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  1. I've been away from WF a few weeks now, playing something else. I decided to check in on the forums and it reminded me the thing I hate most about WF. How toxic DE is and how badly they treat their customers.
  2. I think the main thing that we can take away from this is, many things we think of as automated actually require human intervention. I'm a critic of DE, but right now the team is scattered and dealing with things so we have to chill. Though I do wish they'd at least extend the NW intermission so people can get things like Nitain. Bumping the limit should be a trivial task really.
  3. Had this happen on ground SS run earlier, I had a Vapor Specter get knocked down and never get back up. But I could see she (Trinity) as still using her abilities and weapons.
  4. Every software has bugs, but I do have to agree with the OP a bit. I cannot login for even 20-30 minutes and not encounter at least one bug. I've gotten so used to so many of them I hardly notice them, which is kind of sad really.
  5. And this is why DE's support is horrible and backed up for weeks or months, because they freak out about everything and hand out bans like Halloween candy. As I've said many times, I like the game but dislike the people who make it.
  6. RailJack as a space sim is nowhere near as good as sims I played in the 90's. If I downloaded it as a stand alone demo, I'd play it for a few hours and delete it. The interface leaves a heck of a lot to be desired. And it relies on Archwing that somehow keeps getting worse over time. It will get polished, and bugs will be patched I have no doubt. Will it ever be to a state I would call finished, looking at other parts of the game no. DE put a lot of effort into it, with graphics, sound, code, etc. Like the rest of WF I do respect their efforts, I just don't really enjoy the overall design and doubt I ever will.
  7. After several hot fixes SS is more functional and fun. I don't think I've managed to play an instance to 100/100 without encountering at least one major glitch. But it does pass the time and it's something to work on. Both ground and space are fun, I like space more for getting RJ stuff, I still have a long way to go on that front. It's kinda fun, even though overall it's a terrible space sim.
  8. I've had this happen as few times as well, really upsetting to see your progress just erased. This type of stuff seems to be standard in Warframe honestly.
  9. I ran this with Rhino and a Guandao and knocked it out first try. No abilities used, well I think I might have thrown on Iron Skin out of habit. Just move to the next orb, kill anything that gets in the way. Cake.
  10. I've only banked about 60k credits in SS so far, and every mission (space or ground) I've done with Frost. No particular reason, I just haven't played him for a while. He can provide some shielding and crowd control and I enjoy playing him. So far I've only gotten one complaint, which honestly I ignored. My experience in the game has been that most frames, when setup and played well are viable for just about anything.
  11. I would say, in defense of the OP, who expected DE to abandon Nightwave and screw us over on the other reliable way of getting the resource. This intermission has been up for what, like 5 months or something when it shouldn't have lasted more than 2. DE dropped the ball here, not the players. It's 100% on them for requiring a resources and not provided a way to get it. Open the code editor, change the NW Prestige variable from 60 to 120, compile and push out the code. Should take a matter of minutes for them to at least bandaid the situation they created.
  12. Not sure why you are assuming I'm talking about only Arcanes, which honestly most of which are trash and not worth owning. Even with a month of time to attempt to play the event, with so many general game bugs stacked on top of the steaming pile that exist in SS many players will be lucky if they get even a single maxed arcane out of it. The hard core people will return to cheating their way through eidolon hunts and controlling the market once again, don't worry.
  13. Step 5, people get fed up with the nerfs, the high amount of credits needed and the boring missions and stop doing the event.
  14. Obviously with everything else going on like them still working on Railjack issues, SS issues's, etc I doubt a new NW series is coming any time soon. I'd have to agree, in the mean time we need a source of nitain so @[DE]Rebecca how about it? Even if the limit must remain any chance we can get another 30 levels added on to ease the pain and give us something else to do while locked in our homes?
  15. It sucks that things like Nitain are impossible to get if you run out because DE keeps capping things. At least before alerts continued to be available now with NW you're just screwed. I will say thank you to them for extended from 30 to 60 prestige but come on DE, how hard is it to tack another 30 on. Heck it shouldn't require more than changing a value in a database or the value of a variable if its hard coded. Compile and push it out. Should take an internet less than 5 minutes.
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