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  1. Kacilius gave a slight nod to Radou as he walked over. "Hello there. Kaciilus Venrai. Pleased to meet you." He quickly looked over Radou. Cold climate gear... Must be special ops. Good camouflage for icy environments. He placed his hand into his pocket, pinching a credit chip between his fingers before flicking it out in front of Radou's face, letting the chip spin in the air before snatching it back. "Apologies. I heard from Miraley that you were a skilled mercenary, and just wanted to see your reaction. It's just something I do to people sometimes. Hopefully that doesn't put us on bad terms already."
  2. "Ah." Kacilius slowed down a slight bit, making more space between him and Miraley. Professional, huh. Wonder how Radou's like. "It's nice to have someone you can talk to easily. How did the two of you meet?"
  3. 1 and 2. I'll try to make time to made a post soon. So sorry about the wait :/
  4. The creature crashed to the ground below with a pained screech. It was then promptly devoured by the Lephanti. Vlad took this chance to Teleport over to Kacilius and started chipping away at the cocoon. As the Infested did its work, Kacilius found himself in a strange, dark place. Where am I? He looked around. A large Infested creature approached him from the shadows. Kacilius raised his hand and tried to cast Rest before noticing he was only in his Emissary suit. What? Where? How? The creature came closer before performing a slight bow. "Master..." What? Did that just call me its master? "Yes, I did." "Wha-" Kacilius stumbled backwards. "What are you?" "I am the Infested that grows within you. We have almost merged." "Infested inside me? What do you mean?" "The Suit. I believe you call it the 'Emissary Suit'? I am that Suit." "But what do you mean by merging?" "You should already know."
  5. Kacilius followed Miraley out the Sun Wing Garden. "Hopefully I won't get interrupted again, but if you're fine answering... are you by any chance romantically attracted to Radou?"
  6. Kacilius swapped to Day Form and activated Maim. The (whatever the plural of Lephantis is, I'm just going to use Lephanti for now) Lephanti screeched and swung their scythe heads in formation, stabbing Kacilius and lifting him up. Kacilius screamed in pain and flailed as the Lephanti started cocooning him in Spore Bombs. Can't... move... Kacilius fell unconscious as he became completely covered in Spore Grenades. The Lephanti then placed him in a corner and started roaming around in the nest. Vlad heard a faint scream from the chasm. "Not good." He ran over to the edge and jumped down, landing on a pile of mutilated Corpus bodies. Vlad wiped the gore off his frame and looked around. "Kacilius! Where are you!" A Lephantis snuck up behind Vlad and screeched. Vlad Smoke Screened and Teleported onto the Lephantis as it swung its scythe head. "Suno, Dante, we have an Infestation problem here. Anak, Kelekh, stay up there if you can." He saw a white spike poking out of a mass of Spore Bombs. "Kacilius is down. Repeat, Kacilius is down." Another Lephantis screeched and started spitting Toxin Grenades. Lephantis nest. Vlad created as many Shadow Clones as he could. "I need backup. We've got a Lephantis nest down here. I can't buy too much time."
  7. Vlad looked around for a way to knock the spidery creature off the cliff. "I can make Shadow Clones to distract and take out its legs. After that, I'm dropping down to check out Kacilius." Vlad weaved through the falling stalactites, slashing at the creature's legs while creating several Shadow Clones to push the creature towards the edge. Meanwhile, in the chasm, Kacilius was cursing out Vlad. "Vlad, you %$#$." He continued to grumble when something nearby cracked. Kacilius stopped and readied his Velox. "What was that?" He slowly got up and aimed in the direction of the sound. Suddenly, cracks started erupting around Kacilius. Harsh screeches began to fill the air. "That's not good." A large, deformed creature emerged from the shadows. Three heads sprouted from an enormous blob of flesh held up by three legs. An Infested stench emitted from the creature, and turned all three heads to look at Kacilius. "That's Lephantis." Another creature walked out behind Kacilius. "That's another Lephantis. Wait, another?" Two more creatures appeared from the sides. "Don't tell me this is a Lephantis nest." The sound of bursting flesh told Kacilius that yes, it was a Lephantis nest.
  8. The holographic display was displaying several dismembered Grineer bodies, with the image of a clawed hand carved in each chest. An audio file played. "Kacilius Venrai. It's been a long time. You know the place and the demands. We'll meet soon." Kacilius cursed under his breath. "This %$#$... We are definitely going to meet. And you're going to die." He put away the holographic display away. "Alrighty... that's done. Now, about that question... actually, how about we go meet your friend? He's probably waiting for you." I might be able to hire him to help me, if he's good.
  9. Kacilius nodded. Experience should be valuable. "Something a bit more personal... Er..." Kacilius leaned against the doorframe and scratched his head. "If you don't mind answering... are you..." A buzz interrupted Kacilius. "Shoot, I should've turned on Do Not Disturb. Sorry." He checked the holographic display, which displayed a strange message. "Weird... what's this?"
  10. Sniper. Good for covering wide areas. Proficiency with Grineer and Corpus systems. His skills are useful. I definitely should consider him as a possible contact. "He must be a pretty good mercenary." She seems pretty interested in him. Is Miraley...? "I know where my room is. Or at least, which wing it's in. Other than that..." Kacilius chuckled slightly. "Yep, I'm lost. Please lead the way."
  11. Kacilius shook his head. "I don't believe that I have heard of him before." Note to self: search up Radou Elten. He could be a possible contact. "Is he good? What does he specialize in?"
  12. Kacilius imagined dancing in front of some Grineer , Corpus, and even possibly Infested. Wait, why did I just think of dancing in front of Infested? Oh well. "That... sounds logical. I'm kinda interested in his opinion too, can I join you?"
  13. "That's pretty interesting. Who's your mercenary friend?" Kacilius' holographic display started buzzing. "Sorry, let me check this real quick." He turned on his display and checked the notification. Three more trades went successfully, including some rare Ayatans Kacilius found from the Void. He put the display and turned back to Miraley. "Sorry about that, I had some successful trades. How helpful is dancing for you?"
  14. Chaos... I definitely woke up to chaos. Kacilius thought with a slight grimace. "Dancing? To be honest, you don't look like a dancer to me." He started observing and analyzing Miraley's Trinity out of habit. Trinity. A strong battle medic. Great support frame with high survivability. Energy Vampire and Blessing are strong abilities.
  15. "Well... I do enjoy trading a lot. I love to find something valuable to either keep for myself or trade with others." Kacilius replied with a slight smile as he put away the credit chip. "What about you?"
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