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  1. I play both these frames quite a lot and enjoy them, but agree entirely with the above post! Don't buy these, get them through the normal unvault process over time. Helminth lets you spice up these frames. Blade Storm can be seriously buffed with Savage Silence to where it'll kill SP with no problems, but I wouldn't call it fun as the ability is somewhat tedious with all the changes done to it - fair summary above really. Marked for Death works with Fatal Teleport, that will probably be a better fit as a tactical option in my Invisibility Ash loadout - do disagree on it being hard to mai
  2. Seems Rapiers are 10.67 x 3 attacks for Back Finishers, so it's one 10.67x attack for MfD. With Ash's bleed passives this is still more overall damage on target than Hammer 12x. If the AoE bleed procs also scale with his passive, the Rapier will do a lot of DoT. This has to compare with Shildeg's 9x Stealth Damage Multiplier. Assuming +150% CD from Organ Shatter and Gladiator Might, Destreza Prime gets the multiplier to be 1 + 7 + 7.5 = 15.5x (7.5 is +150% of its base 3.0 CD). While Shildeg has 1 + 9 + 6.75 = 16.75. Comparing weapon damage has 170 for the Rapier and ~265 for Shild
  3. Hammer has two 12x attacks for Back Finishers while Rapier has three 8x attacks. Does MfD treat these as one 24x attack or as a single 12x and 8x attack respectively? Trying to decide between Destreza Prime, Fragor Prime and Kuva Shildeg for a Fatal Teleport MfD Ash build and would like to the understand how the damage is calculated. Opinions on best weapon for such a build? The bleed proc on Rapier Finisher goes nicely with Ash's passive, but the other two also have their own pros. Shildeg can do a 9x Stealth Damage Multiplier. Fragor can get to a 4x static combo multiplier whic
  4. Haven't finished it even once after 5 tries. Farming a second Wisp for subsumation. Have built Wisp twice before, Switch and PC and know what to do. Random selection of bugs seen in those 5 runs below. But please just run it yourselves, it's a complete mess and it'd better if you folks tested it. Screen randomly blanks like you've fallen off the platforms or ropes when you haven't. In a couple of runs, this was near continuous at one point. In others it doesn't show. Chicken clipping through capacitor stage like it has lost position. Very often puts its face at the end o
  5. So my base assumption seems to be wrong as I retested and confirmed that it works as Traumtulpe said. Your points are good - and further, it looks like RP is very viable on the status side too. So ignore my post, I'll build for more combo/status. Still not sure what I was doing differently yesterday - oh well, happy to be wrong here.
  6. And you're absolutely right! I just tested again with Bullet Dance, North Wind, Fever Strike, Weeping Wounds, True Punishment, and Focus Energy and it's applying 4 statuses at max combo like a champ right now. So I obviously screwed up something when testing yesterday. Thanks for independently verifying. I'll amend the first post to say ignore this. Cheers.
  7. Valid points - other than the status, which seems useless on RP at present for shots (not for blade!). It's a good crit weapon for sure. Question is, do we need it and Stropha to be so similar other than for wider spread on Stropha vs longer range on RP? It's somewhat disappointing to be running the same build on both mostly - I like melee efficiency so that's what I run on both.
  8. Good point! So then the active damage types are: Blast + elementals on weapon (viral, electric in my case). They don't show up on the target except very very rarely, where they should be very common if it's 9% per pellet + WW. Confusing that Impact is a foced proc but not an applied damage - thanks for clarifying.
  9. Edit: please ignore this post. Traumtulpe re-tested and didn't see the problem - and I can't either when I tested again just now. So, in short: status works on the Redeemer Prime as it should. Not sure what I did yesterday to not see any status pop up. All's well and happy to be wrong about this cool weapon. TL;DR: Please restore Redeemer Prime to being a status-based weapon since the Stropha is already an excellent crit-based weapon, especially for heavy attacks. As it stands the Redeemer Prime is only usable as a weaker version of the Stropha albeit with better range becaus
  10. Nightwave has been a good uplift from the old alerts, but the one item that didn't carry over is Kavat DNA. The old alerts were infrequent and unreliable but still enough for 5 DNA or so per month, which was fine with me. Can we please have them added to the Nightwave store? I know there was supposed to be a scan rate bump but it remains an unhappy experience and you need quite a few to bootstrap the system and then make each Kavat. I've got zero kavats on PC after a year+ of playing while I had 2-3 on Switch from before alerts went away. Cheers.
  11. With the current NW Hydro task there are a number of new players confused by the shrine so please consider: - Have the shrine prompt appear much higher than it does, which is about ankle height right now - Have the shrine prompt appear from further away than now when you have to be standing almost on top of it - and most people do just that - Have different sounds for shard inserted and removed, provide better feedback and prevent people that get frustrated and mash from removing the shard they just finally succeeded in inserting after many tries. Also please conside
  12. Hi, it was great when past mission recovery was added to Nightwave but could you please randomize the order in which missions are picked from the backlog? It seems to be using a fixed order, probably scanning back from most recent week for first unfinished mission. This means you eventually get blocked by the same missions you don't want to do in a past week and recovery stops being useful beyond that point. This affects folks returning to the game more than it does those who've been in a season from the beginning. Randomized picks would allow selecting from all of the backlog eventual
  13. No, it's why I made two separate threads on two separate topics. Read the OPs. E: Yeesh, this is why I shouldn't read the responses to even my own posts here - can't believe I responded to this no content post. Everyone's a post and thought moderator. Folks, this is the feedback forum - the place to express ideas to DE. It's fine to criticize those ideas so DE can see that feedback too, but there's also so much forum moderation thrown in for free.
  14. Sure and thanks for the suggestion! It's not the gaining of standing that makes this unfun for me - it's the standing caps that draw out how long it is. I like fishing and mining a lot and can chill to those activities, though I've yet to take up conservation. So getting the standing materials is fine, it's the cashing in of it being capped that's the problem. I stopped leveling at MR 16 in both versions of the game because that's the last level with gameplay implications beyond standing caps. I don't enjoy rushing through the build/max cycle for gear and in both versions have
  15. All of the syndicates in the game are independent of each other when it comes to progression other than the two Fortuna ones. By which I mean that you can make progress in any of them as you want to. However, Vox Solaris requires Solaris United to be finished before it can be started, drawing out the standing grind into twice the period - when it's already too long to begin with. While there are story reasons for the SU/VS set up, the same story could have been told with independent syndicates. Please consider not doing this enforced sequencing of syndicates in the future. I
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