pick up the game and play I earn exactly those things I would have earned by playing those two weeks. That is not true of Nightwave - and it is even the point of the design of Nightwave in the first place to make a hard distinction between how long you play and when you play. It is trying to make you play every week and every day if possible in a much more direct and forced way than even the standing caps do. Nightwave by itself has many problems. But Nightwave as an indicator of where the game is heading is a much bigger problem. Don't double down on standing and forced play. Give your players the flexibility to play what they want to and when they want to and they'll keep coming back. It is still incumbent on you to come up with fun tasks to do - the 1 hour Kuva Survival is obviously fun to many. But you need to come up with fun rewards and motivators too, not force you to engage by taking away the ability to play elsewhere in the game (Nitain again).
  3. So hand out "I did Kuva Survival for 1 hour" t-shirts, don't tie it to getting the items that alerts delivered. One large part of the discussion here is conflating two very distinct needs, both of which are important: How do I get the stuff that alerts gave me selectively, at my own time, cheaply? How do I get more challenging missions with unique rewards? We have one system that supposedly started as a cure for 1 but has long since left that goal behind, mutated into an attempt at 2, and adds a bunch of behavior modification mission types on top to further muddy the waters. The behavior mod missions are also a large part of the problem: get the player to do all the things they weren't doing. Possibly because they had their own motivations for not doing them? Like OV - I have no interest in doing a rep grind there right now, not least because I'm on the Switch and I'll wait for a couple more perf/stability patches thank you very much. I did last week's PoE grind because it aligned with me finally doing the horrible Cetus rep grinds to build a 223 amp, but have no such motivation to do OV this week. The missions need to stop being so prescriptive. Or directly tie into rewards so I can evaluate and decide whether I wish to put up with doing something I consider unfun because the reward is worth it: 5 sorties for a reactor. 60 min Kuva survival with my grandparents for a catalyst. 8 OV bounties for 50 Nitain (trying to establish a good relative price for Nitain shows the current setup as horribly broken) One potato a week is about what we were at before, time problems and all. I don't see that happening anymore. It's market time for those in the new world if you need to buy Nitain too.
  4. More like Elite Weeklong, amirite?
  5. Nightwave is taking away the feeling of choice and self determination that is so core to the Warframe experience for me. For example, I don't want to spend time in doing OV right now, I'm having fun with the game elsewhere. That disconnect between me having fun with doing what I find fun right now and what Nightwave wants me to do this week is now large enough that I'm gonna stop it till the next season brings changes to the format. These tasks have the feeling of an attempt to have players check out the variety in the game and in some cases show players aspects they may have missed (like elemental damage types). The time limit and forced linear progression through the reward tiers combine to make them into chores rather than rewarding to play for me. The game is generally good at letting you enjoy what you find fun with ways to work around the parts that you find unsatisfying. I don't like grinding standing with the daily caps, so I decided early on to trade for syndicate gear. That has worked well and is an example of the flexibility in the core design. Trade lets you skip unfun grinds. Alerts let you pick and choose what you wanted. I did mods, weapons, vauban initially but later picked up helmets when I got into the game more. It was neat that I could ignore the ones I wasnt interested in at any time. The random times could have been addressed by making them last a day and similar tweaks. The linear nature of the reward tiers is unappealing - I don't want the Saturn 6 stickers right now for eg but I have to grind through them - no choice. I need Nitain for Revenant but I made the mistake of buying a Reactor for Mesa Prime, now I get to wait for a few weeks for Revenant - a bad choice. One takeaway for me is to not spend Wolf creds on anything but Nitain and buy potatoes from the market, Nitain is now too expensive to risk not having at where I am I in the game. Please consider removing the linear reward tiers and standing grind and giving direct rewards - 5 sorties for 15 Nitain for eg. I see similar posts about choice so I hope you take that aspect of the criticism on board. I also see people pushing back on the criticism because they like 60 minute Kuva Survivals. That's a very valid point, there needs to be more end game things to do. But why that was conflated with the alerts replacement is unclear - the problem bring solved was inaccessibility not challenge.
  6. @[DE]Glen Thanks for this change, it's made it possible for me to play on an ultralight. Where before the last update I was getting very choppy gameplay at 720p with auto v-sync when in a squad, it's now possible for me to play at 900p (1600x900, to be clear) with v-sync off and the frame limiter set to 30Hz with dynamic resolution set to Auto in both cases. There's the odd macro-stutter especially at the start of a level but it's quite smooth once the level is well underway. It's good enough to where I'm considering playing on PC instead of the Switch where I just got to MR5 - primarily for M&KB which makes the gunplay much for fun for me. For others with ultralights: The laptop is an HP Spectre X360 13, the 4K screen version with an i7-8550U which has the 620 UHD integrated graphics. On first start, the game picked 720p with all of the graphics settings turned to Medium (model quality, shadows, etc) but all of the effects enabled (Depth of Field, Motion Blur, etc) except for Ambient Occlusion which is turned off. I now have resolution at 1600x900, v-sync off, max refresh rate set to 30.0, and dynamic resolution set to Auto. I also bumped Texture Memory to High from the game's recommended Medium. This keeps me at 30fps a large amount of the time with some dips to 26 or so. There are some stutters occasionally but they're the large, loading something, kind and not the more irritating constant micro-stutter. I'm happy to play on this until my main PC is available again. The performance and graphical quality of the PC and Switch versions are very impressive, I'm honestly surprised at what you have achieved here. Edit: I posted more detail settings to the /r/lowendgaming subreddit.
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