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  1. I can't imagine many people will have Sigma & Octantis either, since that's a login reward after 300 days or more. I chose the Zenith over it when given the option.
  2. Yup. I stopped reading when they mentioned Destiny as well. Screw that dumpster fire of a game.
  3. Did you really need to make a whole new thread about this? Whatever. As someone who has maxed out the previous seasons and intermission. It really doesn't bother me. I still want that Umbra Forma either way. Also, not everyone was able to get these items the first time around. Some people may have only just started playing Warframe within the last month or so. Is that so hard for your puny mind to understand? No one likes a backseat developer.
  4. WTF are you on about? The game is Free to Play. Nightwave doesn't cost anything like most games with Battle Passes. A lot of people have been wanting another chance at getting these items that they missed out on. So what's the problem? Honestly. Crybabies like you sure love to make mountains out of molehills. 🙄
  5. That can't be right. Intermission is supposed to have 15 ranks, not 30. [EDIT] I just read the post about Intermission II. Looks like it is intended for it to be as long as a regular season. I definitely was not expecting that.
  6. DE aren't the ones scared. It's the players. Because whenever stuff gets changed, even if it's for the betterment of the game. You just know they are going to throw a collective fit over it. You should have seen the petulant whining on the Melee Phase 2 thread before a lot of them were deleted.
  7. At the moment, I'm curious about how the Parazon is going to play into all this, since it will be a default part of every Tenno's loadout that can equip Covert Lethality. I just like the idea of being able to bring any melee weapon I want to a mission, yet still having a way to instantly execute heavy units without needing a dagger.
  8. I've never once used plat to buy Forma, yet I have an arsenal full of fully forma'd weapons and Warframes with another 30+ Forma in reserve. If people are actually wasting money on them, that's their own fault for being too weak-willed and impatient.
  9. Any word as to whether auto blocking will still be present from the phase 1 update? I much prefer being able to swap between firearms and melee on the fly and don't want to be forced to go into melee only mode in order to block incoming fire. Don't even know why the option is coming back. Who the Heck asked for this?
  10. Exactly. I also find Adarza more useful in my solo Tricap runs. A guaranteed 60% crit buff every 20 seconds? Yes please!
  11. At the same time, this will be a huge buff to close range melee, like Fist and Sparring weapons. It doesn't feel good when I need to give enemies a literal prostate exam in order to damage them with the Tekko Prime WITH Primed Reach equipped.
  12. Considering Rubico's disposition is getting nerfed with every Prime Access update. Rivens for it will be next to worthless soon anyway.
  13. Sounds more like the Saryn player was either incompetent or had a bad build. Every person who plays her aren't just going to be God mode with her.
  14. 168 Orokin cells in less than half an hour with just a Nekros and a booster? Yeah... I'm calling BS on that one.
  15. I couldn't care less about the Arbitration changes. I just want my Gauss buffs.
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