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  1. true makes sense, theres nothing wrong with weapons being better. (some players cant handle that tho...) If it was like that the game would be very very boring as everything would feel the same no matter what i used or did, I like burst or auto weapons as they are different from the energy/AoE weapons the game tends to use. But if they just made all of the pratically the same in damage and dps it would be like using the same weapons but with different skins. Theres nothing wrong with wanting to do high damage just like theres nothing wrong with a weapon that just deals very good damage. Its an issue when the weapon uses exploits and bugs for it to be good just like its and issue if a weapon is only good using bugs and exploits.
  2. in imo I felt all of the kuva weapons were pretty strong and worth a 3 hour grind to get. They were easy to use and build and can get you pretty far if build well and smart. I liked all of the kuva weapons for that reason.
  3. yea im nticing that part of the community just wanting nerfs here and there. you saw how the bramma ended out. and even with the xoris being a glaive its the same thing just slightly tweaked to look different. All the glaive are just 20% or high status weapons that are almost only good if you use a status stick like the zakti. The only glaive imo that was good before was the pathocyst as it had weird but cool mechanics like the maggots. But in reality its just a throwable meele thats also a status weapon. Clearly im not going to use it for normal gameplay or waste forma because of this. The glaive is used in these three situations: for Fun, Damage, and Purpose. Nothing really fun about the weapon other than its mechanic and attack speed, Its damage medorce compared to the other glaives like glaive prime, and its purpose of granum void is tied to granum void, it ther purose of being a cool rivenless statstick is getting nerfed. all they are doing is just saying hey, dont let weapons get to popular or it will get the bramma treatment.
  4. you do know about her ability synergies right? Cause if you did you would know that the ability that can cc and pin down enemies at base 10 meters away also allows for 200% extra damage to her whip claw. Its actually more effective to use her two then her one to bundle enemies down. And her "bad"game design is he fact that players found out how to pump the most damage from an ability. Players use her augment, riven, meele mods, statsticks, and even more buffs. This isnt no bad gameplay design. when you get many dmg multipliers over +550% with meele mods and rivens you should be able to hit millions of damage when you crit. Look at the base stats of her one and you would see. I hardly use her or her 1 as it drains me of pads but even i know how silly it is to make a tedious frame even more tedious to use.
  5. Do keep in mind DE said they dont mind the damage of Khora's whipclaw. A nerf of this weapon would makes no sense to just nerf it out the blue. This just proves DE and players only nerf the popular stuff`as this has been in game for a long time but now is getting hate due to being a popular build. I know its not the damage as we have octavia (but bugged rn) that can deal enough dmg to kill level 1,000+ enemies, same with sayrn, banshee, mag, and gara. and all of those frames can do it better than khora as she is bound to combo count and energy drains. The only difference is that shes popular. Why was it ok before, but now its a bad thing?
  6. slash and viral isnt really that good for corpus in reality, sure it works ut keep in mind slash cant bypass shields and viral is only good without shields. Magnetic and toxin works much better than viral slash. And of course slash viral works best for grineer and infeasted. Slash, viral, heat dmg are the best for infeated and thats not even including the status effects. Viral slash heat works gret for grineer due to slash ignoring armor as well as being buffed by viral, corrosive and heat technically in its stat really useful for really high level content as viral slash falls off at some point as The DoE wont deal enough dmg as well as being weak against high armor enemies.
  7. which is one of DE's issue as they can nerf something thats been fine for years just out of te blue, look at farming frames for an example. DE already touched up on gas being over power with stealth and triple dipping damage and was balanced pretty well, it was ad if you built it bad while being good if you built it well and buffed it. Then with the rework it was just nerfed hard for no reason other than bad placeholder.
