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    Platinum Problem

    Hello! So I bought this platinum (the 170 one) 5 days ago and Im surprised I didn't get it right away like it used to be. My past purchases were successful and I always get the platinum during the payment. I don't know what caused this, but till now, I still didn't receive my platinum. After 2 days, The ticket was resolved but the platinum is still not there and they give me this message in the end of the ticket: -------- Hi Acnologia_11, We are sorry for the trouble, but we will need you to sign in with the account in question in order to properly address your issue. For security reasons we are not able to continue assisting you until you are using the account in question. You will need to make a new ticket regarding this issue using the correct account, but can reference this ticket number 1546449 for expediency. Please log out of your current account. You can do this by clicking the LOGOUT link at the end of this ticket or by going to, click on your account name in the upper right corner and then click on LOGOUT. --------- I tried opening another ticket addressing the problem that, my platinum is still not credited and asking Im only playing in pc with only one steam account. they replied just within the day saying that the ticket was resolved once again and this: --------- Hey there Acnologia_11, This is a PC Account. Please log into your actual console account, as we stated already in your previous ticket. --------- What? what actual console? as I've said, im only playing on PC and that's it. No other console. My platinum is still not credited and I am really losing hope. I might quit the game as well because of this :( Does anyone here know whats up? or experienced this issue? Thankyou and if this is just fault on my side, please enlighten me. Thankyou all and merry xmas!