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  1. Instead of us long-time players with generally favourable impressions of the game speculating over why newcomers might leave, it's worth trying to look for first-hand accounts. Go to the Warframe steam page, filter by negative reviews, 0-30 hours played. Ignore the troll one-word answers, people experiencing have crashes, and people who played on other platforms essentially review-bombing the steam page. The most common recurring issue I see is a lack of understanding of the monetisation in the game. Many accusations of P2W by people with barely 10 hours into the game. People quit when they open their arsenal and see that every weapon is purchasable with plat, or when they see that they need plat to buy the basic colour palette, or when they need plat to buy weapon and Warframe slots, or when they see that a weapon takes 12 hours to craft and costs plat to rush. New players don't understand that the listed price of plat is misleading because people almost always buy plat at a discount, or just farm plat in-game. Monetisation is the number 1 reason people quit within the first 10 hours of the game. PS: I saw a review from a guy with 2.4 hours played which just said "horrible voice acting" which made me feel bad for Rebecca.
  2. During the lead-up to nightwave, I think Steve said something to the effect of how he wanted each episode of nightwave to be a standalone story similar to a Twilight zone episode, and I think to that end season 2 did pretty well. I think that in worldbuilding it's important to have stories that happen beyond the direct involvement of the reader/player. It gives the world a character that doesn't revolve entirely around our actions, a world that could plausibly continue running while we sleep. I get that it's disappointing that there's no Jovian concord-like tie-in update, but it's probably unfeasible that every nightwave season will conclude with dramatic new plot progression in the main storyline. At the very least, season 2 establishes the infested as a much more intelligent and tactical faction capable of more complex plans than "eat and grow until we can't be ignored anymore", and gives a sub-faction of them some motivation as a pseudo-religious cult. This could lay the groundwork for more infested bosses and NPCs with more interesting personalities, and maybe eventually lead to an infested-based civilisation who will be our point of contact for an infested open world.
  3. Yeah, there's definitely a fourth factor, but it comes with a great big caveat. 4. Mastery Basically, people wanting to push their skills to the limit is a huge driving factor for continued investment of time in a game. This is most obvious in competitive PvP games, where people will sink hundreds and thousands of hours into getting the slightest of advantages over their opponents. The crazy thing is that the game can stay absolutely stagnant and people will still play it. Games like StarCraft and Super Smash Bros Melee are basically unchanged since launch and still have players. In the non-PvP space, mastery manifests a lot in single-player games with a high skill ceiling. People still play games like Devil May Cry 3 and Bayonetta in order to come up with more and more outlandish combos, and you still see the occasional combo video being posted. There's also the speedrunning community, who will literally play the exact same game for months and years at a time just to shave off fractions of a second from their personal best, though I guess we're discussing the metagame at this point. Unfortunately, I think it's hard to use mastery as sustainable content for Warframe, just because of how its damage and combat systems work. Even though Warframe is technically a shooter, I'd argue that mastery in Warframe comes from knowledge rather than skill. It is far more important to have a properly modded frame or gun than to have perfect ability cast timing or precision aiming. Sadly, knowledge mastery is a very poor way of sustaining content because it's just so easy to share it from player to player. The first Warframe player who figured out the weird interaction between innate multishot and status chance probably felt like a god, but these days you can just search "tigris prime best build" and it's all there. In Devil May Cry for example, after you watch a cool combo video you might think "I want to try that" and it may take weeks for you to learn the skills to recreate it. In Warframe you watch a cool new build video and you can copy it in your arsenal almost immediately.
  4. Using a pistol + glaive dual-wield causes Gauss' battery meter UI to disappear. This happens whether you are swapping from another weapon to dual-wield or you are starting the mission with dual-wield (aka going into mission without a primary). As far as I can tell, his battery mechanics are still working in the background, but you can't tell what's his current battery level. Neither swapping back to primary weapon nor jumping out-of-bounds seems to reset this. Tested in simulacrum and in mission. Also, this may or may not be related, but if you enter a mission with just dual-wield without a primary weapon, you can weapon swap to "unarmed".
  5. It's fine. This isn't an official review of Warframe, this is just an editorial spotlighting an aspect of the game that is well-known to people playing it but maybe not as well-known for outsiders who are considering giving it a try. Every few months I still see an article saying something like "the speedrunning possibilities in BotW are limitless" but it doesn't mean that they are obscuring the merits of the game beyond glitch-hunting and sequence-breaking. The time for a review has passed, and now they're covering the smaller "slice-of-life" aspects of what it's like to play Warframe long-term.
  6. Those A****** grineer rollers are the secret final boss of the game. 2 of them against 1 tenno can basically chain-stun you to infinity. They haven't evolved sufficient intelligence to coordinate and strategise but once they do...
