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  1. give it like max i guess 3-4 years and we will get a new Nintendo Console more powerful then the Switch. and yeah performance is an issue on the switch but I have none the less much fun with the game and im Sure there is room to improve the switch version and make the performance a bit better.
  2. you know how the Prime release works or? The Primes are coming in the order how the original got released. (With a few exceptions and skips). its always Female Female Male Male. about every 3 months we get a new prime. Nezha got skipped, they never skipped a frame twice and the next Prime has to be a Male one so it has to be Nezha Prime. we should get 2021 Octavia, Gara, Nidus and Harrow 2022 Khora, Garuda, Revenant and Baruuk 2023 Hildryn, Wisp, Gauss and Grendel So i think you have to wait to 2023 for Gauss prime. except they maybe skip Baruuk 2022 and put Gauss in his place. so
  3. maybe something for part 2 of deimos. or glassmaker or something like that. just chill. it will come when it comes. and it is what it is :D let them have some secrets. its good for a surprise
  4. yeah. put a very low number in then a really high and much in between. but 1500 is Max anyway no matter what you type in. sometimes i only got lucky in joining a friend of mine. after a little long "pls wait" it was loading. but that was only luck because it was buggy as hell in the squad. missions you wanted to start were not shown for the other one and if you force start it you will go solo on that mission. everything I tried wasnt working. one time i thought i was smart xD I said to him you should pick any mission which isn´t played much, he start it and i join the mission via publ
  5. well already done that two days ago. didn´t fixed anything for me. so maybe you are just lucky? or im unlucky? or its something completly different. but thank you for sharing your informations
  6. *Facepalm* if you want to act like a child then do it... man sometimes i really think what is wrong with people like you
  7. would you kindly share your informations with us? how did you fix it?
  8. They said "this week" and it was in Cert. when did you expect it? xD on Weekends there is normally no update so it hast to be atleast friday.
  9. I played for Thousand of hours too, i took many days off to play that game and i spend multiple hundreds in this game. but that doesn´t mean i need to be angry about something like this. They explained the reason, they apologized to us, they gave us the information that the update will come this week. what do you guys need more? they surely didn´t do that on purpose. and yes I expressed myself badly when i talked about the cursing "here" because i didn´t meant this thread in the first place but more Twitter... Im sad that the update got delayed but well. they explained to us why. s
  10. it can be even worse some bugs could turn your console into a brick. and that would be a catastrophe. imagine stuff like Xbox infamous Red Ring of Death. Cert is really important.
  11. Thank God 😄 finally someone reasonable. All the Yelling, blaming, cursing. it won´t do anything. Talking to DE with respect while being polite is the way to go.
  12. first. not all vets regret the desicion of supporting the game on switch and migrating their accounts. because i migrated too and i am now MR 28. I feel good with Warframe on my Switch. can go everywhere and ready to play if i want to. and yes this here is not the first or second time that happens. but what should they do? say before hand "well All Platforms expect the Switch are getting this update on 25. August"? even if they said that the Switch version would come 1-2 weeks afte the others... they would get yelled at. other option would be to hold the Update back on all platforms so ev
  13. Nintendo is absolutly not fault for that situation. why should they? if you get a Update to look at just before the weekend. what are you expecting when its done? its no wonder that it takes time. you don´t know what is the situation at Nintendo. maybe there is a lot of work to be done so they couldn´t look at it at the short time they had. DE should have send it earlier yes but i guess they couldn´t because it wasnt done yet. working on 4 versions of the game cuz of 4 different platforms is a lot of work. if something goes bad, is messed up or what ever it will take time. yeah its
  14. i never click on follow. i follow everything manually. dont think im the only one. PS: You know how many the Threads for Xbox and PS follow? Xbox 9, PS 14. so what do you want to say with that Number? compared to the other consoles?
  15. 1. its not been three years... its not even two years right now... Warframe came on Switch in November 2018. 2. Chill.... they send it to late to the Cert yes... but what should they do? give something to cert which is full of bugs and is unpolished and not optimized? yeah that would be great to play.... sure. 3. the other Option they had would be to hold back the Update FOR ALL OTHER PLATFORMS.... that would be nuts and more worse that this situation right now.... I feel ashamed for the People in this thread.... DE is trying what they can in this crazy time... sure its a bummer that we
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