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  1. Kacilius carefully pried the cover off. "Let's see... I don't know if you're playing dead or if you actually fainted, but as a precaution, I'm going to Rest you." He quickly scanned the augment to slightly stall time, in case the Solaris was faking being unconscious. "If you're actually out, I'm still going to Rest you now and start working on your augment's repairs." He turned and waved at the Solaris. "Does any one of you have a portable toolbox?"
  2. Kacilius nearly burst out a laugh. "Hilarious." He said, nearby falling out of his own chair was well. "But if we're going to be serious, that sounds like it hurt." He walked over and crouched down next to the Solaris, inspecting the augment before checking the Solaris for injuries. "That was an unfortunate malfunction. Where does it hurt the most?"
  3. "What the-" Kacilius slapped the piece of scrap away from him. "What in the name of Tau is happening? I take a small nap, then get surrounded by you guys prodding me with some scrap?" He looked around at the Solaris. "I'm still alive, thank you very much. And yes, when Tenno get angry, we won't just kill you, we'll rip your guts out, dangle you in the air, and laugh as we rip apart every single piece of your body." Kacilius shrugged. "But I'm in a semi-nice mood, so let's keep it that way, eh?"
  4. Interesting. Miriam definitely "had" power in the Orokin Empire. There's nothing else to see now... what do I do now? Kacilius looked around again. How do I leave again? Do I just walk out the door like last time? He faced the doorway. I guess I'll try that.
  5. So a daughter named Namira, two sons, and a husband named Abram who is also a Dax. I do remember hearing his name somewhere... Ah, the man she was going to spar with. And a distraction... something happened... but what was it? And that voice again... whose voice is that? Looking now at the fallen drone, Kacilius picked it up. Now what will you show me?
  6. Huh, back here. Kacilius thought as he returned to Miriam's workshop. Nothing's changed so far? Wait. Why am I here again? Kacilius looked around again. This area... is this linked to the Ayatan Star and the Void-Oculus? I better take a look around again. Kacilius walked over to the picture and picked it up, inspecting what he assumed to be Miriam's family.
  7. @RakawanI was thinking maybe another dream sequence? Also since I'm slightly looking for Ryoko, I was wondering if you and @Owlrrexwould mind visiting the cafe later.
  8. Kacilius flopped into a chair nearby and listened to the conversation. This is interesting news. Yawning slightly, albeit loudly, Kacilius stretched his arms and leaned into the chair. He was tired, and sleeping might let him relax. Kacilius settled into a dream.
  9. Kacilius walked through the cave entrance to the gravity lift. As he rose, the weightlessness made him slightly dizzy. After reaching the fifth floor, Kacilius walked with a slight stumble into the cafe.
  10. Hopefully we can tie everyone together with this? Vydra's digging deep into House Tanis' history, and I'm assuming Ryoko has deeper connections to House Tanis than he shows, and then I've got this interesting Void-Artifact... so maybe we can meet up to discuss this? I'm also very jealous that Ryoko took Miriam's Dakra Prime
  11. Kacilius shook his head. "Not going to sell to the Corpus. Bad memories." He slightly stiffened when Zaeed mentioned an "edgy Tenno". "Stalker. That %$#@. Do. Not. Trust. That. Bastard. He is only out for himself." He twitched. "As a matter of fact, he tried to exterminate us with the help of Hunhow. Stay away from him and his Acolytes as far as possible." He sighed. "Now then, time to sell this to House Tanis." He walked towards the cave entrance, this time for real.
  12. We might need to ask @Rakawanabout how strong it is, or if it even works on Anak. I'm going to leave it to him to decide.
  13. Health Restore, as in the ones you can get as a mission reward. (Only realized I've been calling it incorrectly until I searched for the link. Whoops.) Link to wiki: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Health_Restore
  14. Kacilius nodded at Lucien. "Understood." He scooped up his Stradavar Prime and Velox when he noticed Anak's wound. "You... are you alright?" He took out a Health Pack and pressed it against Anak's wound. "That should help. Sorry about earlier." He walked back towards the cave entrance when he turned around. "Lucien, do you know who I can go to for Void-Artifacts?"
  15. "Kavor? Why would they be here?" Kacilius asked. Kavor here, with weapons, when what they usually wanted was to live peaceful lives? He fiddled his fingers. What were they doin g here? Why did the Butcher have that piece of metal? Did Kacilius kill innocents, or was there something far more sinister going on? He grabbed his head. There were too many questions, and no answers. "I will say that me attacking them was wrong, but I can't think straight right now. I need to head back and take a break." He turned to Anak. "Can I get my weapons back? I'll give you 60% of what I get for finding this."
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