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  1. Having the same issue. We're starting up the first vault inside the Necralisk, completing it just fine with no issues. But then when we que up the second or third vault out into the world, once we get to the actual vault, it's repeatedly showing both members a black screen like we've fallen through the map and it's not counting as complete when we loot the vault. It does however complete it if we go back to vault one. So completing every vault has been like this: Complete first vault, no issues. Do second vault, issue happens repeated black screens and character being
  2. Had this issue pop up for me as well on Stage 5. I'm standing over the crew, there is an indicator pointing to the bodies, but no indicator they're even intractable. I tried mounting Archwing and Dismounting, still nothing. Swapping between weapons, nadda. I do believe it's quite borked.
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