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  1. The only redeeming trait of the current Tempo Royale is the spammable slam attack. The net nerf to it's mobility (Tempo Royale's greatest advantage over rival stances), the removal of it's reliable multi-hitting attacks (compare the rate of slams and single swings in the current design to the old one's fluid, fast-paced motions and you'll see what I mean) and the exceedingly poor advancing strikes make the stance feel like a huge step backwards. Similarly, I have nothing good to say about the current Cleaving Whirlwind. You dropped it from 7 spins to 5, and removed it's all-important damage multi entirely, nullifying it's main strength against rival stances. Right now it's only redeeming trait is that it's not Tempo Royale, since Tempo Royale is awful.
  2. I feel as if Heavy Weapons have, once again, been given the short end of the stick. Compare the following To this Why is it, that large, slow, two-handed weapons have barely any reach advantage over much faster weapons? What justifies how none of these heavy weapons even do enough damage to overcome a 2.0 combo multiplier? What is the reason you would even use these weapons anymore? As such, I propose the following. Atleast a 2.5x multiplier, to compensate for the loss of the old combo system Gram, Scindo, and Galatine Prime need prime passive effects. Heavy Blades as a whole should have anywhere from 0.75 to 0.9 follow-through to fit the thematics of being capable of cleaving through large crowds. At the absolute least they should be definitely better than a damned Katana at it. Gram: 255 Damage (Was 100) Scindo: 255 Damage (Was 100) DSS: 260 Damage (Was 90) Scindo Prime: 330 Damage (Was 130) Gains +45 Combo counter for performing Ground FInishers (Executioner's weapon) War: 340 Damage (Was 140) Galatine Prime: 425 Damage (Was 165): Heavy Attacks deal massive damage (4000 Baseline) with extended range, but take longer to charge. Gram Prime: 450 Damage (Was 180): Slams have increased radius, ragdoll. Fragor: 275 Damage (Was 115) Magistar: 240 Damage (Was 80) Jat Kittag 300 Damage (Was 130) Sibear: 330 Damage (Was 130) Heliocor: 330 Damage (Was 140) Sancti Magistar: 300 Damage (Was 120) Volnus 250 Damage (Was 100) Wolf Sledge 325 Damage (Was 130) Arca Titron: 435 Damage (Was 180) Fragor Prime: 325 Damage (Was 130)
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