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  1. Type: In-game Description: The exploiter orb does not get out of deck 12 and invades the lobby. Once the player is out in vallis the Orb is inside the mountain therefore bein unable to kill the Orb. Visual: Expected result: The Orb not invading the lobby and getting out safely out of deck 12. I'm worried for her Observed result: The Orb invades the lobby, and once the player is out, she is inside the mountain.
  2. Type: In-Game Description: When I play in group, the moment the mission is finished, while my end of mission screen is loading and someone from the team starts the next mission, all of my HUD dissapears, the only way to fix it is restarting the game, or telling the team to force-start the mission. Visual: Expected result: The game let's me get out of my end of mission screen and then vote for the next mission. Observed result: The moment the next mission is selected by someone else in the team the end of mission screen closes immediately and all of my HUD dissapears
  3. It's a visual bug, i've been doing some fishing, and collecting like 50 fishes. The moment I cut them to get parts it shows that I'll only get one of each part, but it really gives me a lot because when I want to trade for tokens it shows me that I have ober a hundred resources. In short, when you are cutting fish it'll show what you are going to get but not how much.
  4. Since I consider myself a Baruuk main, I will take him with me, and my loadout will be: Baruuk - Daiku - Pyrana Prime - Sylva & Aegis Prime - Helios Prime
  5. Galantys

    K-drive Bug

    Hello everyone, I'm here because there has been a bug for a long time that has to do with K-drives. Everytime I try to use one the moment I jump on it, the warfreme jumps inmediatly back off it making it impossible to use them. At first I thought I was the only one having this issue, then I began seeing other people complaining about it too, which means that it's a common bug. I would really appreciate if this is to be fixed. Pd: I'm writing from my phone which makes it difficult to post a video, so if someone that has this bug can post one to show that, A) I'm not the on
  6. Thanks for the Hotfix, but I'm still waiting for the K-drive's hotfix. Everytime I jump on it it jumps right back off making it impossible to use K-drives
  7. As a Baruuk main I think that he will be giving his 1st spell since it's the most useless.
  8. You guys are all assuming that every frame is going to donate a power to the helminth, but you're not taking into consideration the fact that, maybe, some frames won't be able to donate powers due to those powers being strongly linked with the frame, for example Grendel or Limbo. Limbo signature "weapon" is it's void, and all of his spells are void related, same with Grendel and his stomach. There is a possibility that not all Frames are going to be subsumed by the helminth.
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