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  1. Argh! You've gotta be kidding me! I got a conveniently timed 50% off market purchase voucher from the daily tribute the other day and I was gonna save it for either Grendel or the Titania Deluxe skin. It's no doubt going to expire before the update hits the system. Guess I'll have to wait for my next tribute voucher now. Typical. 🙄
  2. How about you at least attempt it and let your Lich kill you instead of running away with your tails between your legs? You get more murmur progress from failed attempts.and more influenced nodes on the Star Chart when a Lich ranks up. It's not like Liches appear randomly like the Stalker or Syndicate Eximus squads do. So why are people surprised when they show up?
  3. Stalker mode? More like Griefer mode. Putting something like that into the hands of toxic players would be a terrible idea. I'm glad that was left on the cutting room floor where it belongs.
  4. Will this hotfix be available on consoles, or will the one currently submitted to CERT be missing these new features?
  5. I always run Profit-Taker solo on my Nintendo Switch account because the game turns into a total lagfest while in a group during the fight. For the shield phase, I use Tigris Prime to deal with Heat, Slash and Viral. Tombfinger for Cold, Radiation and Corrosive and Redeemer Prime for Gas. But since the melee rework has apparently gutted the Redeemer. I am now looking for a replacement weapon. Any suggestions would be extremely welcome so I can prepare for the Old Blood update before it lands on consoles.
  6. If the Old Blood update isn't on Consoles by the time this stream hits, they won't be able to get Requiem relics from the Twitch drop anyway. Kuva Weapons are like the Paracesis where you can level them to 40 with five Forma.
  7. I have yet to get any duplicates yet, much to my good fortune. Though I would like to get a Kuva Kohm with a better bonus on it sometime.
  8. I sold the second Nekros I got from the Tennocon drop. I valued the extra Warframe slot more than a dupe.
  9. Oh thank god! The Switch has been dealing with the Black screen bug ever since the Jovian Concord came out. I sincerely hope this will address the issue for good.
  10. You actually believe Destiny is a finished product? 🤣 And if I recall correctly. Not one of those other studios you listed have developed a f2p live service game. So, way to compare apples to oranges there.
  11. Honestly, I don't find that statement too far-fetched. Especially with these once prestigious developers now pumping out utter trash these days. Bethesda with Fallout 76. Bioware with Anthem. Bungie with Destiny 2. (Yeah, I think Destiny 2 sucks. Deal with it!) etc etc. But please enlighten me as to what developers you think are delivering consistently high quality content.
  12. Do those other devs operate on a completely f2p business model though?
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