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  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Especially the duration comment. Tempest Barrage doesnt last long enough to be a useful cc and frankly even if it did its still wonky.
  2. Sadly it didn't happen. If we are lucky with the release of Yareli they will finally realize hydroid needs changes.
  3. With the upcoming deluxe skin and the release of his prime trailer I think we can almost all agree that Hydroid is long overdue for a rework. His theme is cool but his abilities are under-classed, slow down gameplay, and dont all work very well mechanically. I recently made a similar post to this with a rework concept but after receiving some very interesting feedback rewrote my concept with those ideas in mind( Thanks (NSW)AzulMage) . As I believe Hydroid is in the most dire need of a rework right now i will be trying to give this thread as much exposure as possible and will be posting it on
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