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  1. I explain the problem I experienced in the post brother. You can read it if you like.
  2. Looking to buy Ash Prime Systems on Switch for plat, thanks !
  3. Some of these challenges downright promote toxic behavior. Complete 8 bounties is far too many and is revealing problems similar to those by the other flawed challenges (too much RNG, host migration, bad coop systems and by extension griefing/trolling). I've never encountered a single AFKer in about 500-600 hours of playing his game and now since Nightwave started I have run into players rank 17 and up using glitch methods such as running their character repeatedly into the water after spawning midway into my top rank fortuna bounty. Now i'm forced to carry his player (since I can't kick him) or lose all my progress. Chore is correct.
  4. Games by definition can be played for fun or competitively you don't have to choose. Playing warframe (a game) is literally an act of leisure, a means of relaxation and escape for many people who have important real world responsibilities. Its inane to call someone lazy because they cant use hours of their lives for very very little reward. Try comparing the amount of reward you get for playing several hours of Devil May Cry 5 (a challenging game) to the rewards you get for playing in warframe and the problem becomes extremely apparent. One system values and rewards players time and commitment and the other doesn't. "Fun" isnt a dirty word, and your community isnt Lazy, they just value their time and happiness.
  5. Let me be clear- I really enjoy warframe, its a great game and I have happily invested quite a bit of time and money in it since becoming apart of this great community. However, I have honestly found the Nightwave series to be extremely frustrating to play and the logic behind the system frustrating. What I've found has been provided with these weeklies and their often problematic time sensitive requirements is a 10 week long temp job with out a road map. I think it would be helpful to consider having all challenges for the ten week period available from the beginning and then work with the community to tweak issues here and there rather than dropping a new framework of challenges every week. Surprises can be nice at first but too much cake can be bad thing. I for one do not like checking in on a monday or sunday to find a challenge that literally demands a daily portion of my life for the next week (time is money, and depending on how you want to see it that is ALOT of money) - I understand that part of this might be a ploy to increase player count but warframe is not competitive - unlike the typical more common version battle pass model that is being applied here. The variables that a player must consider for a BR game(apex, blackout, fortnite, etc) are far smaller than the large expansive content of a game like warframe and tend to be particularly limited to instances of "did I win or not" with rewards and tiers being given to the player or players accordingly. Following this logic every match within these mentioned games will net you a reward or push you closer to unlocking a new tier, and so on and so forth. The equivalent of this system isn't currently being applied to the Nightwave mission structure and I find that therein lies its biggest problem. Warframe does not typically dictate a "right" way in which its player base must engage and for myself and I imagine many others it is part of that which makes it so appealing. I don't understand why Nightwave shouldn't just be formatted to allow players to gain rewards for playing the game in whatever manner they typically do. If a player really enjoys playing spy missions as an Ash or Loki why not reward them for their playstyle, rather than forcing them to learn to main a nekros in an hour long survival. To me that just sounds like work, not a challenge and certainly not fun. That being said I do find that there is a lot of potential in this battle pass model, but I think it needs to be tailored to fit the beautiful diverse network of people who play this game. Thanks for reading. Best, Oren Gruffs
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