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  1. everytime the conservation thing in nw rolls around the actaul conservation isnt bad its the corpus walking up on every single animal i lure in it gets really frustrating cause its out of my control. liek make the corpus ai intert of lock the all in place while doing conservation or just make the corpus not alert the animals and it would be a much more pleassent experience
  2. they dont wave back when i wave to say hi *saddness noises* please this hurst my soul
  3. you get up in the middle of the night just to build this?
  4. hate to break it too you but there's 4 two from mining other two from eximus units
  5. All these people complaining "oh it slows my mission" "oh im not seeing colors" when i like seeing what some one does to their lich and seeing them kill it. All you people spaming grow up you can go ten seconds with out the screen being a blinding nightmare of effects.
  6. its still useable so no it will never be completely gone. But what im sure you're seeing is just people unwilling to adapt their builds and strats
  7. Because making excal prime avaliable now would be a gigantic backstab to the founders it was promised to be exclusive so they better not break it. Also we have umbra
  8. yeh sorry bullet jumping to too big a part of warframe in general to take it away now
  9. they do use their ablities when converted
  10. most mele weapons got much better
  11. Dude your saying variety died its way more varied than its ever been now i like nerfs as much as the last person i especially hate the lood rush one but overall its a better mele system and if you play with it a bit im sure youl agree
  12. can confirm floods still dont give you the relic sometimes
  13. it was rebb when they dropped the saint of altra but it was just glenn doing it a tennocon 2019 i believe
  14. I honestly have no idea if i've ever been hit by one
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