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  1. Just wanted to agree with the OP. Trinity is kind of worse than some of the other hell grinds because it is the most boring, and by a big margin. Grinding the points is rng driven and in missions that take too much time imo. The Ambulas fight itself is not something you want to repeat over and over and takes a long while for no reason - and I see enough of that in sortie that the thought of grinding that mission is a big nope! Even removing the need for points or dropping the points would make this a hard sell, the mission is just too long and kinda boring once you've done it a few times a
  2. If a host migration happens then remaining players no longer get to see the rotation rewards on resumption. They no longer pop up on screen when completing a rotation. If you're the host, you can go into the mission rewards view and see them there. If you're a client, it doesn't show up in the rewards screen in-mission but will show up when you leave the mission. This makes people leave early thinking the mission is bugged or because you can no longer tell if you got the Gauss part you were grinding for. This is a consistent, reproducible bug - happens on every host migra
  3. I play both these frames quite a lot and enjoy them, but agree entirely with the above post! Don't buy these, get them through the normal unvault process over time. Helminth lets you spice up these frames. Blade Storm can be seriously buffed with Savage Silence to where it'll kill SP with no problems, but I wouldn't call it fun as the ability is somewhat tedious with all the changes done to it - fair summary above really. Marked for Death works with Fatal Teleport, that will probably be a better fit as a tactical option in my Invisibility Ash loadout - do disagree on it being hard to mai
  4. Seems Rapiers are 10.67 x 3 attacks for Back Finishers, so it's one 10.67x attack for MfD. With Ash's bleed passives this is still more overall damage on target than Hammer 12x. If the AoE bleed procs also scale with his passive, the Rapier will do a lot of DoT. This has to compare with Shildeg's 9x Stealth Damage Multiplier. Assuming +150% CD from Organ Shatter and Gladiator Might, Destreza Prime gets the multiplier to be 1 + 7 + 7.5 = 15.5x (7.5 is +150% of its base 3.0 CD). While Shildeg has 1 + 9 + 6.75 = 16.75. Comparing weapon damage has 170 for the Rapier and ~265 for Shild
  5. Hammer has two 12x attacks for Back Finishers while Rapier has three 8x attacks. Does MfD treat these as one 24x attack or as a single 12x and 8x attack respectively? Trying to decide between Destreza Prime, Fragor Prime and Kuva Shildeg for a Fatal Teleport MfD Ash build and would like to the understand how the damage is calculated. Opinions on best weapon for such a build? The bleed proc on Rapier Finisher goes nicely with Ash's passive, but the other two also have their own pros. Shildeg can do a 9x Stealth Damage Multiplier. Fragor can get to a 4x static combo multiplier whic
  6. Haven't finished it even once after 5 tries. Farming a second Wisp for subsumation. Have built Wisp twice before, Switch and PC and know what to do. Random selection of bugs seen in those 5 runs below. But please just run it yourselves, it's a complete mess and it'd better if you folks tested it. Screen randomly blanks like you've fallen off the platforms or ropes when you haven't. In a couple of runs, this was near continuous at one point. In others it doesn't show. Chicken clipping through capacitor stage like it has lost position. Very often puts its face at the end o
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