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  1. Don't worry now that holokeys are a thing I curse every Emogoth drop. Just hit up the corpus railjack missions. Pluto and void regions. They hold back what we need until it becomes something we don't then flood us with it. Slowdown Mechanic
  2. Acolytes are not spawning at "Twice the rate." i.e. 3.5 minutes as promised. Not only that but in my current mission I have seen only one in 18 minutes. I have seen an affinity proc at 5 minutes however. I am happy that I also received a proc at the one time acolyte spawned, however was subsequently trolled with a double affinity 1 second after paranoid timer pickup. This is punishing and 0 fun. Finally it wouldn't have been as frustrating had the acolyte spawned on time to the OLD supposed standard as at 14 minutes I 'd have had another. If you're going to implement a punishment the following needs o be resolved. a) acolytes need to spawn on a static timer. b)cat affinity procs need to happen with either a fail safe or within the parameters of your own posted rng table as per the wiki instead of 200 to 1000 times in excess. c)alternative that non endless missions do not have the pickup punishment applied. d.) all missions with a pickup timer need to have a glyph with the imposed de-buff visible on the screen. Some of us have enough time anxiety triggers and prefer casual game play. I have posted this as a "bug" to give the opportunity for there to be fair consideration that these items are "unintentional" moving this post to "suggestions" will negate this perspective and I will perceive this as intentional. The suggestions I have posted are there as potential "solutions" to the "bug." As if you cannot "fix the bug" then workarounds are the most viable option. Please know I am also posting here as I do not want, request or have any solicitation desire for other players' opinions. This is a bug report , not a players helping players, and I assure you I have both video proof and written wiki documentation to back this up. Games should be entertaining, not frustrating and should not give unfair advantage to specific play styles. Update: 09/12/21: Cats drunk. Affinity procs nerfed to oblivion ,even when nano spores rather than essence is the goal, Currently exceeding 600% the wiki "expected" posing rotation for "reasonable" expectation. Stalker's Acolytes at 7 minutes on a capture but 16 minutes twice in a row without a second spawn. One previous instance of loot disappearing BEFORE 5 minutes. Please just .....I mean, just stop punishing your higher MRs ...and why do you try to force rochambo playstyles punishing disabled players? I don't get it.
  3. Acolyte spawns do not appear to be happening at the increased rate. I am seeing in non-survival missions spawns at about 7 minutes which was the original rate. In two instances I had a smeata affinity proc which died (on being a double) JUST before an acolyte spawned. While I understand limiting pickup with high object model counts on the board after the implementation of the pickup timer, this severely punishes those of us with physical handicaps who don't do well with a rockem sockem game style. Please correct this as for some of us it has cut our essence production to 1/4 and also has seriously angered many of my friends and clan mates. Really I think the timer should only exist in endless missions, and feel it is linked to kill count rather than static number. The result in this is that those who favor endless get better rewards, and those of us without full faculty of our hands, eyes, and dexterity get singled out. A ten minute fails safe on affinity timers would also go a long way. If you're going to implement a static nerf, then appropriate static buffs should be in place to correct.
  4. GAMEBREAKING BUG, potentially all platforms. Hush, silent battery, and suppress mods are not working on Ivara causing her to drop invisibility when firing. This is REALLY not cool.
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