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  1. Hello, Thanks for all these hotfix but, can we have a fix for Propa Scaffold (still have no Direct Hit, and very low Projectile Flying) ? Peace.
  2. Hey, Same here. I've mentioned it on the last post, the projectil don't fly anymore, and no direct hit too, so no more Virtuos shadow effect.
  3. Hey, Thanks for these Hotfix, Especially for the Eidolon/lures one. Hunting Eidolon is one of my favorite thing in the game but, since this new update i feel very uncomfortable. Let me explain why. I use the AMP 7-7-7 Klamora/Propa/Certus and since the Hildryn/Melee update, my Propa don't work properly. I can't no longer hit the Head of Eidolon and enjoy my Virtuos Shadow because the Orb don't fly anymore, It is a Nerf or a bug ? Let me know please. Peace.
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