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  1. Corpus drivers got drunk last night indeed 😂
  2. Is that an order? It's the weekend and thinks like please and basic manners are welcome by the way.
  3. If you want a mod so bad, there's the market and done with it. You know you can make plat with spending a dime, right? And putting DE in the same sentence as that money grabbing company? Sigh...
  4. If you cared to read Reb's response last week you'd know they were already planning to have the new booster obtainable by playing. But I guess you didn't read and just wanted to whine about something without asking first.
  5. Thank you so much for clarifying everything. You should probably have done that from the beginning but we're only humans, but I also think too many people are quick to anger and negative reactions after every announcement without trying to get some answers first. I understand why you had to take a step back with the changes to the "looting frames" but I'm not too crazy about it because I enjoy variety in game play. I guess you were pushed into a corner with that one, or else the negative gamers would keep condemning your and spreading lies about your apparent "pay-to-win" changes. Gotta be honest, calling myself a gamer feels embarrassing sometimes. At least things here aren't nearly as bad as in other communities. Keep up the good work, I'll keep having fun with the game and supporting whenever I can 🙂
  6. A whole lot of whining in this thread, but that's the internet I guess. People keep throwing "pay-to-win" around as if you were competing against someone else in Warframe. What is it that you're winning? Bragging rights over who has the most powerful frame? Give me a break. And then some of you dare to compare DE to freaking EA? For starters Warframe is free-to-play. You don't have to spend a dime to get the game, play and advance if you don't want to, but let's say you really, really need platinum to buy something from the market. Easy solution, play the game, open relics trade prime parts for platinum. You invest you time, not your money. Take a look at FIFA Ultimate Team alone and tell me how it's the same at the way Warframe handles monetization. And that game costs at least $60 even before getting to that part. DE sells boosters and there's a new one coming with this Prime Access, so what? They have to make money somewhere. You complain they "nerfed" farming squads, but you ever stop for a moment and think that stacking that amount of abilities wasn't the way it was designed and perhaps it was hurting platinum sales? Lastly this new booster is not even exclusive to Prime Access or will remain locked behind a pay wall. I'm pretty sure you don't have to spend money for Nightwave rewards, right? The only thing that seems reasonable among the complains I've read is that MR27 players with a lot of credit truly don't need the boosters so it would be nice to have the option to choose. My point is, DE give us a lot, they're communicative like few other devs are, and it doesn't seem fair that some (very loud) gamers want to have everything thrown at their laps with any kind of effort, and then sound the alarm any time they think DE is trying to take money from them. I've been playing Warframe every day for almost a year now. I haven't bought either Prime or Vault Access because I don't really need it. For me it's more fun and exciting to get stuff on my own, but I love the game so much and appreciate the devs so occasionally I'll buy a few platinum, and I got the Tennocon digital pack because I want to support them. We've all seen what they're cooking for us with Empyrean and New War, right? Where do you think they're getting the money for that kind of development? Come October 1st, I'll be happy farming those relics to get my Atlas Prime.
  7. Did you even care to read Reb's response right above your rant?. Gee...
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