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  1. I had an idea as a sort of balance rework to change equinox- it is jus an ult change but this makes me think- heres the idea 4 is ow- Penumbra/eclipse- Ecliplse create's a circular area centered around the cast location- In Night form- Allies within the zone gain increased dr- enemies who cross over into the zone are put to sleep after a period- In Day form- allies within the zone gain increased dmg- enemies who cross into the zone take slash proc -in addition- casting penumbra will revert equinox into her merged form while she remains inside- what effects this has is up to you progenitor of this post
  2. Fear Not zhellon, I am almost finished with a concept rework, I should be updating the original post later tonight
  3. Thanks for spreading the tide meter idea round 🙂 -glad it made enough impression to wind up in other threads
  4. Thats a great idea. Here is my spin of it. Including the first two abilities from the example idea I gave here is a changed 3 Lantern-Lantern creates a lantern that taunts enemies into attacking it and reduces armor- the armor reduction is increased the more damage the lantern absorbs- enemies killed while effected by the lantern are absorbed into it and a % of their max health and armor will be channeled into allies to heal and buff them when they enter the area. Tap cast lantern to spawn it at a target area or ally- if it is spawned on an ally the lantern will hover above their head- Hold cast the lantern to spawn it above titania with an increased range
  5. I understand you were simply pointing out issues. You made many valid points and constructive criticism is not a bad thing. I just want to ensure we aren't just arguing and are instead working towards a compromise to better suit all our opinions. Indeed. The most important part of a kit is not each individual ability but how they synergize together to be most effective. Mesmer skin is a fantastic ability, though i feel the concept of the razorfly dmg redirection is more like nezha's 3 or Trinity's dmg link. Both you and Schokolade make good points and concepts will always have ups and downs. For example the idea of creating razorflies on bullet jump or slide is an interesting idea and filled with a whimsy that makes sense for a fairy frame. However Titania spends most of her time within razorwing and therefore is not often bullet jumping or sliding You make a very good point here. Titania feels like razor flies should play a much larger part in her kit. And while the idea of a tank titania with the razorwing dmg redirection is nice if we wanted it to fit her theme she would be gaining invisibility and playing tactically. Like other frames that are coming out, first with baruuk, then hildryn, now gauss and ember De is really plaing around with resource management as a mechanic for frames and it works really well. For Titania micromanaging razor flies can be her shtick, and using them as proxy;s to cast abilities and apply effects is a great idea. Example idea- 1- remains spellbind 2- create a cloud around titania that makes her invisible while not attacking and marks nearby enemies with buffs that they drop on death 3- Razorfly swarm- Cast at a location/enemy to have active- non ally bound razorflies to teleport to the location and rapidly attack all enemies in the area For every ally in a mission a razorfly will fly to them and sit on their shoulder or else fly around them- when titania uses 1 the razorfly will activate and fly to whatever target the ally it is effecting attacks and apply the spellbind effect to them. If razorfly casts 2 the cloud will appear around allies and grant them it;s effects. If using three she can select a razorfly on an ally(she can see razorlfies through the map and hovering your cursor near these marked razorflies will enable you to cast 3 on them) casting 3 will send a swarm of razorflies to surround the ally, deaing damage to nearby enemies and absorbing damage. If a razorfly dies the ally will recieve a random return of health, energy, or overshield In this mock up idea(not serious this is just an example) a razorlfy will stick to every ally within your squad or perhaps affinity range, you can then use them as proxy's to assist. granting a squad invisibility and buffs, enabling them to kill enemies more eazily with a targeted cc, or saving an ally caught out by a group if enemies with a swarm of damage reduction flies that drop health, energy, and shield restores on death. Giving razorflies synergy to enhance the supportive fae aspect of her kit would be phenomenal. Obviously the idea above is not some idea I strongly believe in. It doesn;t touch on managing razor flies like a recourse or the split idea you proposed which I want to talk about now. At first when I read this I thought you were talking about the equinox split clone and I got confused but it made sense when I reread it 🙂 The idea of splitting her kit into two parts one for a more supportive role, the other for a highly aggressive damage role would be very interesting. Harkening back to razor fly management that can make it all unique, you can split razorlfies between use as damage or support assistance. Or perhaps they work in the opposite of what she is in. If she is in support mode her razor flies will become a passively active aggressive force to protect your vulnerable self, and when you enter an aggression state they form up to replace you as the team support by going around to allies and assisting them. I don;t know if I like splitting the ideas between razorwing and normal state. Perhaps allowing her to switch between a supportive razorwing and an aggressive razorwing mode. Let me know what you think
  6. Yes. I intended that hydroid would swim rather then using archwing or anything like that. That was indeed the idea. Naturally the environment needs boundaries. Also I'm going to edit my original post soon with a new set of ideas based on what we've talked about here 🙂
  7. Do you mean hold 4 while inside undertow
  8. Perhaps if players can also enter undertow. This already exits with his augment we can make it a regular function.
  9. I think you might have a little misconception, when I say mini-undertow remember that the puddles from both 3 and those that are created randomly are just a mechanical portal into a single underwater environment, no matter what Hydroid can find them by entering the deep by entering his 3. Since there is and always will be an enemy counter in his 3 he will know if there are stragglers and then pick them off. Or perhaps when there are only a few enemies in undertow the kraken can eat them, who knows
  10. SO what your saying is 2 remains it's current wave with better controls while holding 4 toggles on the water state which lets you cast whirlpools and 2 to drag enemies into the deep to be finished off later. An interesting Idea. The mechanics for 4 whirlpool casting would have to be smooth, perhaps having 4 toggle and then certain abilities replaced so in normal mode 1 is the rain- water mode it is artillery and you can cast multiple smaller 3's to suck in enemies An interesting wish, I have never thought of hydroid as subtle. Making it a continuous downpour that doesn't really deal damage but debuffs enemies and makes them trip and get waterlogged for slower recovery and movements is interesting As for the 1 suggestion, if you are reffering to the bullet number by meters squared it basically means that power strength, rather then effecting the number of bullets per wave flat, will effect a number of bullets created per square meter. This is important because without it if you have a wide range 1 the bullets will be too spread out and might not hit nearly as effectively. In a way it ensures that the number of bullets scales indirectly with range as well as power strength.
