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  1. "We'll take decoy duty." Kacilius said as he called down his Itzal. "If anything happens, we'll tell you guys." Vlad nodded and took to the skies as well. "Kacilius. What do you think this 'monster' is?" Kacilius shrugged. "Could be anything at this point." "I'll enjoy ripping it apart." "Alright. Just don't splash us with the guts. Now let's see what bird we're cooking today."
  2. Psychotoxin is MIA for a while, and it seems that the number of people who are active in this RP is low.
  3. "Hmm... do you want a distraction? Vlad and I are good at that." Kacilius said with a smirk. "I can fly fast enough with my Itzal and use Penumbra (Cloak) if I need to, so a flying beast shouldn't be much of a problem." Vlad nodded. "Let us go. I've got some pent up stress I need to release."
  4. "I have one." Kacilius stood up and walked over, leaning slightly too close to the foreman. "Let's see... how long has Nef Anyo known about this 'monster'?"
  5. Kacilius rubbed his hands in glee. Vlad just palmed several Despair and threw them at the Corpus Crewmen, hitting three of them in the head. "Vlad, nonlethal!" Kacilius yelled as he threw his Glaive at the snipers to the left. He whipped out his Ceti Lacera, wrapping the whip end around a Crewman's throat and slamming them to the wall. Vlad grumbled as he Teleported past the barrier onto a Corpus, Smoke Screened, and wacked several Corpus unconscious in the head with his Nikana. Kacilius cast Rest against two other snipers on the right and jumped through the barrier, slightly singing his leg a
  6. Kacilius frowned. "Uh... do you think this..." He Transferenced out of his Equinox, showing off his Infested Emissary Suit. The pulsating and throbbing tendrils glowed with the slight purple unlight of the Void, moving with a slight leisurely yet dangerous feel as the suit itself breathed. Kacilius knew it was benign, but he also was pretty sure that walking inside a lab that required him to Transference out would probably not take someone who wore literal Infested material lightly. "I almost got shot at for this. This is benign, so don't freak out yet. But I don't think I'll be welcome like t
  7. "Alright. We'll keep that warning in mind." Kacilius said as he closed the channel. He noticed the two Grineer arrive. "Ah, the Steel Meridians are here." Kacilius fiddled his fingers. Usually Vlad was the one who got inpatient when there were things to kill. Yet even he was starting to get inpatient himself. Vlad began spinning a Despair knife around his fingers again. "Is everyone here now?" Vlad said with a bored, albeit sharp tone. "I'm actually also getting bored of waiting now." Kacilius added.
  8. "We just warmed up and traded blows, was that not allowed?" Kacilius said. Vlad just quietly watched Suno walk into the elevator. "Seems like she still doesn't have much control." Vlad smirked. "Can't even speak clearly when agitated." Kacilius shrugged. "I mean, we contained our sparring. No one got hurt and nothing got destroyed, so..." He looked at the elevator. "Should we enter the elevator? I don't know about you, but..." Vlad just walked past Kacilius as he spoke. "Hey, wait!" Kacilius ran to follow Vlad, who was leaning against the corner. Kacilius walked over next to Vlad and opened a
  9. "Don't touch anything... got it." Kacilius said while stepping on the gravity lift. "Taking a few curious looks is fine though, right?" He checked the Solaris to see if anything happened to him.
  10. Kacilius shrugged. "If you want to be dismembered, stabbed through the heart, then decapacitated while he tears out each individual organ from your lifeless body, then I'm not stopping you." He said while leaving the room. Vlad was waiting next to the elevator. "Are they going to join us?" "Well, with you rushing out, I have no idea." Kacilius cracked his knuckles. "Since you're itching for a fight, let's warm up with some sparring, eh?" Without hesitating, Vlad leapt back while flinging three Despair knives at Kacilius. Kacilius smiled before unsheathing his Glaive and spinning it to cat
  11. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Dying while in Guard Mode with a Voidrig Necramech can result in loss of controls. VISUAL: No visuals available REPRODUCTION: Die to enemies while in Guard Mode with a Voidrig Necramech EXPECTED RESULT: Able to move around, jump, shoot, crouch, etc. OBSERVED RESULT: Only able to walk and dodge, and not shoot, jump or Transference normally. REPRODUCTION RATE: Unknown (Was not able to keep a record, but happens very often.)
