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  1. Sorry OP, but considering that we can't even go a day without someone getting chat banned for a Nezha joke, I don't think the playerbase will be able to handle trans issues with any semblance of maturity. (Easter palette will probably get you most of the way in terms of trans flag colours)
  2. It's useful for dragging in people who are spamming emotes just outside of the extraction point.
  3. *Second most fun* The most fun you can have with Zenistar is Ivara Navigator UFO shenanigans. Also to OP, hopefully the Zenistar will start to make more sense once you reach 200 logins and get primed fury (if you decide to choose it of course). Zenistar is one of those weapons that desperately wants attack speed but can't use berserker at all. Added attack speed helps you fire off the charge attack sooner and increases the damage ticks per second.
  4. In my opinion, the most absolute basic and easy thing that can be done is to add basic damage bonuses to every single weapon in the game, and then remove basic damage mods altogether. I'm talking serration, point blank, hornet strike and pressure point. Every weapon build in the game is going to have these mods, so just buff the base damage of every single weapon in the game to an amount corresponding to its respective damage mod. Once that's done, the slot that would have been reserved for serration anyway can now be converted into a weapon exilus slot. Take all our current weapon utility mods and change them into exilus mods. Now, everybody has incentive to use non-dps mods in their builds, and overall weapon damage in the game remains unchanged. Unless you're Chroma, but honestly it's not like Chroma is lacking in weapon damage anyways. Another way could be to introduce dual-stat mods that combine a dps stat with a utility stat. We can already see from the popularity of amalgam serration that people are willing to give up part of a mandatory mod for utility, so why not double down on this? For example, you would never replace +150% crit chance from point strike for +55% reload speed from primed fast hands, but if there were a +120% crit chance/+30% reload speed mod, that is at least a conversation worth having. Finally, I don't think that having additive stat mods as the standard is good for the game. Just look at what happened with maiming strike, which is a conditional additive 90% crit chance mod. Basically, for weapons that could abuse maiming strike with long range spins, crit chance no longer mattered. If your base crit chance was 10%, now it's 100%. If it was 30%, now it's 120%. You could no longer have a niche as a crit chance-focused whip, because every whip is crit chance-focused.
  5. From what I understand, breach surge damage is based on damage taken by the initial target. The issue with this is that for enemies with armour, what happens is that the damage taken by the initial target is already reduced by armour, and then damage taken by the subsequent target is reduced by armour again. And since we know how obscene armour scaling is in this game, this makes breach surge scale piss-poor into high-level armour targets. Conversely, Pax Seeker damage is based on final weapon damage, and doesn't go through 2 rounds of armour. But yeah, back on topic, I think it's great how versatile Wisp is. I've seen heal-tank builds, speedrun builds, stealth builds, and now a blind/melee build. Also, warframe wiki says that her Sol Gate has a 100% chance of proccing sparks per damage tick, not sure if that will be useful for your theorycrafting but it's there.
  6. Any economists, nuclear physicists or secretaries of state want to chime in by stating their occupation and then listing off the same issues we see in feedback forums every day, without any added perspective from said profession? Honestly, I was looking forward to a unique take on the state of Warframe, but essentially what we got is that you're a business analyst, and you've got opinions on the game, and those two facts are not connected whatsoever.
  7. You do not want to pay 100p for the Roomba, and you think that the Roomba doesn't have an innate value of 100p. That is your call to make, and I respect that. However, I don't agree with your wider point that this pricing is somehow predatory or unethical. The sale of the Roomba doesn't involve any form of deception (buyers are not misled to think that it has any other function or capability than what is plain to see), coercion (it doesn't affect any of the core game mechanics to the point that not buying it would make the game significantly worse to play), or appeal to dependency (it's not some kind of lootbox or other pseudo-gambling device designed to exploit naturally addiction-prone people). In that case, it is a simple and straightforward value proposition: I think this Roomba is worth 100p. If you do too, then step right up. If not, then you're free to be on your way. This is the very essence of any economy, be it real or virtual. If I were to walk past a shop and see a pair of shoes which has a design that I quite like, but is priced at $300, I'm allowed to think "wow, I'd only pay $30 for that, no thanks." I'm NOT allowed to march into the store, proclaim to all the patrons that they are being mistreated, then demand that the store owner reduce the price to something that you are personally agreeable to, and then refund the difference to everyone who has ever bought the shoes. Again, the issue that so many people have with your comments isn't that you won't buy the Roomba at 100p, it's that you subsequently stood on a soapbox and proclaimed that nobody should be buying it at 100p, that it shouldn't be sold at 100p, that the fair and just thing would be to sell it at a lower price.
