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  1. I've been mostly busy, and slightly forgot this RP :p I think Psychotoxin's been pretty busy, since the last time he was here was almost a month ago. I might post sometime today to liven it up again.
  2. Kacilius slightly jumped when Suno started yelling. "Suno? What happened? Suno?" Vlad looked at the cave entrance. "Kacilius, do you hear... music?" "Yep, and they're nearby. Let's get there quick." Kacilius ran out the cave, trying to follow the sound. "Over there! Come on!" Vlad followed quickly while readying his Dread. As Kacilius entered the cave, he also started feeling something, like a phantom presence. "Ugh... Vlad, be careful. Something weird is her- BY THE VOID, WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS?!?" Vlad Smoke Screened as he Wall Latched onto the cavern wall. "Shoot first, talk later!" Vlad loo
  3. Now I have no clue whether this was random or not XD I'll PM you on the forums for the pickup.
  4. Interested but also skeptical here. I definitely need plat, but how are you going to choose your winner randomly? Is it like the people in this thread or something else? EDIT: Never mind, I found your old posts on the Internet, which explains a lot to me. You do seem like a nice guy, so keep it up and enjoy the game!
  5. "Kacilius should be fine." There was a loud twack, and some muffled yelling and tumbling. "-n't have to hit me!" "Kacilius is now-" There was another smacking sound. "Ehem. Vlad decided to be smart and smack me awake. I should be fine now though." "The bird flew off now, so we should be safe from it. But there was a Garuda, you say?" "Vlad, are you still pissed about that one Garuda? That's probably not the same one anyway, and besides, focus on the mission. Suno, send us your coordinates. We'll head there shortly."
  6. Very well. Hope everything goes out alright.
  7. "This is Vlad, Kacilius is knocked out, but by his own idiocy." There was a small chuckle. "We're currently hiding in a cave nearby, what about your status? I can't tell from here if the bird's gone or not."
  8. Vlad disengaged from his Itzal, dropping below the dive. He then Teleported onto the bird, stabbing it in the back with his wrist blades before unsheathing his Nikana and slashing at the left wing. Kacilius struggled against the wind blast as he tried repositioning to a safer spot. He also disengaged from his Itzal and tried casting Rest on the bird before hopping onto a Locust Drone to jump higher... ...and slipping and crashing to the ground. Well that was stupid. Kacilius then proceeded screaming in pain before blacking out five seconds later. Vlad jumped down, Teleporting next to Kaci
  9. I'd be interested in a Discord server. The first/last server I tried ended up dying out :p
  10. I'll try, but school just started again. And boy, is my workload heavy. I might post today however.
  11. "Turbulence!" Kacilius rolled to the left of the air blast, while Vlad rolled to the right. "We've got a feisty one!" Kacilius Blinked towards the bird, trying to startle it, while Vlad fired several arrows at the wings. "Kacilius, fall back!" Vlad yelled as he activated Fighter Escort, scattering his Locust Drones. Kacilius activated Penumbra and tried flying under the bird for a surprise attack.
  12. "We'll take decoy duty." Kacilius said as he called down his Itzal. "If anything happens, we'll tell you guys." Vlad nodded and took to the skies as well. "Kacilius. What do you think this 'monster' is?" Kacilius shrugged. "Could be anything at this point." "I'll enjoy ripping it apart." "Alright. Just don't splash us with the guts. Now let's see what bird we're cooking today."
  13. Psychotoxin is MIA for a while, and it seems that the number of people who are active in this RP is low.
  14. "Hmm... do you want a distraction? Vlad and I are good at that." Kacilius said with a smirk. "I can fly fast enough with my Itzal and use Penumbra (Cloak) if I need to, so a flying beast shouldn't be much of a problem." Vlad nodded. "Let us go. I've got some pent up stress I need to release."
  15. "I have one." Kacilius stood up and walked over, leaning slightly too close to the foreman. "Let's see... how long has Nef Anyo known about this 'monster'?"
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