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  1. Oh? Just like how you were judging non-PC players by referring to them as "Console Peasants"? Mr. Pot. Let me introduce you to Mr. Kettle.
  2. If people are scheduling days off just to play a grindy event in a video game, they really need to reevaluate their life choices.
  3. Geez. I hope the PC players have farmed enough Cryotic to treat those burns! 🤣
  4. At least you PC elitists have got to experience it for the THIRD time. This will be the first time us Nintenno will get to experience it. Yet I am perfectly happy with waiting so our pals on Xbox don't get to miss out or lag behind. Waiting an extra few hours/days isn't going to kill you. So sit your a** down and shut up!
  5. As I mentioned in the OP. I haven't been bothered to unlock Arbitrations yet. Thanks for the advice though.
  6. Possibly. You've more than likely been playing longer than I have though. I got my start when the Switch port was released back in November. Too bad I didn't take full advantage when Nova Prime was unvaulted because I got everything but her Chassis. And I'm not paying 450p+ for one. Thanks for the advice though.
  7. I do get a lot of use out of Chroma Prime and Inaros, admittedly. Though, I would rather wait for Inaros Prime before using such a rare item on him. (Same with Umbral Forma),
  8. Got my first Aura Forma today from the Operation: Hostile Mergers event. I haven't unlocked Arbitrations yet because I haven't been bothered to complete all the nodes in the Star Chart. I'm just curious which Warframe(s) would benefit most from an Aura Forma? So far, I've just defaulted to the usual choices like Corrosive Projection and Energy Siphon. But I'm sure there are some frames that use a wider variety of aura mods. Any advice would be appreciated so I don't end up wasting it.
  9. Also having long black screens when loading into missions and after extracting. Was definitely not happening before the new patch.
  10. I don't think they will be necessary. Just opt for the regular versions instead. They should be more than enough.
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