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  1. Challenge accepted? Ok, now find one youtuber that provides a varying opinion on the spectrum. Objectively, almost all youtube guides have it in their build. You're late to the conversation. Long ago we already talked about that issue. DE is basically forcing those without PSF to play those WF's. Yep. It's bad game design. It's an item that provides a massive quality of life improvement and negates the only side effect of an entire classification of weapons... locked behind a 400 day login reward. Anyone defending that is... I'll refrain from negativity.
  2. 100%. I'm ok with a downside to AoE room clearers. The problem is, people who just so happened to login to this game for 400 days can negate that negative side effect and everyone else suffers. If that's the balance that DE supports, then tell the community. We deserve to be aware of DE's priorities.
  3. lol... maybe "credentials" was the wrong word. Regardless, he's not wrong and he's not the only Youtuber/streamer that says it. I'll take the opinion of people with 100k+ youtube subscribers and the video evidence of long endurance Steel path runs over forum dwellers. Don't get me started on Decaying Dragon key exploit. The fact that DE leaves it in for years says a lot about their design philosophy. Or lack there of.
  4. Anyone See KnightmareFrames new Rhino video? Here's a guy with 107k subs on youtube, Probably the best guides out there and the credentials to back it... And he's basically said it's mandatory and likewise in most of his builds. The fact that this isn't changed by now is baffling. This is objectively and empirically terrible game design. DE literally limits a must have mods to players who have 400 login days. Wow
  5. Now i understand how you reached 11k posts... You're really good at making posts that have nothing to do with the topic. Voltage 2024.
  6. Are you sure you're in the right thread? I'm talking about a very specific mod that has massive gameplay implications but it's not available to the player base until they've logged in for 400 days. No one is saying rewards should be "handed by the spoonful" No one is making the argument that AoE weapons shouldn't have drawbacks.
  7. That's a strange set of principles at play. On one hand you dislike this mod and think it should be nerfed because it makes one style of gameplay clearly more overpowered than the others... Yet on the other hand, you don't think the majority of the player base should enjoy that play style and it should be reserved for only you and the other tiny portion of the player base that happened to have logged in for 400 days. You'd fit into politics really well!
  8. 🤣 I just wish DE would tell us that's the reason. However, since this reward was in place during the time when these weapons used to one shot you, there's no way it was the original intent. Now that they've recently made them have a stagger/knockdown effect, i think they should really either charge it or tell us why they won't. Agreed, also many times i'm just ninja'ing full speed through the map that i can't slow down to execute range precision shots so it won't cause me to stagger/knockdown. Which is why i just play Nezha now. It's not as fun as playing many different warframes, but at least i can drop bombs as i'm bullet jumping through a large pack.
  9. Try playing a solo defense mission on steel path... When all else fails, the best option is to stand on the object you're defending and spam at your feet with explodies.
  10. Sorry, i jumped the gun and didn't read closely. Thanks for the pointer on looking up a profile, though. I didn't know that was possible.
  11. The irony... I'm pointing out a flaw or improvement that could be made with a video game and you call me greedy and impatient. You're trying to make an existential claim on the problem with the world and it's people. And that's just perfectly fine, legitimate and not hypocritical in your eyes. WOW. Good luck with that.
  12. Uh, i'm pointing out an obvious design flaw that many players are burdened with. If that makes you so butthurt to the point where you need to insult me... Then... Sorry? There's medication you can take to make you feel better. Call your local doctor!
  13. Too late... You've already been quoted. Thanks! "ONLY players that are in any way opposing PSF are ones that are long term players who are way past getting PSF and way past abusing it and are now in state of waiting for new content where they most likely dont use explosive weapons anymore Kinda strange phenomena like "ow cool i abused the hell out of it but you shouldnt you should suffer without it because thats my opinion so GTFO" ;) Not judging just spotting observation"
  14. Then please quote me on where i said i want this mod easily or for free? If anything i said right there in my first post. "Buy if for Original Mod + 300 Steel essence" If that's still to easy for you... Then make it "Original Mod + 500 Steel essence" At least then i have a path for the mod instead of waiting 178 DAYS. So in A HALF A YEAR. LOL... how can anyone defend this crap?
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