  7. I've gotten into the habit of unloading an entire magazine, then tapping 1 while reloading. It keeps you mobile during an otherwise vulnerable period of shooting, and for Acceltra and Akarius this actually counts as sprinting for the purpose of their passive. This mostly lets me build meter passively without paying too much attention to it. As for mobility, I've learned to think of Mach Rush as basically what Zephyr's airdash was supposed to be. It's great for long straights, but also for suddenly changing the direction of your air momentum (egs. after a bullet jump) and cancelling the endlag on melee slam attacks, which feels great once you remember to use it that way. And also I want to shout this from the rooftops: GAUSS IS NOT USELESS WITHOUT FULL METER. Kinetic Plating "heals" you through energy regen and QT, so when combined with Adaptation and Arcane Guardian you can become practically immortal even at low battery. The buffs from Redline also become roughly comparable to a ~300% strength Wisp at around 50% battery, and you can only go up from there. Don't feel super stressed out about maintaining full meter all the time, there's no magical threshold where 100% Redline Gauss is Jesus on steroids and 99% Redline Gauss is a flaming dumpster fire.

    Forma QoL thing

    *Thinking back to every single time I put 2 forma instead of 1 so that I could use primed cryo rounds without adding a D polarity*
  9. I have to disagree with this statement. I have experimented with bringing Gauss into higher-level content and found that he still fares pretty well with low battery. If you're building high duration, redline still provides sizable buffs at 60-70% battery. I found that even with my battery being drained, I can just tap 1 and 3 for an instant 20% battery and maintain my fire rate. Also, and this surprised myself as well, kinetic plating can still help you tank pretty well at low battery. The key is that the energy gain portion of the ability doesn't require actual health damage to work, and it isn't reduced by any other damage reduction that you're stacking, which are two very important distinctions compared to hunter adrenaline. With the default 100% power strength, quick thinking, R3 arcane guardian and stacked adaptation, you will mathematically always gain more energy than you lose from the relevant damage types even at 0% battery, meaning that you virtually can't die to those damage types until they one-shot you through your entire energy meter. If you're being mobbed by enemies, the energy you gain from the IPS etc. damage helps you tank the occasional heavy hit from one of the other damage types. Against my better judgement, I brought Gauss into a solo arbitration disruption and was pleasantly surprised by how well he fared. When I eventually did die, it wasn't because I was overwhelmed by damage, it was because there was an energy leech eximus that I couldn't find and kill in time, which is a problem with QT and not necessarily Gauss' kit. I do agree that Gauss' battery management could use tweaking, but to say that he lives or dies by 100% redline guage is a gross oversimplification.
  10. TLDR: Increase battery gain upon effective usage of 1 and 3. After crafting and putting 2 forma into Gauss and playing around with a few different builds, I'm glad to say that I really like him a lot. I'll just say upfront that aesthetically, in terms of visual and sound design, Gauss is an easy S+. So let's talk about his kit. It's not perfect by any means, and I have issues with his passive and 3 specifically, but overall I really enjoy his core gameplay loop. Passive: the shield regen part of his passive is honestly not super noticeable. Even if you shorten shield regen delay, it's still pointless if you're already under fire while running. It could possibly be changed to just gaining shield while sprinting, with amount of shield gained per distance scaling with battery level, and maybe a bonus if you're using Mach Rush. As for the actual battery, while battery gain could be tuned higher, I honestly don't think that low battery is as much of an issue as many people make it out to be (I'll explain more below). 1. Mach Rush: "press to go fast" and it does exactly that, no complaints there. I quickly fell into a comfortable pattern of emptying my Acceltra magazine into a group of enemies, tapping 1 to knock down any surviving enemies and pick up ammo, then either turning around to finish off survivors or dashing to another group of enemies. I was using my 1 almost once per clip, it didn't feel like I was forcing myself to spam it, and it kept my battery at a decently healthy level. If I were to make a change, it would be to give additional battery gain per enemy knocked down by it. This encourages active, smart usage instead of spamming, and helps alleviate battery drain. 2. Kinetic Battery: many people seem to think that this ability is bad because of the battery drain, but that's not been my experience with it. Kinetic Battery works well for infrequent heavy hits but not for prolonged dps; in this way, it's a perfect complement to Adaptation, which counters sustained fire but is weak to sporadic spikes of damage. Also, while people like to compare the 5% damage-to-energy conversion to Hunter Adrenaline's 45%, it's actually much better than the numbers imply. Unlike HA, Kinetic Battery takes 5% of damage absorbed, not 5% of health lost. It is not reduced by armour, Adaptation or any other type of damage reduction, removing the major anti-synergy plaguing most HA builds. It also doesn't require health to work, allowing it to properly synergise with Quick Thinking. Testing with level 120 corrupted heavy gunners and bombards, I found that with Quick Thinking, Adaptation, a R3 Arcane Guardian and only 40% power strength (I like to run Overextended), even at 0% battery you can achieve net positive energy gain once Adaptation is stacked up (read: functional immunity against the corresponding types), and obviously the threshold becomes more lenient if you run 100% strength. My only gripe with this ability is that it prevents almost all knockdowns and staggers EXCEPT QT stagger. This ability is tailor-made to abuse QT, please bring it all the way home. 3. Thermal Sunder: the damage of this ability is underwhelming, but that's a common problem of all flat damage abilities. The heat proc, even the empowered one, also falls off pretty fast, though again that's just heat procs in a nutshell and not specifically this ability's issue. The empowered blast proc should honestly just strip 100% armour; Oberon's 2+4+4 combo does that with about the same amount of setup. The empowered cold proc is actually decent CC, especially with the changes to freezing and status procs. One very useful change I can suggest is to give additional battery on the cold version based on number of enemies hit. This further alleviates his battery drain and lets him easily maintain battery while doing stationary missions like defense and interception. 