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  1. WTB Skana Riven, with either of the following stat sets: -Combo Duration -Crit Damage -Heat or Slash or Status Chance OR -Elect -Status Chance -Crit Damage or Combo Duration
  2. Looking for a Riven with any of the following: Critical Damage Status Chance Combo Duration Elemental Damage (Elect or Heat) No Curse. or -I/S, or something that doesnt reduce my damage, for a curse A 'ideal' riven would be +crit damage, any two others, with a -Slash or -Impact, but i dont imagine ill find one like that.
  3. I think the Neutral and Forward combos of Astral Twilight(glaive) and Homing Point(dagger) need to be swapped. In both cases the neutral combo has a far more natural forward moment/momentum (and in ATs case, was the prepatch forward combo) than the actual forward combo, which is little more than flailing while running, and would probably work better as the 'stand and hit' that the neutral combo is intended for. Astral Twilight especially needs this badly.
  4. Any chance we can get Astral Twilight looked at? Its [melee] and [forward]>[melee] combos need to be switched, badly.
  5. This is a amazing opportunity to make naramon less mandatory for melee. Right now Power Spike is basically required for endgame melee. It would be nice to change to one of the cooler Schools :<
  6. What it says on the tin.Tekko Visitis, i wants it. Willing to pay more for one with higher crit damage and lower damage, compared to one with higher damage and lower crit damage.
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