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  1. Can we please be able to equip mods for Rental necramechs. I know we don't have them in our arsenal so we logically shouldnt be able to but being unable to mod them in any way means any one who didn't have the time or patience to get a nechramech before has to rely completely on his team and operator in the endurance mode, which is the best way to get blueprints.
  2. Interesting maybe, but until I get my hands on some of the better abilities like rest and rage I won't be able to see if it offers any useful synergies.
  3. So far almost all abilities I have tried are cast able from undertow, it seems like somewhere in his code there is just a blanket "can cast abilities in undertow" rather than it being specific to his abilities.
  4. Has anybody tested whether abilities like thermal sunder, rest and rage, or pillage can effect enemies inside Hydroids puddle if he is casting the ability. Since it doesnt seem like he is going to get any changes any time soon I am testing whether there are any helminth abilities that can improve his gameplay. (note that by improve gameplay I mean allow him to kill enemies faster, I am not interested in helminth builds like resonator or pull with undertow that just taunt enemies into the puddle.
  5. Hmmmmm, mabye allies inside blizzard can recieve a percent of your permafrost armor, or mabye icy avalanche should just be replaced with something more damage centric since he already has plenty of utility. How about- Enemies inside the blizard have a chance to freeze when they take cold damage, and from there they can explode like your 1 but they dont freeze enemies with the secondary detonation.
  6. I for one think spectral scream needs a better angle, the hitbox always felt off to me and it always prevents me from using it.
  7. Love the concept man, your ideas are nice and cool(forgive the pun). The armor idea has been thrown around a lot and i like your implementation plus the new freeze and icicles idea is pretty damn nice. I was wondering how certain augments and interactions would be implemented. My current frost build uses the icy avalanche augment combined with helminth Empower to get me and my teammates upwards of 2k hp buffer on cast. How would you implement that or would you change it. Your keeping ice wave impedence but do you need it since enemies hit by the wave are speared? Mabye the augment would make i
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