  8. well you gotta think about in a few ways, It has a passive that can be used in a limited of ways. Granum Void is its perfered usage for charges, lasting comb count for its own damage, and a combo stat stick. this was was basically doomed to get nerfed, i could tell it was going to get nerfed from seeing its popularity. This weapon really had one use outside of granum void and it was a stat stick. My issue is how could such a simple oversight even happen to begin with. Simple thoughts and testing would reveal its interactions with abilities. People realized its interations within a day, how you guys had been working on this for a long time how did this just slide under the rug. You guys should know more about the interactions better than us, we sometimes have to data-mine to understand things. But lets say you knew its interactions how did you guys not think about the large number of frames that would massively get buffed from this one weapon. Why are you surprised that players would use the weapon as a statstick as well? Infinite combo duration only affects really a few things, and the most useful thing is buffing combo frames like ash. which leads me to another thing. I just cant see how this oversight was missed unless you didn't test the weapon really much or you guys forgot about some of your own stuff. Why are you surprised that it was used for almost one thing rather than granum, obviouldy players wouldnt only do granum. lots of Frames and weapons have pretty much one use. look at zakti, mire, telos boltace, secura penta, limbo, rhino, frost, gara, sayrn, chroma, and espcially nekros. they all have other uses, like nekros has three ways of using CC, his 1 2 and 4 are means of cc. But even then players almost only use him for farming missions. Zakti can open enemies to finishers but ar almost only used for CD combos. Limbo can deal high dmg if used right but will just be used for defense 9 out of 10 times. Why use them when others can d the same, its because they are just convienet to use and get. and my last point, the weapon doesnt make already OP abilities more op, it just makes them more convenient. The weapon wont just make Khora's 1 just nuke the map, all it does it just revert players to using naramon. yes you could add gladiator mods to it but lets not forget we have things like mire that just says "F You!" to enemies. I still will be able to just press one button and do amazing damage in ESO, all this is doing is makeing it fickle to deal with. all this nerf is going to accomplish is a migration from using xoris to just using naramon, this will not break khora 1mil+ dmg builds, this is just making a weapon have less uses as if you really want it just used for granum which wouldn't encourage different loadouts like you guys always want with players (correct me if im wrong, many weapons have been nerf for that very reasons.)
  9. Hasn’t most powerful gear have been needed to be normal gear.
  10. When farming for parts and materials are literally set for players to stay in DE’s game longer it’s kinda hard to do that. There’s a reason why drops are locked behind rotations With low drop chances. Let’s take a look at guass, his chances are 7.84 in a c rotation of Sedna distruption. The expected times need is around 23 runs of distruption C runs. It’s all ring behind ring that makes farming for something boring and tedious. You can say stuff like you can buy mods and frames if their that bad, but if your like me who’s almost always broke on plat you can’t do that. If I want good builds I have to at some point get them depending on their usefulness like condition overload. In fact let’s use condition overload for an example, it’s literally has a less than a 1% from the enemy you can reliably farm them from. Think of it like this, I would have to get lucky to a CO drop in a less than 30 minutes farm for it. I unstand why they do it sometimes though, you need players actually playing the game (even if some of the farming is more fun when afk.) for the game to be declared good or fun. I never had fun constantly going to wiki to figure out which place has the best drops chance for thinks, I never had fun knowing the time I will have to waste just for one small thing, I never had fun being confused af trying to Farm when I first started. I can solo high level content just fine, I would love to better drops and drop chances just for doing mission that have higher levels and difficulties. That’s fun and engaging, I’m actually playing and doing less farming in the game, It’s should be like that For warframe. Warframe is just in my opinion farming to get better at something that you may odds are just ignore in the future.
  11. No one like spending an hour in a survival, defense, or other missions and getting the same useless junk mod or 400 endo when the good mods can need up to 30,000 to max
  12. The game is set up where there is a normal pool of weapons that deal similar dps (you shouldn’t really care about damage.) but there will always be that small pool of weapons that out class the others. There's nothing wrong with that at all, it’s fun having weapons like that. also wow would have guessed that an AoE Primary that’s good with crits and damage would get nerfed. It’s not like we had a weapon that was in the same boat literally about three weeks ago. Ahem bramma
  13. they never found the weapon fun, I don't even use bramma much and I found the weapon fun.
  14. I just followed him. ❤️
  15. it has now mechanics, it looks like a bow, it uses arrows, it is effected by fire rated mods like bow, and is even called an explosive bow. If you're that incompetent to the point where you're denying a bow it's title due to the fact that it has AoE is actually sad. The weapon IS a BOW. If you want to talk about high damage and large range of attack ignore the bramma and go take a look at the red crit zaws that can do more damage and range that the bramma as well as being easier to use and get than bramma. Oh wait they have been in the game for a long time, why would DE just Nerf a weapon for being popular when there are weapons that can do similar or better damage than it.
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