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  1. Oh does this mean the Xbox login issue is fixed? That's great. 😄
  2. Isn't she leading into corpus liches? The whole thing about her ending up the Granum Void and him finding her seems like a lead-in to something spooky that involves things that should be dead.
  3. Dex alerts yay. I'd quit the game before they hit last time so I'm looking forward to it now. Hope you folks fix the crash issue that sounds super annoying.
  4. I am entirely okay with the fishing bag. I appreciate that I don't need to be 100% on for every drop, and I have been slacking on fish trophies. Win win for me.
  5. Thought of another actual question: with the addition of Amalgam and Requiem mods, there's now precedent for mods with unique functions having unique appearances. Would you consider altering the look of the corrupted mods? I'll cop to this being because I can't keep them apart in my head from the regular gold mods.
  6. They talked about this in the railjack changes thread, eventually you'll be able to level crew up to almost if not total max, but while they work out the crew system itself the upgrade points will be much more limited. You've done more to hype me for corpus railjack than DE has so far. XD
  7. Tbh it'll probably be the same as Valkyr Prime. The old implication about Valkyr was that Alad's experiments had driven the Warframe insane. Valkyr Prime nevertheless has the same ability list. Also question for the devs: what are your plans to deal with the "content island" problems inherent to Archwing missions and Railjack missions? I remember you folks talked about it last devstream, but the only example given was the void storms. This does sound cool, but remember that it takes less than 3 minutes to open a relic via capture and extract. The current slate of railjack missions are NOT
  8. I don't see how Nidus Prime wouldn't make sense. Helminth is the in-universe explanation for how our Warframes get fixed and maintained between missions, meaning that it can exude Prime tier material. Presumably the stuff in the relics is those pieces. The Prime frame that doesn't make sense is Revenant, since "Revenant Prime" was a completely different Warframe that was changed by overexposure to Sentient energy.
  9. Railjack gear slot. Anyway I missed this week's streams but I'm interested to see what the stream team plays next week. I foresee a lot of railjack somehow, even on consoles.
  10. I was planning on skipping Zeph's deluxe skin but that operator suit is FIRE. Appreciate the update, hope development continues smoothly!
  11. Adding on to this, I'm curious if Sigma gear from the dojo counts. It's listed under tier 1 but not tier 3.
  12. One more observation for today: combining Dirac and Endo concerned me for a bit given how much Endo you need vs. how much Dirac. Then I remembered how much Dirac you get every mission by melting dupe avionics and unnecessary wreckage and I realized this makes every railjack mission an Endo farm in addition to everything else. I am content with this.
  13. I'm thinking about this a bit more and two things don't sit well with me. One is the energy drawing from Warframes instead of the ship. If you want to be Rhino or most tanky Warframes while you pilot so you can solo any boarders, this is a nerf. The energy available to you SHOULD be tied to the ship's reactor, and modified by your Harness via a "Railjack Efficiency" and a "Railjack Flow" mod and Tactical Intrinsics. The other is that this still leaves Empyrean as a gameplay cul-de-sac. You want players to go back and forth? Mix up the reward tables. Here's an idea: make Nitain, Wolf Beaco
  14. So, what I'm reading from this is that I, a relative railjack newbie, can qualify for the tier 3 veteran reward by buying and immediately scrapping 30 tier 1 sigma weapons from the dojo? Unironic 10/10, I'm entirely on board. EDIT: Wait hang on: boarding crews drop some of the best archgun mods in the game. The new pilot ability that makes them die before reaching my ship cuts down how many shots we get at them per mission. *thinking emoji*
  15. I think the first stream last week had a different set of rules for getting and claiming the prizes, or at least a different explanation. Anyway by the second day I saw the auto-mod zapping those comments so sanity should prevail this week.
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