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  1. Shotguns like the Exergis aren't doing great with this recent change... Just sayin And by the way, it is still possible to end up outside the railjack sometimes if you void dash as operator within the railjack. Is the base railjack starchart going to see any mission variety before or perhaps somewhere near the release of the Scarlet spear squad link event? I ask this because I fear that your squad link event for Scarlet spear is just going to end up being another glorified genoc- I mean exterminate mission node like the entirety of railjack right now. Your recent changes have been quite interesting, and some of them have hit the nail on the head, so I am hoping you are actually listening to the audience's, albeit sometimes fragmented/inconsistent feedback. I really hope you consider making more pet types, better pet AI, railjack missions, and an actual kingpin system for the players someday.
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