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  1. TYPE: in-game DESCRIPTION: placeholder description for npc crewmembers when in relay REPRODUCTION: return from a mission into a relay, hover cursor over crewmember EXPECTED RESULT: custom description of crewmember would appear under name OBSERVED RESULT: description reads "[PH] Description" REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  2. It sounds like the devs are trying to work out a solution but whatever they do will not be easy, especially since the markets are vastly different. Even if you can cross play without bringing your currency, the disruption to the market would cause many individuals to lose most of their value in stored up tradeables. Any decision made needs to weigh this in mind.
  3. the percussion section is what dictates the damage from mallet, if there are no notes in percussion, then it will not deal damage. Currently, there is only notes in melody so only the metronome ability is working
  4. what do you have set up for the percussion section on your mandachord?
  5. This idea originated from a conversation on the official discord with the concept prompt of "Steampunk" The name Talos is from the greek automaton with the same name. He is a summon heavy frame with fairly large health and energy pools and average armor values and shields. He is intended as more of a dps with light crowd control by sheer number of combat focused summons. His survivability comes mostly from his passive ability. Passive: Shield regen rate increases with more summons active 1st ability: "Golden Maw" Summons four golden maws that will swarm enemies si
  6. Sounds like a good concept, my suggestion though is maybe a change to the fourth ability. maybe have it slow or lock enemies in place in the aura for a moment instead of reduced accuracy so your team can easily pick off the highlighted enemies through walls
  7. I caution against a frame that has their abilities RNG dependent. The reasoning is that the ability is then inherently unreliable, when you activate it, you dont know if it will be a good result or bad result. You will be pretty much playing inspector gadget who asks for a parachute and gets a toothbrush.
  8. I understand, and I know the damage is there as a balancing factor, but it is a bit heavy handed with two factors forcing you to only activate in bursts, especially since this was created before you could switch out of melee to your ranged weapons just by aiming
  9. I am more referencing that you are punished twice for having a long usage of your exalt, while other exalts dont really have that punishment. one for the increased energy drain and two for the damage
  10. it is referring to the end of hysteria damage, As a berserker, you want to be fighting constantly in your powered state without worry, but the damage shunts that gameplay to only use hysteria in short bursts instead so the damage is more manageable
  11. Sounds like an interesting concept, my advice though is to lean more into the crystalline aspect of the design rather than the earthen design to avoid confusion with atlas.
  12. the damage is the death aura thing where the damage you take when invulnerable is dealt back to you when you deactivate your hysteria if there is an enemy nearby within line of sight. Personally, I dont really see much of a point of it being in the kit other than trying to have a balancing aspect.
  13. would it be a better idea to have the abilities themselves be increasing combo counter rather than benefiting? Combo counter by itself, outside of hysteria or with hysteria, is a very powerful aspect of melee. Having a passive boosted by combo counter would potentially detract from the kit as players would just be using valkyr for the combo counter passive boost as a stat stick with the xoris rather than her abilities. Now, if the abilities granted combo count or extended the combo window, those abilites would always be welcome and would not detract from her frame identity as a melee centric f
  14. This is actually part of hysteria's ability where the energy drain increases to a max drain which you can reset by deactivating and reactivating also, regarding the initial proposed passive of extra damage on the next melee attack after casting abilities, I am not a fan of that. The passive is very reminiscent of mesa's ballistic battery, what is typically considered the worst ability of mesa's kit, mainly due to horde gameplay and it only affecting one enemy once. Also, Valkyr is not really considered a caster frame so having a passive more built for a caster may be too much of a departu
  15. So, also a Valkyr main, I noticed there is mention of a rage meter powering her abilites. Technically we do have that, it is called energy with the rage mod. The more damage you take, the more your energy is refunded fueling your abilities. you also have fast health regen with hysteria currently and invulnerability that can be toggled off by aiming. As a berserker concept, I think we should keep to the concept of charging in to battle without worry knowing that whatever we lose, we know we can get back. I do believe that valkyr's kit is good, just needs a couple tweaks. Passive: Add
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