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  1. The problem is no it so much your first lich or second lich where you have zero and about 7.6% chance of a dup, its the ones after that. By the final weapon you are trying to farm each lich you spawn will give you a 7.6% chance of it being the one you want, you have to kill it for another 7.6% chance that the next one will be the one you want. Lets say you’re really fast and each lich takes you an hour to get rid of, or you are slower and it takes you a couple of hours per lich, that whole time you know you are grinding for a weapon you already have. I agree you have long lasting “content” but it is going to just feel bad grinding out liches you don’t want. The 50th percentile point is 38 liches to get all weapons meaning half of people have at least 25 trash liches plus 13 actual liches to kill to get the 13 weapons. The unlucky 5% will have 57 trash liches to kill. And the really unlucky 1% will have 77 trash liches to kill. The really really unlucky player could have 200+ trash liches that need dispatching. That’s some “content” right there, hours and hours and hours of it and whether you get a 20hr or 2000hr grind is determined by RNG. So if you are that 0.002% of people who never gets a dup, congratulations! Even if you are in the 12% of people who will get to kill less trash liches than actual new weapon bearing ones to farm out all weapons, congratulations. I guess the point is sooner later dupes are really going to start annoying most of the game’s playerbase.
  2. Can the top priority be a way to assign our lich to the care of the lotus or re-roll them, or have duplicate protection until we have the full set of weapons? Why? At ~2hr gameplay per lich, assuming I’m farming most weapons for MR I’m really not interested in farming out duplicate Karaks (or any other weapon I already have initially). And it’s going to get worse as we get more weapons. As we get towards the end the vast number of liches we get will be for weapons we have. First weapons 100% chance your lich is useful to you, after first lich kill you have 92%, chance of getting a useful lich, 2nd lich kill 84% and rapidly gets to the point where you will spend your whole time farming useless liches in the hope of getting one you want. And you know ahead of time your next 2hrs or so is consigned to a boring useless grind. And trading liches isn’t the answer. Don’t know anyone who a month from now will swap a Khom lich for a Karak one. There needs to be a way to make them to just go away or become a lich you actually want to chase. Also the system is kinda annoying (dialog, drop stealing, people who never wanted a lich and don’t stab them etc) and once we have it farmed out it’ll be even more so. It could use a way to opt out of it totally like turning off operator dialog or explicitly doing a Kuva lich hunt quest to get a new lich rather than something you accidentally get for killing the wrong minion in a normal mission. That’d be a little moot if you could actually just abandon your current lich each time you accidentally spawned a new one but still a “get new lich” quest would also solve the current need to go in solo to missions to quickly get one without teammates killing it.
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