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  1. The only thing I want is Informations. If I know whats the Situation right now and what can we expect when the Update will go live then I can deal much better with this situation. Right now im just waiting and hoping of any kind of information as little as it may be. Right now im not motivated to play Warframe. i missed already two night wave weeks and maybe I will miss this one too depends on when we get the update. I want to hunt down some Kuva Liches for anything else I got no eyes in the moment. I will breed more Pokemon right now until we hear anything about what is going on and when we can expect the update to go live.
  2. This is from Helen about the Relic Pack "This miscommunication is our mistake, and we're working on a Relic Inbox gift once the update has shipped. Apologies again for the confusion!" so we will get a Relic Pack AFTER the Update in live. easy. i guess your relic Pack is maybe from another Stream? maybe Prime Time?
  3. yeah same. I got Forma myself. maybe a bug or just a wrong give away but im sure its not the relic pack that DE meant. I doesnt make sense to give us a Relic pack now as a apologize that we can´t get the relics now of Vauban and Ash Prime but it does make Sense if we get a Relic pack when the updates is on and we can finally farm the Relics
  4. That is a Drop of a Stream. if you Watch 30 minutes of a live stream of DE you sometimes get a Gift (The Power of Observation) I guess the Relic Packs DE are talking about are Relics with Vauban and Ash Prime directly or just a Relic Pack soon as the Update with the Prime Vault is released
  5. but the Storage of the Switch itself is about 32 GB so it doesnt really require a SD Card.
  6. why should it? i mean there are plenty of Games on the Switch which are even bigger. L.A. Noire is about 27GB big. so i dont think it has something to do with the size. maybe they just dont had enough time or other problems. dont know.
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