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  1. For both the Ogris and the Kuva Ogris, neither the radial damage from the explosion nor the damage over time effect created by the Nightwatch Napalm mod affects crewship reactors. Firing directly at them will deal a tiny amount of damage from the projectile impact itself, but missing even slightly will do absolutely nothing. I decided to check whether reactors were completely immune to radial damage in general, but when I fire a Sonicor at them they seem to take damage as normal even though the damage is entirely offloaded to the radial blast. I haven't had a chance to test any other explosion-causing weapons besides the Ogrises, however, so I don't know if the issue is confined to them or if it's broader.
  2. The rest of the Trinity Prime vault has never been available on the Switch. If the unvaulting had been her and Nekros then the Switch would have had a complete sweep of unvaultings.
  3. It's not bugged, it just doesn't work like people expect. With the Motion Controls Steer Railjack option on, it kicks the controls into some weird mode that expects you to be holding the controller level. That works sort of fine if you're playing with the Switch docked, but it's terrible for handheld, and probably not what you want anyway. Turning the option off doesn't revert to the pre-patch state, it keeps the motion controls but makes them behave in an awesome way, swiveling the aim like we're used to but doing so without moving the Railjack itself. It effectively turns the front gun into another slightly mobile turret.
  4. Trinity and Nekros are the only unvaultings left before the Switch has had a sweep of everything. I had been looking forward to finally completing my prime collection.
  5. Focus gained definitely can't be uncapped, or it would turn double affinity weekends into living hell for players. Even doubling might be bad enough. As it is, the only way you'll ever get anywhere near the daily focus cap is by actively trying to grind focus. Given how huge the pools already are and the mechanics of focus grinding I doubt that removing lenses would ever matter, either. If you don't intend to get a substantial amount of focus out of a particular frame, you just won't.
  6. A good part of the disconnect for me comes from the fact that the murmurs and lich appearances are isolated to their own missions. The lich doesn't feel like any sort of menace, it's just a loot bag that you choose to hunt down at your leisure. The ritualization of the process of murmur farming and stabbing leveling them up doesn't help either, it feels like you're just going through motions to move from lich to lich. How about making it so that there are no controlled territories, and no leveling (or maybe a vastly tweaked setup that doesn't heavily punish you for insufficiently planned stabs). Thralls can appear anywhere, and give you murmurs when you kill them. The lich can appear anywhere as well, and when it does, it takes all of the loot from that particular mission. When a lich appears, there's no penalty for taking a potshot at it with whatever parazon mods you have equipped, meaning that even if you don't know anything you can still start figuring out the first mod you need more organically.
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