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  1. Attempts to throw half his system drops at you. Failing tokens, just let us trade non-prime warframe parts! Maybe make the credit tax significant or MR lock more frames so that newbies can't just be given 40 different frames in week one, but something!
  2. What does Excal have to do with anything, and many vets have been saying this for half a decade. I'm calling bs on running the new boss in under a minute. No boss with invlun phases is that quick, and even most others take longer through sheer length of mission. The above results screen is from roughly an hour and a half to two hours, between matchmaking, getting to and from location, and myself and pubs learning the fight. You also say that like a token system would be inherently badly balanced. You picked 15 runs with no chance of getting it sooner. Why not 5? Why not be able to trade back pieces for 1/3 of the tokens to get a new piece? Or 1/2? Then you get the best of the current system, where some people get frames in 3 (4 for wisp) runs, but there would be an upper cap no matter how unlucky you were.
  3. I love how mad people are about the company that said "We are aiming for a release first week of November" not releasing the update on the first DAY of November, when it's probably the most ambitious update released so far.
  4. Thank you for letting me get my bigger final exam out of the way before launching, you are truly the most generous of developers! (Seriously, who actually expected the update this early?)
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