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  1. The other day I had a lich, logged out, then logged back in next day, and it was gone. Yesterday, almost had my lich mods recognized, today, it didnt show it. And NOW I have the correct mods for my parazon, the map is showing no node influenced by my lich. NO RED and yesterday it was almost totally covered. So my lich isnt showing up now. Even mission after mission
  2. I made the post because of the RECENT change. Some of you who talk about AFK just need to shut up cause I never do that. And if you dont have anything useful to add or to change my mind, it is possible I'm not playing it right. But if all you have to do is *@##$ and whine about other peoples opinions, you need to look at your life choices and quit being an ass
  3. Titan0429

    Lich problems

    Yesterday I learned 2 of the requiem mods needed, and halfway to the 3rd one. This morning, I log in and none of it is known, and now the land controlled by the lich, it is not showing a single piece with his influence. The other day I had my lich totally disappear, so this is very buggy
  4. When you modified the Ring of Fire and the World on Fire mod, totally ruined it. Used to be my favorite frame, and now I cant stand to play it
  5. Have to admit you RUINED Ember Prime when you took away the World on Fire mod. And the Ring of Fire mod is garbage now too. Pure junk
  6. I wasnt happy when trying to recognize the mods for lich, then the next day logged in and the lich I had found just disappeared.
  7. Titan0429

    Lich missing

    I had a Lich yesterday and had already ran missions to find correct order of requiem mods, and today it is totally missing. I dont know what kind of BS is going on, but there have been TONS of bugs lately. Yesterday I fell through the map and fell forever. And when attacking the lich, the thing pops up showing the mods, but after the fight, it doesnt go away for a long time and makes it hard to see anything and doesnt show where to go
  8. Titan0429


    My lich was kneeling, out of energy, and tied up, i went up behind him to kill him, and I just die all of a sudden.
  9. Titan0429


    I have 5 hours left on my affinity booster but I am closing the game cause tired of getting screwed over. I love this game but tired of issues with game messing up when host leaves.
  10. I so tired of ESO messing up. Going 6 rounds and then the host leaves, and it kicks you out and you don't get any rewards!!! Getting very damn old
  11. I have hated the NW for a little bit cause I went through 30 levels twice, and cant get anymore. Hate that we cant keep going to earn creds. Being punished for hard work sucks!!
  12. I was installing mods to my Nezha, and I DO NOT understand how they stack up. The base shield is 150. I added the mod, redirection at +440% which would be 660, not 370 like it shows.
  13. Last time I tried to use specters, they would not work. So not sure
  14. Titan0429

    Duplicate sigils

    Was looking and found multiples of sigils. Have 4 phorid sigils, 2 hyena sigils, 2 jackal sigils, and 2 leaping thrasher sigils showing
  15. I just love playing several rounds into sanctuary onslaught when connection to the host is lost and get jack S#&$ for all the work already done. Nice
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