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  1. Great discussion but isnt the real problem the nuke frames? No weapons can beat those... So, nice try but pointless, guns arent what make the OP obvious
  2. Best part is I just sold a Shendu riven for stupid plat cuz its... new ?! Haha thanks for the plat
  3. I play Mpirjun or whatever because it is the latest of update to a game I happen to really like called Warframe. In Warframe i play a space ninja and it mainly about setting your own goals and how to get there. Today for example i finally managed to get a new broken war blade drop. Took many days of grinding getting it, i have 3 hilts but now finally a blade and can reconstruct it. I knw a very rare mod can also drop from conculysts and i have more to look forward to... /s I play Empiriun because i like to spend my free time playing games, always have, most likely always will. Its just me being me, i enjoy playing games and I enjoy warframe. I have tried the hole RJ thingy but am not impressed. I havent even tried the liches because i could tell it would be crap. I've just watched the witcher Tv-series and am doing some witcher 3 again... I still come back mainly for FOMO tho, might be some orokin reactor or catalyst that might be had somewhere, dont need it for anything as i have many many of them, over 135 built froma's etc... i shouldnt FOMO but i do, its human nature. Railjack offers me nothing i was looking for in Warframe, nor do Liches... I am still waiting on a remake of correndon facility CTF maps making their way. I was an Unreal junky, made it into the top 30 worldwide for CTF matches many many moons ago but it was the gameplay that hooked me. Warframe was pretty close, okay bit too over the top, bit too easy once you get to a certain level but the combination of movement and shooting is what i like, so Railjack is a mis for me. Sure i liked elite, i like x-wing vs t-fighter etc but i am playing empyrean because i like warframe and all this nonsense is juist a temporarely hurdle and if its not its a great reason to you know, just play the story on the Witcher 3... I dont care about empryean, i dont care about liches, POE, OV etc but i really like warframe. Does that answer your question?
  4. So you want Ivara Prime and are upset that it costs plat? Why dont you just farm her like a normal person?
  5. Really, this is getting absurd, I know when something is to blame on,low memory or low specs or whatever but these last few updates turned this program into a harddrive killer. After an hour or 3 it seems a memory leak has flooded my memory and it starts to want to swap to HD causing huge lags and interruptions. It takes about 5 minutes to close warframe down because it somehow needs to write soo much to the HD. My PC becomes entirely useless just because i played some warframe for 5 minutes... Princess, warframe is fun but you do not have my permission to turn my i7 core into a calculator because your S#&$ty coding has to lock down my entire PC for 5-10 minutes just to exit your program. Your so called download optimization is even worse... 846mb needs to be optimized... sure let me take over your laptop for the next 45 minutes... Seriously? I did a full defrag just a few days ago, that was quicker than this. You really need to get your head right, software this badly optimized is and will keep damaging normal consumer PC's and some day you will be held responsible. Stop adding stupid S#&$ no one is asking for and start turning out stuff you atleast have basically tested to not ruin memorystacks or consumer PC's. You guys are just turning into $&*^s these days... Addons no one wants, neglecting obvious bugs, creating stupid content that doen nothing other than create even more technical difficulties and you refuse to admit to anything. Until you put something into a patch log about memory leaks as if no one had noticed it before... Learn to code!
  6. Everytime the same thing, expecting certain knowledgeable behaviour in a brand new game mode... Be honest, did you try and communicate or did you just go with the assumption everyone knows what they are doing and no words need to be spoken?! Did you try and educate your teammates or are you the typical toxic tosser... "if I know it, they should know it". This S#&$ is new and if u find it annoying not everyone has your knowledge of the bat, what have you done to adres it?
  7. Man Ivara is so great, we all love the prime... So much we rather talk about jellyfish
  8. I dont get this Ivara following, just recently i decided I'd do the leg-work and grind her and it was nothing but one disappointment. Maybe I'm missing something but i dont see what makes Ivara likeable... stealth is crap, gimmicky arrows but nothing useable in game unless playing solo, sure nice bow but a Lenz will outshine it anyways and thats a bow... who uses bows? Crappy frame that took ages to grind, just got itself an easy to get prime and yet still doesnt work in todays game unless played solo... So what am i missing here?
  9. Wasnt meant as an insult, thank you for your contributions and would love to go out drinking with you cuz i usually get drunk for way less on cheap S#&$.... You sir, are sophisticayted!..
  10. Sooooo...... Several whales chimed in, at about 1.5k $, say about 30 of them.Then a whole lot more that said they have spent around or max 100$... Thousands of people have done this, I'll easely say 100k people have spent atleast a few bucks/euros on this game. So 15K x 3 = $ 45.000 Lets say 10.000 tpeople have spenty 10 bucks on this $100.000... $145.000... anually.... What has been keeping this company afloat? Definately not the sales.... What did you sign away in the general disclaimer? You cannot run 150 people in a company if all you have as income is these few wales and some droplet investments. The income for this company is most definately not majorly dependant on the cash buys we gamers make!
  11. Nada.... Not a dime... Zilch... Why start a thread about how much money you spent on something other than boasting or implicitely expecting something in return. 5k? Seriously? What is your major malfunction? You can get an Xbox, a PS4, some other bunch of game machines and about 20 titles and still have money to spare from 5k... On a free to play game?.... ... I'll just go for it and drop the mic here.... wtf is wrong with people?!
  12. This is a kick in the teeth and a half!! "Movember" is a movement to make room for talks and discussion about male depression and anxciety. I myself have been severely depressed at times and when i started to hear about Movember thru Sergio Perez i too started growing my moustache, as part of the Movember movement. https://nl.movember.com/ My moustache is coming along fine, thanks for asking... Just do me this one favor, dont try and piggy back ride on this subject just because you thought it sounded funny.
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