4. Redline: another ability that has gotten flak for battery drain, but I've already talked about my playstyle and how I don't usually have battery level issues. If you're building duration on Gauss (which you absolutely should) even a 70-80% battery level Redline is a huge boost to weapon dps. I've seen complaints that Redline does the Harrow Covenant thing where the charging-up part of Redline increases with duration in tandem with the 100% part, and while I wouldn't mind if this got changed it's also not that big of a deal for me. There isn't some magical threshold where 100% battery is a million times better than 99% battery, and I honestly think that not getting 100% Redline sooner is a worry borne more from completionist OCD than actual gameplay ramifications. My big issue here is that the casting time just feels way too long. The revving-up sound is badass, but being locked out of shooting until it's done feels ironically slow. I would prefer it if we could keep attacking, and have the speed bonuses take effect gradually as it starts up. Overall, my personal ranking of Gauss right now puts him at a solid B+ (I rate Wukong A- for reference), which when coupled with his great visual design, phenomenal sound design and fun gameplay loop means that he has joined Oberon and Wukong as one of my daily driver frames. My suggestions regarding his battery economy are aimed at increasing battery gain through effective use of his 1 and 3 rather than decreasing overall battery drain, which I feel better embodies the fast-paced, twitchy playstyle that he is obviously trying to encourage.
  11. My Gauss is still crafting in the foundry, but I do have some thoughts on his two weapons. Acceltra: for the most part I like this weapon a lot. Fun to use, good AOE, looks awesome, deals good damage. The tiny ammo pool surprisingly didn't bother me too much, and I found myself quickly settling into the rhythm of clearing out a group of enemies, running in to get the ammo they dropped, and shooting another group. One thing I do notice is that the explosion seems to push enemies away. This doesn't seem to be an impact proc, enemies are physically moved away from the explosion while not being stunned. This makes it hard to land consistent direct hits because enemies keep moving away from your crosshairs in random directions. Whether it's a bug or a feature, this pushback effect needs to be removed. Akarius: these weapons look amazing. Seriously, the arcing laser effect is the best-looking weapon projectile VFX I've seen in this game. HOWEVER, the reload time as it stands is absolutely intolerable given its effective magazine of 5 shots (2 rounds per shot). Even factoring the sprinting mechanic, the % uptime of this weapon just feels bad. Also, I actually feel the small ammo pool in this case, because of the tiny magazine size. Wasting even a single shot feels extremely punishing because you are one step closer to that long reload, and because that one shot represents almost 7% of your entire ammo pool.
  12. I'm here to support this and add that this change should also be applied to specters and ESPECIALLY Wukong's clone. I've already had a few instances where my wuclone will completely eviscerate the sanctuary target before I can even get my scanner out.
  13. I personally enjoy rivens, but only within the constraint of the self-imposed rules that I follow. I never buy unveiled rivens, and only use rivens that I unveil and roll myself. I let the rivens I get determine what weapons to get and try, not the other way round. And I almost never roll a riven more than 10 times. Thanks to these rules, I've managed to keep my kuva-farming time manageable, and I've started using weapons that I otherwise wouldn't have considered using without rivens, stuff like phantasma, quanta vandal and prisma grinlok. As for how I feel about the system as a whole, I'm kind of ambivalent leaning towards positive. I'd probably be a lot more dissatisfied if rivens were more necessary or impactful to the game, but as it stands our time to kill even without rivens is already so short for the most part. It's hard to be angry at rivens for reducing a 0.4s kill time to 0.3s
  14. So, are you satisfied? Are you satisfied for getting frequent and constant complaints about no endgame? While getting zero consensus about what endgame looks like? Are you satisfied for getting recycled posts without new exciting suggestions like actual well-formed criticism that balances the forum's content drought? Are you satisfied for getting yearly(sometimes more) short lived interesting idea or analysis threads that end in a few posts? Are you satisfied for the lack of communication between the unsatisfied vets(i've played other games and the vets were more able to sympathise with less experienced players and understand how it's almost impossible to create content faster than people consume it) Are you satisfied for how unorganised and messy this criticism turned out to be? Are you satisfied with some criticism or feedback/suggestions not getting a second look even if other players pointed out obvious flaws and oversights from the OP If you can answer some of these please do, we'd like to know Completely unrelated, here's the Wikipedia entry for loaded question
  15. In-Game Name: AKTKWNGMastery Rank: 17Country: SingaporePreferred clan: Nightfall GladiatorsPrevious clan: No Stalker AllowedDo you have Discord?: YesAnything we should know about you?: Just looking for a chill clan within the same timezone
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