  12. Vlad just shrugged. "That depends. I'll try not to spill too much blood." He said in a deep grumble. Kacilius replaced his helmet. "Well, if that's the briefing, I'm ready." He stood up and walked over to Vlad. "Seriously, don't straight up kill them. Just smack them in the head hard enough to knock em out, not straight up kill them." Kacilius warned Vlad. "We both know about our grudges, but we're operating with Vox Solaris, not by ourselves. Try to shelve the bloodlust until we get the green light." Vlad unholstered his Dread and twirled it. "I need something to shoot at." He walked out the
  13. "Well I'm Kacilius Venrai. The Ash Prime over there is Vlad. I'd... try not to get on the bad side of him." He said with a slight smile. "Vlad doesn't drink coffee, but I'll gladly take one." While Kacilius was talking with Suno, Vlad's hand slipped, causing the two Despair knives to clatter on the ground. He swiftly stepped on them, slid them towards the wall, flipped them onto his feet and kicked them into the air before swiping his hand and catching the two in a reverse grip and slotting the two knives back into his hip holster. Vlad then discreetly opened a private channel to Kacilius
  14. After the two Grineer arrivals, two more Tenno entered through the door. One was an elegant Equinox Prime, entering with a slight flourish. The other was a crimson red Ash Prime who immediately turned to the nearest corner and hid himself from view, quietly watching the others while absentmindedly spinning a Despair knife around in his hand. The Equinox glanced at the Ash before sighing. Well, Vlad's enjoying himself. Kacilius looked over at the others. There was a Gara as well as two Grineer. Hmm... these Grineer must be from Steel Meridian. He pulled a chair over and sat down, leaning slight
  15. I'll keep it from getting too out of hand. Kacilius has more of a "xenophobic" trait that I'm trying to change, while Vlad is a new character, but I'll keep them in check.
  16. I'm going to bring two Tenno in, if that's fine. If not, then it's only Kacilius. Name: Kacilius Venrai Faction/Race: Tenno Age: Looks like he's in his 20s, but is physically thousands of millennia old. Appearance: Wears the Emissary Suit and a Cogna Mask. He has a average build, meaning he doesn't stand out too much in a crowd. He has cyan-purple eyes that glow purple due to exposure to the Void. His hair is short, dyed purple/cyan with white highlights. Personality/Backstory: Generally friendly and open to helping others. Kacilius harbors a dark side that emerges whe
  17. There's a bug where you suddenly lose all ability functionality in a Necramech (1-5 doesn't work). Through a recent experience, I realized this usually occurs when you try using an ability while dashing (Ability + Shift on default keybinds). To remove the bug, just try using an ability while dashing. But honestly, this bug sucks.
  18. Kacilius waved his hand over the Solaris, Resting him. "That's not good. Does it fry often?" He pocketed the cover and looked to see if there were any loose parts around. "I can carry him. Warframes can handle a lot more." Kacilius replied, chuckling. He kneeled down and flung the Solaris gently over his shoulder. "Where's the prosthetics lab?"
  19. Kacilius stretched as he awoke from his relaxing nap. He got up from the bed and looked out the at the lunar atmosphere. Lua was a charming place, with its Orokin ruins strewn across the land. He went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of water. He took a sip and examined the bottle. It was a nice little design, with a slender build and golden embellishments around the neck. Placing the bottle on the counter, Kacilius walked over to the couch and waved his hand over his Equinox's arm, ejecting a small rectangular item. Kacilius removed it from his frame, placed it on the table, and pressed
  20. I might be interested as well. Consider me a possibility. I probably need some time to set up my character anyway.
  21. Kacilius waved as he walked out of Shard's Railjack. He yawned as he walked towards the wing of the Moon. It was somewhat a long day, and Kacilius was starting to get tired. He watched the stars fly past above the lunar atmosphere as he approached his room. It was a nice room, not too large and not too small. Kacilius opened the closet and placed his helmet on the shelf. His Equinox Prime opened, allowing him to step out of his frame. It was a strange sight to see a man walk out of a frame with a very Infested looking suit. The Emissary Suit was an Infested strand, but was surprisingly d
  22. A what talk? ((TedTalks probably don't exist anymore XD)) Kacilius nodded. "No worries. I should go and unpack at my room now anyway." He smiled at Rex before placing his helmet back on. "I'll see you two later, perhaps?"
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