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  1. A big part of what makes Nightwave better than most other battle pass systems from other games is the fact you can’t pay to skip... and it gives you more than enough time to reach max rank, even with limited time to play WF. And the stuff you can get from NW can come back in the Intermissions so you’re not missing out. There’s no stuff that’s exclusive to a particular NW season, there will always be means to get it at a later date. considering you can do most NW missions within a day, and you have a whole week per set, AND there’s a catch-up mechanic for missed mission,
  2. You can’t trade built Prime Frame parts, only their bps
  3. Did you PM the Warframe twitch account with your platform and the respective account?
  4. Probably not until next year, the Lotus Ephemera was last years Tennocon exclusive thing and that recently showed up at Baro’s a few weeks back (on console, I think PC had it a few rotations earlier) so I’d hazard a guess the Athodai will show up at Baro’s in a year this is just a guess mind you... best to wait until DE gives something more tangible.
  5. Uh I’m confused... there already Is an option to play Solo... just switch your Matchmaking to Solo and you’re golden.
  6. Isolation. Iso Vault = Isolation Vault
  7. Lol I’m naming mine Adephagia after the Greek Goddess of Gluttony... but Audrey Prime is good too.
  8. I believe you’re talking about the Vengeful Charge Ephemera, an Ephemera you can potentially get by making an Electric element Lich, there’s a 20% chance of a Lich having an Ephemera when you make it, or you can buy a Lich with the Ephemera from another player, you will still need to Kill/Convert the Lich either way so be ready for a grind
  9. Plat obtained from things like PS+ booster pack or obtained for free by any other booster packs/giveaways can’t be traded, Plat from Prime Access or Prime vault packs CAN be traded as it’s still bought plat just at a discount with the rest of the bundle. So you’re wrong when you say that you couldn’t trade with the Plat from Inaros Prime Access
  10. Because it violates the Terms of Use Agreement and will get both accounts banned.
  11. Go to Recruitment chat and find a squad to radshare with.
  12. As Skythin said above, you can send a support ticket and ask that they reset your account, you will however lose anything you paid for (platinum, bundles, etc) and any items you bought from the Market with Platinum. Some quests are replayable once you’ve completed them just so you know.
  13. If you’ve been banned then there’s nothing the Forums can do, your best bet is to send a support ticket about it.
  14. I would hope it will be a drop... but I’m also wondering how we’re supposed to get Kavat Genetic Codes once the Derelict is gone.
  15. Arbitration is probably one of the best ways.
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