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  1. While this is definitely progress, this bug still hasn't been fixed.
  2. They're in Simaris' shop now. That was literally added this update. Did you even read the patch notes?
  3. This bug is still present after being introduced all the way back in March, and while its severity seems to have gone down over time due to the previously restrictive requirements in order to escape it being lowered at an unknown time, it's still present and still hasn't been acknowledged. This has manifested for me as well. Kogake has been removed from my profile.
  4. Still no fix for: Also, might as well throw a new bug report into the ring, now that a few of these are getting fixed.
  5. I wasn't expecting a fix for this from a simple unvault hotfix, but could DE at least acknowledge the exalted melee bug that has been plaguing the game for two months now?
  6. It is not a standalone issue, happens on all exalted weapons.
  7. Hm. I must have missed a different one, then.
  8. Still no fix or acknowledgement: This has been a game-breaking bug for any frame using an exalted melee weapon for a month and a half now, and I can't even get a comment on the thread. Are you ignoring me intentionally, or are the bug reporting subforums just there for show?
  9. Still waiting for some acknowledgement or fix for this.
  10. Why? Anisotropic Filtering has a VERY minor performance hit, only a couple frames at most, at least on my GPU. I feel like there's no real reason to remove the option. I mean, it hasn't really been removed, I can just force it in Nvidia control panel, but it seems like a weird thing to change.
  11. 17 updates since Buried Debts and Melee 2.9997 have been introduced and the community at large has still been entirely ignored on this game-breaking bug. Are you serious, DE? Do you just think we're lying or something? Have you even tried to look into it? Your silence is deafening. Of the 39 Warframes we have, over 10% (4) are affected by this, and it's a complete lock-out that has been reported to you since March 9. Reply to one of the threads. Reply to me. Reply to SOMEONE saying you at least have read and know about the bug. Then, fix it in a timely manner, don't ignore us for 26 whole days with no communication.
  12. How many times do people have to post threads about Exalted Melee being entirely unusable for you to even acknowledge that it's been a problem for several weeks? I'd be satisfied with just a response to one of the many threads about this issue, but I've gotten nothing so far.
  13. That fix was detailed in the thread, every affected frame (thankfully) has a workaround ability (Baruuk can use any, but for the others it's Excal - 3, Valkyr - 2,3, Wukong - 2) but it should be fixed to begin with. It's been in the game for weeks and makes playing frames with exalted melee suck, especially if you run out of energy, a problem which I have had during testing of the bug and leaves you completely stuck unless you die or have The War Within complete (Transference also works for it) since you can't even pick up energy orbs while bugged. Worst of all, you can have it happen straight out of the tutorial. Pick Excalibur and MK1-Bo, activate exalted blade, become bugged, and then if you run out of energy, that's it. You're stuck for good unless you die.
  14. Not just Baruuk. It's ALL exalted melees, and I still haven't gotten any acknowledgement from DE that they've even read my thread. It's a serious issue impacting 10% of all Warframes and resulting in total loss of functionality unless you know the workaround and it's just been left in for 2 hotfixes since I reported. Kinda disappointing.
  15. Weird, I've never been able to target most bosses with it. It is quite arbitrary what can/can't be targeted, though.
  16. Does it still work if you are NOT Stalker's target? If so, this is how they have always behaved, as they do not target VIPs.
  17. Most bosses and VIPs are immune to it. This is normal. They're still likely going to be killable, just not part of Rivens. Hell, you can kill Vallis conservation animals.
  18. It still works, just doesn't appear to visually. Don't get your knickers in a twist lad
  19. Still no fix for Valkyr using Rapiers, Machetes, Nikanas, Gunbaldes, or Sword & Shield weapons becoming unable to attack after casting and de-casting Hysteria as a client. Far more serious issue than fixing an augment nobody uses anyway, and even though there's a workaround I don't think players should have to read bug report threads to know how to fix a game breaking bug that was reported last week and has been present for longer. EDIT: EVEN WORSE! This isn't just a Valkyr bug, it applies to all exalted melee (Excalibur, Valkyr, Wukong, Baruuk), and while all of these frames DO have workarounds (Excal 3, Valkyr 3, Wukong 2, Baruuk any) it's a serious problem. Will update thread now that I've done some further testing.
  20. They never left, you can just hold the block button while mashing melee still.
  21. Don't worry. Exploiter requires relatively little in the ways of DPS. There's no time limit for it like with Profit-Taker's last phase or Eidolons in general. Also, no operator or archgun required. All you need is 1 Diluted Thermia per kill, and I believe that's 1 overall, not per person.
  22. Thanks for the fixes, the Vallis will be much easier to defend now!
  23. Gotta get everyone out and scanning those data-hashes. Pretty sure that'll do it.
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