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  1. what about a moa but with the sentinel flying on it? panzer / kavat really overshines it too much, now what about a moa that runs around and break the containers around it / collecting it at the same time? , and when the moa is downed, the sentinel automatically flies back to you, when the sentinel died, moa still working as it should but only without a sentinel but the sentinel cannot use any self revive mods, but automatically respawn after you revived the moa? honestly my idea kind of sucks ik, but your idea is actually pretty cool
  2. honestly i'd say this idea sucks after thinking for a while, but yeah what about a new sentinel that drops out a specter with the exact same stats with the new sentinel itself, while the specter have the aura i mentioned while the owner have his own aura as well, but what about sentinel aura having only 50% range of the original vacuum, drops a new specter every 45 seconds, destroy the current specter after dropping another one. this idea sounds cool but will be mostly useless after the enemy's level get high, tho
  3. Not entirely the same thing tho, beast are you standing still, they track items for you in an aura with you being the middle, while this one, the aura isn't on you but the sentinel still have to say afk farm is a big problem
  4. Not entirely afk if sentinel will not go attack mode if you don't attack, also as I remember, moa's vacuum only takes the stuff in an aura AROUND you and not the moa itself, but yeah, it is actually really hard to prevent afk farms.
  5. So I had a thought while playing, why don't we turn our sentinels into aggressive attack drones? Here's my suggestion : New mod : Attack mode [Enables your sentinel to move around on it's own, with additional 50% health and 50% armor for the sentinel, as well as 2 self-revive charges.] Once this mod is installed, medi-ray and shield charger will be disabled / unable to be installed Vacuum will remain active, will activate a vacuum aura (range depending on vacuum mod level) around the sentinel, wil
  6. anyone down to farm it with me right now?
  7. is this actually bugged? farmed 4 hour straight, got nothing at all. f**k you de.
  8. with this luck, i probably still cant get octavia even in over 20 rounds
  9. did not waste time for the second cache, only 1.
  10. meanwhile, i kept farming octavia system- nope, still nothing. farmed straight 3.5 hour for absolute nothing at all
  11. music puzzle drops octavia body, and i did get the part from music puzzle already
  12. i'm doing crossfire, and finding the 1st cache only, sometimes 2 cache, am i doing it wrong?
  13. okay, so simply i did over 12 lua cache runs and- nothing, basically just endo spam, can someone tell if this is a bug or something that octavia system isnt dropping??
  14. Well the warframes I mentioned is supposed to be unvaulted today but it isnt unvaulted yet till now, can anyone give me an accurate time like eastern time or something?
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