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    Jackal boss fight bugged on switch

    Kind of frustrating that nobody got around to trying to fix it within that time.
  2. (NSW)Brenhall

    Jackal boss fight bugged on switch

    Yeah I noticed. I'd play online withother people against him if I could but my Internet it so slow that it's virtually impossible until I get a router. But even then I worry if it'll work or not.
  3. (NSW)Brenhall

    Jackal boss fight bugged on switch

    That's just it though, I know how to take him out. The problem it that the game keeps either immediately restoring his limbs to full health when I stop shooting them for more than 3 seconds or when I do get them down to 0 he doesn't drop to his knees so I can actually kill him. Even when I take out all of his limbs he still keeps moving and doesn't take anymore damage.
  4. Hello, I'm having several issues with the Jackal boss fight on the Nintendo Switch. For the record i am playing solo due to my Internet connection being too weak for multiplayer. The issues I'm having are either the health on the jackal's limbs constantly reset back to full when I look away for more than a few seconds (not sure if it's a part of the fight or not) or he becomes invincible when the health on all of his limbs are depleted. Not only this but I notice that he tends to fire invisible missiles which appear for a second but disappear the next and due to not being able to see them I constantly keep getting hit. If there's any way to fix it on my end I'd very much like to know.