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  1. If you love the stagger so much on the ruined Stati, Soni and Astilla. Add it to the Ignis and Wraith too. 10m Radius of the Stagger range. Plus 90% Dmg fall off. How long it will take to the first post of PlS rEmOvE iT fRoM mY iGniS iT sUcKs. Then ya will know how we feel with the already only okayish weapons that got literally killed by this Crap.
  2. Wow.... thanks for murdering my Kuva Ogris with the dmg falloff, just because some little kids couldnt handle self damage cuz they shot themselves in the face with it. No reason to pick it up again, give me a mod that reverses all the stupid AoE nerfs and give me Self Dmg back. I want a Rocket Launcher that goes BOOOOOM and not some baby nutter that sucks like hell. Mod Incautious Shot: 100% Self Dmg and +70% Dmg
  3. only thing that Gears want, is to hear that only he himself is right. lmao And of course ruining a frame ppl enjoy just to make a worse copy paste frame that sucks ass to continue his stupid ideas. Revenant is fine and strong for nearly any content except PT and Eido hunts.
  4. Only Gears doesnt get it cuz he sucks with Rev. Like I said. 6hr Arbi Mot and still not once dead, never lost all charges. Most ez Arbi ever. Gears only wants a frame for himself he still wont enjoy just to please his own arrogance that only he himself knows whats best for his Frame. So lets take away his '' Godtier '' Gauss which still sucks in any lvl cuz all he really is good at is running. Rework Gauss to be useful
  5. This guy is such a trollish clown, rework Gauss cuz he sucks. Rev is fine, just ltp issue with you. Seeing the 28 stacks gone in a few secs... play Inaros to be afk tank.
  6. He is still too arrogant to understand that he is the problem himself lmao. Revs 1-3 sucks? So does Gauss whole kit, no synergy and it just sucks cuz its not even beeing close to his lore. The only good thing is his Fire ring, the other abilities suck cuz enemies can still kill you even with 100%DR (looking at you Grenade.) While Gauss dies, Rev laughs about the grenade and goes on to kill the enemies while they are stunned lmao.
  7. Or thinking to know how Rev should work, maybe you just want another 90%DR 4 Win Frame. F off with those stupid ideas. Rev is fine as he is. He is one of the most balanced and also one of the most broken frames at the same time. Rework Nyx Grendel and Gaiss first cuz they rly suck in comparison to Rev. Or maybe learn to mod and parkour.... I did a whole Mot Arbi for 6h straight and recasted Mesmer 8 times while that.
  8. Regarding the changes on his 2. no, just no. Leave it recastable, its good how it is. His 4 needs to go tbh, I would rather support a change to making a channel ability on releasing Vomalysts that spawn the whole time the ability is toggled on.
  9. I had the Cooling Problem a while ago after putting in a new GPU and CPU. Had Temps around 70-80 degrees. Bought three 140mm fans and then installed them and checked how the air is flowing. Because sometimes in the new PC chassis the airflow is S#&$ af, which made me construct a little bit for making it work. Now after getting a good airflow GPU Temp dropped down to 50-55 max and even on full power it wont go over it. CPU was at 80 sometimes, now at 60 max. So might check how the air flows, because air is a slow as monkey that doesnt like moving and needs pushing. All the temperature tests were midsummer in my flat (38 degrees).
  10. Fun in Liches... sure. Just using Oberon with Hallowed Ground on Max Range and let the enemies go ham on the Lich xD Plus an Ivara with Steal arrow. Lean back and watch the world burn.
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