  8. I understand the fact that new content such as new frames are a major way that DE attracts new/returning players, but I feel like there can be a compromise here. Looking at league of legends, their pace of new champion releases has slowed drastically since its peak during ~2014. Instead, there is substantially more focus towards reworking older champions. And these are large-scale reworks, with new movesets, mechanics, vfx and sfx, akin in scope and size to brand new champions and given just as flashy announcement trailers. This maintains the pace of new content for players, while also helping to refresh outdated content.
  9. Believe me, if you think there are only 5 speedster frames, Xandypants and his driftframe tier list would like to have a word with you. That being said, from what little I've seen of Running Man I'm already excited to replace Volt as my solo "fast mission" frame. From the few seconds of gameplay we saw from Reb, she used the speed boost ability a few times with different duration each time, which tells me that it's a toggle ability or can be seamlessly cancelled and recasted. This perfectly solves the problem I have with other speed buff frames, which is that I want to have super speed 90% of the time, but I also want to stop super-speeding for a while so that I can properly maneuver into a random air vent.
  10. Personally, I'm opposed to getting shards/focus from this fight. It can be solo speedrun (speedran?) very efficiently, probably about 5-6min per run, which might make it ultimately a better source of shards than eidolons since there is no time-of-day restriction. Besides, they're "eidolon" shards, and ropalolyst is technically not an eidolon (it's a sentient, but that's not the same thing). However, I would be agreeable with it dropping intact sentient cores. There's a well-known Quills roadblock that you need cores to unlock a good amp, but you need a good amp to hunt eidolons to farm cores. Ropalolyst cores would help to break this catch-22, but it wouldn't take over eidolons entirely because eventually you'll need eidolon shards to rank up.
  11. Changes suck right now, but I could see a potential net gain in the future if loot ability effectiveness was buffed across the board, or drop rates were increased, or some other kind of universal change. As it stands right now, if you want to optimise a loot farm, you NEED nekros + khora + hydroid. Anything less than those 3 is sub-optimal, and players will play frames they otherwise don't like playing if they can optimise their farm. Just look at all the old recruit chat messages of "H polymer farm, need khora and hydroid". If farming abilities were non-stackable but buffed, then one person would be able to play their preferred farming frame, while the other 3 would be able to play whatever they want. And it would give DE more leeway to create more farming frames/augments without worrying about breaking their estimates for drop tables.
  12. First impressions are pretty good! Very fast for an endless mission type, and the ability to skip rotation A rewards entirely and get rotation C rewards as early as round 2 is very nice. However, I do have a few issues with it. Waiting for the special amalgams to spawn so you can get the keys to start the actual mission can sometimes be awkward dead air, especially if you don't have any currently active conduits. Maybe have them show up as special icons on the minimap. I understand that you don't want abilities to be OP against demolysts, but having them just spontaneously spawn a nullifier field sucks for people who rely on self-buffs and want to use melee. Maybe change it to a periodic self-cleanse instead? Also, rewards could use some tweaking to cater this game mode for the endless crowd. If the drop tables were weighted more heavily towards relics, I can definitely see this being the premiere game mode for relic farming, especially Axi relic farming, since you can theoretically maintain rotation C indefinitely. Finally, maybe this is because I haven't played long enough to see the enemies scale up to this point, but I feel like non-demolyst enemies should do more damage to conduits. Right now the optimal strategy seems to be to insert the key, then everybody split up to look for the demolyst. If we were given more reason to stay near the conduit to defend it, that would create an interesting push-pull effect of deciding between staying to guard the conduit or hunting down the demolyst to finish it faster.
