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  1. So doing the heist really only drops 1 reward? The first heist is fishing, 2 defense missions and you can only get one reward? Is that really the way it is supposed to be??
  2. Uhhh. The Profit-Taker mission is still dropping the supposed-vaulted Banshee relics.
  3. I am seriously disappointed that the rewards are locked by completing the entire bounty. The first stage rewards requires you to complete all 3 stages?? Why doesn't it work like the normal bounties and give us the Common rewards/Uncommon for the first 2 stages? Also why the heck is the mission to take down the Orb reward Solaris United standing and not Vox Solaris? And why only 1,000 standing?? An imperfect Kubradon capture rewards 1,500 standing!
  4. Can you do something about Toroid farming? It's such a pain to get, even compared to Cetus Whisps and it's much harder. A slight buff or adding them into the Bounty reward list would be nice please.
  5. I don't think banning people is fair at all! This was a bug in the game. You can revert their changes, or whatever they gained in the last couple of days but banning them because the game was bugged enough to do this? They didn't use any third-party application, they didn't hack. They just found a bug that was missed by DE.
  6. Woah! This was NOT fixed. Mesa's non-energy draining abilities all get cancelled when using a vehicle!
  7. I like everything except for this. With other frames and weapons that can debuff just as much (think: Corrosive status weapons) and also deal damage, I feel like a timer on the debuff is counter-productive. I think the debuff should be unlimited for these enemies or it being free to cast when on enemies under the effect of Chaos.
  8. Aren't these getting quite common? I'd hate to be the dude that works hard to get a vaulted weapon only to see it given away for free.
  9. I would like to come out completely AGAINST the new Edited changes you just announced. The vocal minority of angry people don't add anything & you shouldn't lose track of the main reason you decided to change it. Letting your players wait 200 days before they can get a Mod or a Weapon that gives them an advantage in the game is absurd, goes against everything warframe stands for and makes the entry into WF for new players even worse. As someone that has stayed with the game for 4 or 5 years now, I think this change does all the wrong.
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