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  1. Bear in mind that console players don't get discounted platinum, we get discounts on individual purchases instead. Those discounts don't apply to things like Tennogen, meaning that if we buy them, someone had to pay the full price at some point.
  2. I know that Gara can randomly stun enemies in normal archwing missions. I don't know if that extends to railjack.
  3. Hildryn is great for soloing, she has amazing survivability and she can use her 4 to stall out mobile defense objectives and excavators if you're getting overwhelmed. I don't know if I'd recommend her as such because of how much of a pain she is to get.
  4. How long ago was it, anyway, and what mr are you now? This game keeps coming out with new content, so you may have done less of it than you think.
  5. I'm glad that I haven't managed to get Titania Prime or Inaros Prime yet, that's a bunch of grinding that I now won't need to do. Assuming that I'll probably just let frames sit in my inventory until the prime version comes out, that just leaves me with Chroma, Limbo, Mirage, and the Atlas BP. Still a pain, but not as bad as it could have been. Now Equinox, that's something that I'm not looking forward to again.
  6. Mods are everything. For frames themselves, you're going to want to start off with health and shield mods ranked up to at least 5-6, and even higher once you can manage it. If it's a high armor frame, you're going to want to put on an armor mod as well. Bear in mind that every 300 points of armor translates to an effective 100% increase in your total health. Some people say that shield mods are unnecessary on many frames. These people have entirely valid points, but they're also good enough at the game and buffed out enough that they don't need every bit of survivability that they can get. All of the other mods are beneficial but nowhere near as important. They'll make your frame a bit better if you can fit them, but if you're stuck between defense or boosting your abilities, always choose defense. For weapons, you'll want to use mods to stack as many damage multipliers as possible. Base damage mods are obviously a good idea. Elemental mods will act as a damage multiplier on top of that, since their bonuses are based on a percentage of base damage. For weapons that have reasonable crit stats, critical chance and critical damage mods will act as a further multiplier. For ranged weapons, multishot is another straightforward multiplier, while fire rate can be useful as well if you can handle the increased ammo consumption. Consider what elements you use, as well. Viral (Toxin + Cold) is a particularly powerful one at the moment, it does heavy damage to Grineer and has a status effect that multiplies the damage done to health. It isn't much use against the Corpus, though, so if you're stalled against them, look into Magnetic (which does similar things to their shields) or Toxin (which bypasses shields entirely). Weapons also aren't equal in power, so as you raise your own mastery rank, look for more powerful alternatives that you can craft. I can't offer much advice there since it's been so long since I've touched lower mastery weapons, but I hear that the Hek is a player favorite (and it has a mod that you can get from Steel Meridian that makes it significantly stronger). Do make sure that you max out the rank on each weapon before you discard it, since your mastery experience is based heavily on the maximum rank you've achieved with every weapon.
  7. I can't tell you anything that happened more that like a year and a half ago, but one of the big things that's happened since then is a melee rework. The most significant points there that I can think of: Quick melee is gone. Instead, when you melee while holding a ranged weapon, you'll rapidly pull out and keep out your melee weapon, at which point you enter the normal stance system. Hitting the controls to fire your gun will result in you switching back to your ranged weapon. Normally, you can't manually block any more. Instead, while your weapon is out, you'll autoblock all shots from the direct you're facing, with the angle varying based on your weapon type and a possible mod). Blocking also now stops all damage, rather than a percentage. If for some reason you do want manual blocking back, you can use the old mapping for switching to melee, which will give you a setup similar to how things worked before the changes. Channeling is gone. All mods that reference it have been changed to something else. The combo system now no longer acts as a multiplier on your base damage. Instead, heavy attacks now consume your combo in order to get a multiplier on that one hit. Combos now scale linearly rather than logarithmically, with each 20 points adding 1 to the multiplier. There's a new combo efficiency stat that lets you maintain some percentage of your combo after performing a heavy attack. Heavy slam attacks have been added that also consume your combo. This isn't part of the rework, but both normal and heavy slam attacks will also now travel towards where you're aiming rather than straight down. The stances have been reworked. Rather than having different attack combos mapped to arbitrary and sometimes difficult to hit button patterns, all combo attacks now follow a simple pattern. The attack combo that you use will be based on whether you're moving forward and/or holding down what used to be block, and all that you need to do to complete a combo is to keep attacking while holding the same combination. A bunch of other balance changes have occurred. All weapons have had their base damage strongly buffed, and many of them have had their critical stats boosted as well. Crit chance mods are also really powerful now. There have been a number of other more minor changes, like Condition Overload now being an additively stacking boost to base damage instead of an exponentially stacking multiplier to total damage.
  8. Are you using gyro aim? That helps a ton in my experience. Or maybe you're using them but your hands are twitchy enough to throw it off?
  9. Wiki says 29: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Prime
  10. Or just ignore all of the combo stuff, use her 2 to boost her shields to crazy levels, and use her 4 to protect objectives, lock down enemies, and as a panic button for the temporary invincibility. Kill enemies by shooting them with guns. Gara is a very practical and easy to use frame if you don't go out of your way to make her impractical.
  11. Look at the Tek set, for example. Equipping multiple mods doesn't just increase the strength of the effect, it also increases its frequency and radius. The mods are stronger together as a set then they would be if each of them just threw up their effects independently. Most of the mod sets don't do this, they leave the mods as being exactly as strong as the sum of their individual effects. You could replace the set bonuses with Amalgam-style secondary effects without changing anything (besides the odd interaction with companion and exalted weapons, but that's a minor issue).
  12. All that I know is that regardless of what it turns out to be, it's going to be hilarious watching people complain when it finally releases that it wasn't what DE initially promised.
  13. Let's use the Vigilante set as an example. Vigilante Armaments gives 60% multishot and a 5% chance to enhance primary criticals. Vigilante Fervor gives 45% fire rate and a 5% chance to enhance primary criticals. Vigilante Armaments gives 60% shield recharge and a 5% chance to enhance primary criticals. And so on. Them being a part of a set does absolutely nothing for them. It doesn't matter how many other Vigilante mods you have equipped, they're always going to add a 5% chance. They do stack additively with other Vigilante mods, but so do Vigilante Armaments and Split Chamber, and no one claims they're in the same set. Compare this to the companion mod sets, which do actually provide a bonus that's stronger together than the individual mods provide.
  14. Ah, loadouts. After a year and a half of playing without them, I ended up finally giving in and making one for Scarlet Spear. I did delete it immediately afterwards, though.
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