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  1. Bug out ride, Jugger-Not, and Kill it with fire don't count anything towards them.
  2. I've been trying to update my game since yesterday-April 1. Even before the update the game kept crashing and unable to join missions. I have changed nothing on my end, problem is on DE's end. I've been told to uninstall and reinstall. TY DE for screwing up the game, YET AGAIN
  3. After the update just a bit ago, unable to update the game. It just says checking for new content, and doing nothing else
  4. In game, when running a relic mission, it goes to load screen but doesnt join. Then I either have to close it out or the game crashes. Has crashed 3 times this morning, and had to close it numerous times cause it freezes up. Never had any kind of problem until this last update
  5. I wish the 3 challenges on Deimos were able to complete. I know I have ridden tons of velocipods yet it remains locked
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