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  1. Someone should tell DE that, since they loudly announced that they were the same until traded/rolled last riven change cycle. Guess that's what I get for relying on official information. On the topic of the work that goes into Rivens... At this point DE have been clear for multiple updates that Riven disposition is subject to change based on popularity and DE's perception of their influence-expecting the Riven for the flavour of the month to stay at a high disposition, and putting obscene grind (by Warframe standards) into it under that assumption is noone's fault but the holder of that riven. Maybe when they introduced disposition and the first couple of changes people could be forgiven for being surprised, but at this point... Stop it. Get some help. However, since we once again have a nerf to 0.5 disposition on the Catchmoon, this is the point where I bring up something I've mentioned before. At 0.5 dispo, most stat combinations outside perfect (e.g damage/crit/crit) contribute less to the weapon than slapping on a 90% elemental. If you have to nerf the riven that far to make it balanced, the weapon itself is OP and needs a change, so that Rivens for it stop being effectively trash for most of the holders.
  2. I do agree, although not for any of the reasons you've actually put forward. The problem with the Riven system is that it actually punishes newer players more for DE not getting riven balance correct at first glance. What do I mean by this? Simple-DE have made it so that existing Rivens do not change stats when disposition changes, but only when traded or rerolled. And even then I think the original roll stays at original strength but the new rolls scale. Why do I think this is a bad thing? Because the people who put the luck/effort in to get damage/crit/crit Rubico rivens (as an example) when they were at 1.0 still have those exact same Rivens. Which means those players have a permanent edge that literally nothing can catch up. It also means that they're going to keep using those weapons, keeping their disposition lower than it should be. Now, for most content that isn't an issue, but as DE moves towards trying to create more challenging endgame content, this leaves them with a problem. You can balance for the currently achievable DPS, and watch those legacy riven owners make jokes out of it, or you can balance around the legacy rivens, and watch any player with current resources struggle or fail. While I understand the logic behind their decision, this is why the Riven system sets DE up for long term failure. Note: I don't think this is going to result in the game dying. Just being less than it could be.
  3. Host migration breaks Disruption rewards, lost Gauss because of this, fix asap.
  4. Oof, at this rate catchmoon rivens are going to have to be perfect rolls to be worth using at all, sadness. Nice to see bows getting some love though, but the weapon type itself really needs some fixing to get people to use it without rivens
  5. Good to see this being taken seriously, and it sounds like a good solution.
  6. I love how mad people are about the company that said "We are aiming for a release first week of November" not releasing the update on the first DAY of November, when it's probably the most ambitious update released so far.
  7. Thank you for letting me get my bigger final exam out of the way before launching, you are truly the most generous of developers! (Seriously, who actually expected the update this early?)
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