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  1. under gameplay in options, receive clan invitations from:
  2. shattered lash does not actually have critical or status chance so using weeping wounds and blood rush does not actually do anything. conditional overload and faction specific damage would not do anything as well since it is an ability. stacking raw damage in the form of damage mods, elemental mods, and either puncture or slash would create more damage for shattered lash. as for combo, some of the combo multiplier is added to the damage of shattered lash but getting combo counter when anything near you dies is difficult unless you remember that blocking gives you combo counter.
  3. Gara is a very good frame, I would suggest building for duration with some decent efficiency and range, and about 130 strength. her first ability takes on the raw damage mods from your equipped melee weapon. it can be used for cheap damage and for detonating your 4th ability her second ability gives her 90% damage reduction at 130 power and creates a damage aura around gara. any enemies within this area gets tick damage based on the amount of damage stacked up on her ability. it also has an augment to give you health regeneration her third ability crowd controls enemies within t
  4. nearly every weapon is able to be good so weapon choice is very individualized. my personal favorite is the astilla because it can be modded to high firerate and status as an explosive weapon.
  5. ok, so I must have missed this update to infested companions, but the answer is the same, make a bug report about the infested companions not breeding correctly.
  6. I dont think you are supposed to make clones from the deimos companions since they are supposed to be made by the modular system in deimos. I would put in a bug report about this.
  7. So, as many have mentioned, the full kit is a bit lack luster on the impact this mech can do. I will input my own ideas on a rework with a couple things in mind. This mech is supposed to be melee and offensive centric vs the range and defensive (area lockdown) centric voidrig. (think Mesa vs. Valkyr) Meat Hook: As far as this ability is right now, it seems more of a gimmick than useful. Others have suggested applying a life steal on the speared enemy which would be good, but I would also suggest turning this into a buffing ability as well. Spearing enemies would result in obtain
  8. TYPE: in game DESCRIPTION: accessing a console with a search bar in the dojo while holding a key will softlock the game VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: fast travel to a lab or access a dojo expansion node while holding down a key (experienced with w and ` key) EXPECTED RESULT: text would fill into the search bar but the menu should be exitable OBSERVED RESULT: text fills into the search bar, but the menu would not be exitable, profile tab and booster shortcuts are still accessible but overlaps the menus REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  9. I am not 100% sure what are the drop rates for the parts, but it seems to be a chance upon completion. I am unsure if specific races reward certain parts or if it is a shared pool, but you do not need to complete all 5 to get parts.
  10. It does seem like an oversight. the dex items are available every year during the warframe anniversary event, and it seems they forgot that new players to next gen may not have the weapons. I would not be suprised if they run a limited event to allow new players to obtain these weapons.
  11. well, they need to send out 1000 keys, so it will likely take a while.
  12. As was mentioned by others, there has not been official change notes, but the changes pretty much are that enemies will start to stop blindly run towards the player if the player sticks in one spot for too long. Likely implemented to combat afk macro farming. A remedy for the change is to keep the group moving when the spawns slow down. There are a few videos by Gaz TTV which explain in detail some observed changes and some changes you can do.
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