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  1. I hope this never happens. Would take the significance out of them and the umbra mods, and especially the umbra frames or special items such as Paracesis.
  2. I imagine that a longer intermission is to allow for their writers to polish the new quests and content that have been promised, rather than working on Nightwave episodes. As to the repeating well, catchup for newer players is both good in itself, as new player retention is ultimately a good thing, and a good precedent, as new players seeing these things awarded in the past can have hope to see them again inn future, once again enhancing new player retention. Meanwhile, those of us that did all the previous Nightwaves still have the iterative rewards such as relatively rare Arcanes and Fo
  3. I was ignoring it because you refuse to listen to anything outside your narrow viewpoint. There are changes announced already that could potentially impact the mechanics behind the slide meta, and they have stated fairly clearly that it's still subject to change. Wait until they actually announce their finalised changes, THEN start complaining about how things aren't going to change.
  4. You say that when they haven't even announced the full changelist yet. For instance, if blood rush no longer applies to slide attacks, the slide meta is at the very least less meta, since you're now sacrificing a mod just to do more damage on slide attacks, where you could use an elemental mod and do more damage on all attacks. Maiming Strike in itself is a good mod, but not insane. It's MS+BR (plus range and going through walls, oh look the latter part is being removed) that creates the current strength of slide meta.
  5. Long story short, stop making assumptions before an update happens, especially one with so little detail so far. What we know for certain is A) Melee will stop going through "walls" (What is a wall, will it go round corners of boxes, etc etc) B) How combo works is changing. We don't know the details, all we know is that base combo is no longer meant to apply to quick attacks, presumably including slides. That's basically all we know for certain.
  6. I'm dumb, checked the link. Give me a second to write an actual reply. Start-1-2-keep going southwest until map border, cut inland and zigzag to 5, including the cave. Jump in AW, head down to the valley between 13-14, duck through the cave and mine out that outpost. Repeat. That's my pure mining run.
  7. Sorry, I've been getting all the Sentirum and leaving all the Nyth behind. ... Praise RNGesus! Also, I find Octavia is your best bet for mining runs. Just kill Ramparts, they have an annoying habit of precision firing at you even when invisible. Your current route is good as long as you zigzag around, but it's also worth adding the large eastern grineer base into your runs-I skywing into the valley at the south (From the large seaside base at the end of my western leg), go through the cave leading into the base then circle the base before running home (all with scanner equipped,
  8. 10-12 metre range, with a larger self damage radius at at least 6 metres than it seems to hit enemies at. Needs realistically more range, since the self damage radius is over half its range and that's just not sensible.
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