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  1. This was resolved with the Steel Path update. Thanks!
  2. The Armalyst Syandana is missing from the in-game market and the in-game menu. It seems the only one way it can be used at the moment is using a frame that had it equipped before it disappeared from the menus: However, if I try to check a different syandana, it automatically changes to a different one, and the Armalyst Syandana is still missing from the menu:
  3. The Prisma Latron armor pieces are incorrectly aligned when applied to Inaros Prime (forgot to try the chest piece, sorry!): they sink into the model very unnaturally. Other armor pieces (all market-available ones at the very least) seem to be correctly positioned. I don't have the Elixis Latron armor pieces so I couldn't check those:
  4. The Paxis Syandana has some twitching/jittering/shakey issues when viewed in the Arsenal, Dojo and/or Orbiter. Might be caused by the "forced opening" of its wings when in these locations, as there's no twitching in-mission or in the in-game market preview.
  5. The Simaris Sigil has some ugly compression artifacts. This can be seen both in the mission stats for Standing and the wearable sigil (which is too bad since it has very nice colors/effects 😞) :
  6. In one of the Gas City spy vaults, there's a sentient structure being analyzed right next to the final console. The model currently appears completely black:
  7. In the Corpus Frigate Crash Tileset, something that seems to be the Nightwave Landing Craft shows up at the extraction point, bobbing up and down and clipping through the floor. Makes sense as I had that Landing Craft equipped. Some pics:
  8. Railjack Battle Avionics are unusable after the update. Seems to be the same issue that PS4 and Xbox players are having: the options show up then pressing the Ability Menu button, but pressing the appropriate ability button does not activate it. Using the default button bindings.
  9. Cool. By the way, can we have more racially diverse NPCs? 🙂
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