  13. Overall, I really liked this fight! I like the lore that we get out of the fight, I like the feeling of parkouring through the new tileset in the leadup to the fight, I like how cinematic the whole thing is. Given all that, there are also a few things where I can suggest some improvements. 1. The laser cannon button needs to be signposted more. I went into the fight solo and without looking up any information prior, because I wanted get a completely fresh experience. I was largely able to figure out the fight as I went along, but I got stuck after breaking the first synovia over and over again without progressing the fight. I restarted the fight a few times before I figured out that you need to activate the laser cannon after breaking the synovia. The issue for me was that Alad V doesn't give his "shoot the laser now!" hint line unless you used the laser before, but I never knew there was a laser in the first place because it's never mentioned unless you activate it first. Honestly, I thought the panel button was for the elevator that you ride into the fight in the first place, so I didn't bother to interact with it until my third try at the fight. In terms of communication info to the player, that was the one blind spot I felt. 2. The grab attack. I don't have any issue with the grab itself, but many times I will break the synovia, hear the distinctive ringing sound, bullet jump directly towards the laser button and get grabbed by the ropalolyst as it is collapsing to the ground, which I find kind of dumb. The audio cue should be a clear signal that the enemy has been temporarily subdued, and having it still be able to grab you is mixed messaging to the player. I feel like the grab should be disabled from the moment you hear the sound. 3. Consider adding some type of worthwhile recurring reward to this fight. Right now there are 4 Warframe components and 5 mods that drop from the ropalolyst. That means that after farming these 9 things, there's very little reason for players to replay this fight, which is such a shame! This is such a cool fight, and I'd like for there to be a reason to revisit it. Maybe give it a chance to drop a small amount of sentient cores? There's a well-known issue with Quills progression that you need a crafted amp to reliably hunt eidolons and gain Quills standing, but you also need Quills standing to craft amps to hunt eidolons. If the ropalolyst is an alternate source of sentient cores, that would let players break this cycle. 4. Natah's face taking up half the screen at the beginning of the fight. I understand that Natah's reveal is a big reveal and story beat, but it also obstructs your view while you're trying to look around and parkour in unfamiliar terrain. I feel like if you keep the big facecam for the initial reveal, then change to the smaller camera for the rest of the monologue, you preserve the impact of the initial reveal without sacrificing visibility afterwards.
  14. I normally don't go out of my way to craft weapons unless A) It's a prime, and then it's only for collection purposes B) I got a riven for it. I buy/craft weapons for my rivens, not the other way around C) It's got a cool gimmick. To that end, I've recently fallen in love with the Tatsu and Wolf Sledge. Tatsu looks great, has a phenomenal stance, and its gimmick lets it shoot freaking skull snakes which proc status and open enemies to finishers. Wolf Sledge lets me cosplay as the Wolf, throwing a huge-ass hammer never gets old and is actually useful since the thrown attack has 5x the damage of a normal attack. If you're asking what upcoming weapon I'm excited for, probably whatever the next two-handed nikana is, because I just want to be able to use Wise Razor on more weapons.
  15. I saw your previous post about the pay-to-skip MR test button from before, got that had already been locked down before I could post. It seems you're still somewhat caught up about that, but you've brought up some other points as well, so I'll address those first. The new player experience issue is a well known one, and I think most players will agree that more tutorials at the beginning of the game are required. DE has already stated that a revamped new player experience is in progress. The difficulty slider is also another thing that is widely agreed upon in the community, and is another thing that's on DE's list. As for the AI thing, it seems like you have an overly idealistic view of what AI can accomplish. The goal of enemy AI in a game is not to be smart, or to be realistic, or to be unpredictable, the goal of AI in a game is to present a fun and interesting challenge for the player to overcome. The enemies in Mario games almost exclusive either walk to and fro, or run directly towards you with no strategy, and yet that is enough to provide an engaging experience to the player. If goombas were smarter, if they were able to read your movements and avoid your jumps, the game would become far worse to play, because you would no longer be able to reliably plan your jumps or use enemies as springs to reach further areas like you can now. Similarly, enemies in a horde shooter don't need to be overly clever. The enemy AI problems in Warframe really boil down to pathfinding and spawning logic, which really don't need any advanced AI tech to solve. And all this isn't even factoring the licensing fees in integrating nVidia proprietary technology into the game. Never over-engineer a solution to a simple problem. The E3 comment honestly seemed completely out of the blue given the rest of your post. I assure that things like "difficulty sliders" and "pay-to-skip buttons" do not drive player hype in the slightest. Between the upcoming New War story quest and further updates on the Railjack game mode, rest assured that DE is not short on flashy show pieces for convention season. And finally, on to the issue of MR tests. You seem to think that DE is prevented from changing the MR tests because of fear of player inertia, even while we're still seeing divided opinions on nightwave and melee 2.9, two highly disruptive changes to core gameplay mechanics. As anyone on the forums will tell you, DE will absolutely change things if they want to. The fact of the matter is, they will never let players pay to skip MR tests, because it would be irresponsible game design to do so. Despite the flaws of the system, MR tests serve as a checkpoint system to ensure that, over time, the player has learned fundamental skills for the game. Just like how if you can't pass a swimming certification test, you shouldn't be able to pay to gain access to the deep pool.
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