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  1. I have two options right now: Play in a group -> lag and its related bugs, takes longer compared to normal void missions, a 3000hp ship and turrets w/o damage, white flashes searing my eyes and fryin my brain Playing a relic mission solo -> lost even more time, only 1 reward aka wasted axi relic, white flashes searing my eyes and fryin my brain I will ignore these missions as soon as I have the new frame 🤪
  2. I miss the option to change the color of the tornado. Now the outer part is always blue. And i liked the old visual more, but thats ok. The Tail Wind is still something that I don't use often. I never use it as attack and only to cross long corridors. But getting stuck at a wall with its momentum is still a big loss of time, so I could actually just run or jump ^^ Make it steerable and stop it if you hit something. Give it an effect like Hydroid's Tidal Surge. Get enemies dragged with you, then I might use it more often in corridor maps. I tried Tornado in Solim - Eris (Steel Path) w
  3. The new smilies look like they came from win95. I enjoyed the older ones more. :P could had been better though.
  4. My minimap icons get super large randomly since the hotfix...meh And Nu-Gua Mines cache reward is not rewarded correctly. At least I can't find an identified reward in my mission end screen and that a few times in a row.
  5. Is there a reason why an NPC-Crew is not attacking radiators?
  6. So...we play 3 minutes of pointless railjack in order to play a starchart mission we already played thousands of times. We can't use the omni tool to leave the "ground mission" part and everything is so hopelessly bugged that you lose all controls inclusive walking or using ESC. Why should i get back into Railjack for that? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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