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  1. Fair point, to be honest I wasn't so sure of those types of "trades". I just wasn't expecting the 1st person I ever try it with was a scammer. Anyway, learning experience I guess.
  2. I have tried, but I'm not that familiar with reporting issues. Should I got to account support or technical support?
  3. I encountered a scammer on the Switch recently, one that promised gifting a weapon by using a -75% coupon. Generally I'm very skeptical of those types of transactions, since there are no guarantees like normal trading. But, I gave it a shot for once hoping to find a good trustworthy enough person, unfortunately that wasn't the case. I went to report him a few minutes later, only to find that the reporting system is bugged, I did all the steps but wasn't able to send the report. Leading me to post here. I'm not looking for sympathy or anything. I and many other people have been scammed by the same person/user, and all of them have sent reports. However the user is still active, with no apparent repercussions to his/her actions even after many people have reported on this user. DE you really need to work on that, please. I don't really know how to report on the forums so I came here for some help to report this user, I would really appreciate it.
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