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  1. i'm old, but found another clan of older farts. Perhaps we can be an alliance. We're the Black Roses. See ya out there, space cowboy.
  2. granted, Empyrean drops and its the best game update ever... however, you break both of your thumbs when someone gorilla glues your sticks in place. I wish that folks would just be happy with E3, knowing its a trade show and not supposed to be the greatest reveal of everything, ever.
  3. I too have been experiencing this phenomena, though not as much as the OP. Sure, it gets me time to take a sip of whatever cocktail I'm enjoying as I destroy grineer but it also gives me a few seconds of: did I crash? I hope not. I was so close to X!
  4. Yeah I Actually slept in today because I didn’t think there’d be one. Oh well
  5. Hiya, I noticed that there don’t seem to be any live casts this week. Is this the case? If so I hope everyone is okay. Have a great day.
  6. Would you be interested in presenting a real-time war between clans/factions where one clan could raid another for exclusive and vaulted blueprints? Or perhaps even a larger version of this where each of the major factions has a real-time ‘border’ to their territory that changes based on say, sortie results or player participation; by this I mean to say you are actually member of Steel Meridian, not just using them for mods/weapons: ie what affects them affects you: or even being able to steal exclusive mods from other syndicates during this ‘war’. I think such a thing will make the universe feel even more dynamic and real. Thanks!
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