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  1. Whine thread #7 about steelpath delivering as advertised. Just because you keep crying and whining about rewards doesnt mean you'll get what you want. This forum is turning into a kindergarten... Bit harsh towards todlers i admit...
  2. Why its another whine thread about steelpath delivering as advertised. It was never going to be about loot or rewards, why make yet another whine thread about it?
  3. Why make another whine thread about steelpath? It has been always announced that it would NOT be about rewards or loot.
  4. Pretty much every other game has the exact same discussion. I'm currently following the exact same discussion on the Elite Dangerous forum about some sweaty try-hards whining there is no more challenge only because they cheese everything and then blame the developer. My personal theory is that people dont actually want challenge, they just want to say they do so they can then berate people as being inferior at the game and thus stroking their own fragile ego's. I mean people who whine they want more challenges are obvious virgins who live in their mothers basement and can only enac
  5. "Damned passengers should stay in their seats and shut up, this is MY bus!"
  6. So you didnt know these forums were active but you tripped all over yourself to post your wall of text?! Jump first, check the waters depth after landing... Makes sense...
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