  11. That is precisely the reason I chose to change 2 to a mobility enhancement with bonuses and tankiness rather then a hard to control dash That is indeed the idea, I don't think limbo needs it though his 4 is fine and if he was transitioning into an entirely different world with a shift press It would have to be an exact parallel of the map above. And I like undertow to. I just wish it was more interactive and fun. The idea of drowning enemies in my puddley self is fun but It is not in practice. I like having his puddle be The Deep. It really makes hydroid feel like he commands the ocean and not a koi pond- Also I think it would be really cool if rather then our mini kraken you could see the eyes of a giant kraken at the bottom of the puddle.
  12. There are many frames in this game who need a rework at the moment, Titania, Hydroid, Nekros, etc. Today I want to take a look at Hydroid and explain the new abilities and changes I would want on him. Keep in mind these are purely conceptual and I am not saying they are a must have or the best option. These are merely ideas I like. Before we talk about ability changes I first want to talk about the ocean. The ocean is without a shadow of a doubt the most terrifying place on Earth. It is deep, dark, cold, and terrifying. If caught unprepared by it you may as well already be dead. I want to emulate these feelings In Hydroid. His abilities will therefore focus on a balance between an onslaught of relentless force that overpowers you if caught unawares(like an oceanic storm) and the silent pull of the tide, so ready to drag you in before you know it to silently end you in the watery abyss. This is what my Hydroid will try to emulate. The ferocious might of storms and the merciless grip of the deep. "The tide takes no mercy on the weak, Tenno. Will you succumb to it's grip or master it." Now let's talk abilities. Edit: New rework ideas Passive- Same as the last rework concept- Passively and through the use of abilities Hydroid generates Tide, a meter on the side of his screen that similar to embers passive, effects his abilities range. Mechanic-The Deep- A mechanic I should mention before hand is The Deep. An underwater environment hydroid can access through his undertow. The deep works using a technique used in making railjack. There are two separate environments. In this case the normal tileset, and the deep elsewhere in the skybox or in it;s own, which are connected via a portal window in this case, undertow puddle. Enemies who fall into Undertow become transported to the Deep and are suspended and begin to take dps. Hydroid can also enter the deep and move freely attacking enemies. Certain abilities also interact with the deep 1st ability-Torrential Downpour- casting this ability will cause a continuous downpour of rain at the target location which has several effects that last as long as they are within the area and for 5 seconds after Enemies effected by torrential downpour have their armor reduced Enemies are slowed Enemies have a chance to slip while moving increased if they are performing a melee attack, ability, or jump Enemies become drenched after spending a certain period of time within the rain. At this point the armor reduction is increased, there guns have a chance to jam, and they have a slower cc recovery(takes them longer to recover from staggers, knockdowns, etc) If cast while 4 is active Torrential Downpour will create artillery that falls amidst the rain, homing in near enemies and exploding on impact knocking enemies down If cast from within the deep Torrential Downpour will spawn above and enemies within the deep will receive the armor reduction. 2nd ability-Tentacle Swarm- From his 4th I moved this to his second ability- Casting this ability will spawn tentacles around the environment which grasp and damage enemies- these tentacles are however a good deal different from the current tentacles. New Tentacles- New tentacles grab only one enemy at a time and rather then slap or throw instead crush enemies dealing viral and impact damage Base number of tentacles increased Tentacles hold enemies still in the air to be attacked When casting 2 there is a chance for bonus tentacles to spawn in places effected by 1 and 3 While undertow is active enhanced tentacles will spawn from within, coming upwards from the kraken that stares up from it's depths- these tentacles instantly execute enemies who fall below 20% hp while inside of the deep. Using 2 while in undertow will cause tentacles to pull the first enemy they grab through a mini-portal to The Deep before re-surging. Holding cast on 2 and 1 increase the range significantly at a tide cost though Tide will be returned for each enemy effected by 1 and killed by 2 3rd ability- Undertow- Undertow now acts as a portal into The Deep. Undertow can be teleported into while outside of the puddle to instantly sink into the surface layer(same perspective as current undertow) pressing shift will then cause you to descend into the Deep itself. To exit the deep hold 3 to enter the top layer and then jump to exit. Other then this change undertow has not altered that much. It now creates tide for every enemy dragged into it as well and give's hydroids undertow a much more active play style. 4th ability- Riptide-Surround yourself in a whirlwind of water and transform into a watery form Activating Riptide will cause you to enter a watery state granting you various benefit's -Increased attack speed -High chance for attacks to pass through you - Sprinting causes an infant kraken(think current kraken size) to spawn beneath you, allowing you to ride it for vastly increased movement speed while on the ground- Kraken will respawn under you when you land -Riptide does not cost energy and instead pulls from the tide meter unless you have no tide That's my updated rework idea. Let me know what you think.
  13. Please mates, rememeber, i did say to be respectful. Schokolade is suggesting a mechanical idea. He is not saying that titania doesn't need a full rework merely suggesting a part of it. You both make excellent points and gave good ideas on potential Titania suggestions. But please don't take this all to seriously. I don't want us arguing in this chat I want us to combine our ideas not compete over who's is better and who has a bigger IQ.
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