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  1. Thx for your feedack, Im glad you like the concept. As for the keeping undertow that is sort of my intention. I understand people love it but I am trying not to make the same undertow mechanic take presidence over the rest of his kit to prevent the same stagnant playstyle. However we can smush it into the hold cast by simply altering the animation and increasing the suck range of the water- then it will just be a faster undertow
  2. I choose to believe that revenants Lore in game is sort of a mirror for his development- in that originally he was a vampire warframe and then he got converted to become an eidolon. Not an excuse for him to make no frickin sense just my headcanon. I think when revenant(not if when) gets a rework they should split him into two frames- a true eidolon and a vampire frame.
  3. Honestly yeah but Xaku and Revenant are sorta blurred, a lot of people have been talking about how Xaku looks more like an eidolon then revenant which is both funny and sad Glad to know I got that bit right : )- and yeah almost all good frames have something useless, it is just a shame to have anything useless to begin with, especially when speaking from a hypothetical standpoint like we are now. It would probably be too clunky yeah, I threw it on their cause I wanted a quick example way of spawning more vomvalysts without it being a boring old recast or gain over time- W
  4. To the people constantly arguing back and forth about who said what and why your wrong and im right please just....chill. This is meant to be a constructive discussion post on how hydroid could be reworked. If you don't like the idea of hydroid being reworked just say that and leave, their is no reason to hang around insulting and berrating people if your not going to contribute to How hydroid could be reworked instead of arguing about Should hydroid could be reworked.
  5. Wow i need to read more often. Doesn't this totally nullify any excuse for keeping absorb the way it is now tho. They gave mag absorb with augment and i think its actually faster too
  6. NuclearCoffeePot


  7. I agree with the exalted cop out point. Its a super boring idea and doesnt add anything interesting to the game even if its good damage. For the eidolons picking up their remnants I think it would make a cool passive- Like when he loses 25% of his hp he loses a piece of himself and it goes flying, reducing his armor but giving him bonus ms, and this can happen 4 times with the 4th time giving him a grace period to pick up a lost piece- pieces would despawn after a period of say 10-15 seconds and picking them up would restore 15% hp- unfortunately this idea is sort of xacu's whole ult soo
  8. If we were to rework him without changing the core of his abilities this is what I would suggest Passive-Make it one of his current augments, either allies in abilities get status immunity and heals or enemies effected drop extra loot 1-Your right on the charge point- The damage is mediocre but it is tough to balance since it has such a wide aoe compared to most 1st abilities- being forced to hold for max effect is clunky Behavior-For starters projectiles shouldnt ragdoll enemies away, it prevents projectiles from hitting as often as they could considering how many hit the groun
  9. It is true you can survive without puddle, but in that case, what is the use of puddle, the cc is not as reliable as most other abilities in the same veign and its damage is negligent unless exclusively building power strength and constantly casting corroding barrage. And yes, opinion, this thread is an opinion, so you can disagree all you want but if you want to give criticism do something more then just say i don't know how to use the frame. It's not very constructive. Congrats Hydroid got to grab enemies in his puddle and charge his 1 and 4, other then that and some ten
  10. I feel like you are specifically refering to Atlas and Inaros Prime, when they came out a lot of people hoped for a rework and got nothing, at the same time though Vauban/Ember/Wukong/Nezha all received amazing changes and while inaros deserves changes he is still one of if not the best tank in the game and atlas while very niche is still generally fun to play and the recent passive augment has brought new life to him for some players. There is no way the Helminth system will be used to justify slower reworks, after all, even when Helminth drops it is only accesible to a small percent of
  11. That would be amazing, they always say they look through concepts but we never know what they have seen or even if what they are looking at is stuff the community likes. Also the idea of a vote to alter what they use and where would be great, telling reb to use hydroid in a steel path mission would be hillarious : )
  12. I don't think just because we can swap abilities reworks are gonna stop, just replacing one of hydroids abilities isn't a real fix for him because it doesn't make him any more cohesive, it doesnt fix his core gameplay issues, and besides you can only replace one ability, so what would you replace on hydroid that fixes all of his problems, his clunky mobility, slow game play, ineffective damage, and inconsistent cc? And wouldn't you still want a rework to get a better ability for the helminth chrysalis, i dont see any frame seriously using tempest barrage even with its augment, its just not wor
  13. With the upcoming deluxe skin and the release of his prime trailer I think we can almost all agree that Hydroid is long overdue for a rework. His theme is cool but his abilities are under-classed, slow down gameplay, and dont all work very well mechanically. I recently made a similar post to this with a rework concept but after receiving some very interesting feedback rewrote my concept with those ideas in mind( Thanks (NSW)AzulMage) . As I believe Hydroid is in the most dire need of a rework right now i will be trying to give this thread as much exposure as possible and will be posting it on
  14. I agree, zeph is fun to play and i don't think she needs to be moved to another super room clear frame, zephy is more about free form gameplay to me. She has cc and durability options and its just enjoyable floating around. I think she still needs to be reworked tho, especially with airburst and to really polish her flight to make it legitimately useful in regular gameplay, as well as quality changes to make her abilities less iffy. Plus their are really only two ways to make a damage zephy, funnel clouds or target fixation- funnel clouds makes you loose the best part about tornadoes, that bei
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