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  1. Cool :) I like these little sneak peeks. - Will we be able to equip Residual Arcanes in our existing Kitguns? If not, what part will determine whether a Residual Arcane can be equipped? - The Residual Arcane names sound a bit misleading: Malodor sounds like it would be Gas-related, while Viremia sounds Viral-related :P - Will there be any more "catch-up" Tennogen bundles for Nintendo Switch?
  2. Same here with a Resonator Banshee. But I it's been fixed on PC (Hotfix 29.0.8), so it should come with the interim cert build that's currently being worked on. I'm using a different loadout for the time being :P
  3. So Mag Prime won't come back for the following 2 unvaultings? :(
  4. There's this particular crater in the Orb Vallis: If I try to get to the crater's center, my Warframe progressively disappears: (Do bugs like this go in this subforum? Sorry if I posted in the wrong one!)
  5. Adding some more info: I think weird stuff starts to happen after blowing three of Exploiter's vents. She drops one or two Coolant Raknoids but then stops and stays at the top of Deck 12: A sort of workaround for this is just throwing Thermia canisters at the last vent anyway, and blowing it. After that, she comes down, says her lines, and exits Deck 12. But she gets stuck in the "transition" section of the tunnel. Some of the missing Coolant Raknoids show up there, too: She never frees herself from that spot, though she tends to clip through the mountain: She used
  6. Confirming this. It's kinda annoying as it was a Nightwave Elite Weekly, plus now I can't farm for a Hildryn for my Helminth :/
  7. The Armalyst Syandana is missing from the in-game market and the in-game menu. It seems the only one way it can be used at the moment is using a frame that had it equipped before it disappeared from the menus: However, if I try to check a different syandana, it automatically changes to a different one, and the Armalyst Syandana is still missing from the menu:
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