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  1. Never received the drop for watching this stream
  2. I watched the stream and never received the Greater Vazarin Lens for the Thursday Drop
  3. after new update, update keeps failing
  4. its just total bullshlt that to get the last single wqeapon, have to wait 200 days. All they would have to do is alternate the 2. And 2 weapons isnt going to change how someone logs in
  5. Having them both available at same means you pick one, then you have to wait 200 days for the other. They should alternate every 100 days
  6. Nothing like falling through the map and only way to get out is to abort and to forfeit all the goodies received
  7. I have never received a transmuter, Never. Oh well.
  8. Needing a transmuter to get a new riven is terrible. Guess I'll just dissolve them,
  9. I'm not sure how many times I have started a space mission only to have to abort because guns not working on my railjack
  10. New update is failing to start. Keeps timing out
  11. Titan0429

    relic cracking

    Love running a mission, selecting a relic, and it not counting, and then clicking to exit mission, and it sends you in anyway, BULLSHLT
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