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  1. everytime the conservation thing in nw rolls around the actaul conservation isnt bad its the corpus walking up on every single animal i lure in it gets really frustrating cause its out of my control. liek make the corpus ai intert of lock the all in place while doing conservation or just make the corpus not alert the animals and it would be a much more pleassent experience
  2. they dont wave back when i wave to say hi *saddness noises* please this hurst my soul
  3. you get up in the middle of the night just to build this?
  4. Dude your saying variety died its way more varied than its ever been now i like nerfs as much as the last person i especially hate the lood rush one but overall its a better mele system and if you play with it a bit im sure youl agree
  5. can confirm floods still dont give you the relic sometimes
  6. Then Tyl Regor showed up....
  7. So about echos of umbra we know they were held back from update 25 to implement feedback so any news on what the changes are and when they'll be released
  8. come on i need to win stop posting
  9. nice and dont go any further unless you have a nitain addiction trust me from some one who went to rank 60 15 creds per level aint it chief
  10. i just realized this thread is almost as old as the game
  11. The main three i know of is scaning cephalon fragments on mars, The scan targets for simaris in the new strange, and finally after beating vors prize and not knowing what the hell to do
  12. its not a rumor steve just confirmed again that cross save is something they are thinking about
  13. Will the moral allignment compass ever be used in future content and also how far apart will the drydock release and empryean be?
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