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  1. from: "considering you can get fully crafted ones from invasions in bulk"
  2. You are talking removing the BP completely, which is a different topic.
  3. Can we please make those BPs reusable instead of one time use?
  4. wait, /unstuck is a real thing? I always thought this is dev's sense of humor but not doing anything. I was doing solo. And I'm pretty sure it's not the internet. There are 2 directions that enemies can come, only one of them is not letting them passing through. And I accidentally killed the enemy came from the other direction.
  5. I was in Eris doing Alad V assassination, and then I got stuck in the map. To make things worse, the enemies are also stuck, they cannot come in and kill me..... I have screenshot, but I don't know how to upload it here.
  6. Got a pistol riven challenge of "find 13 syndicate medallions". I started it and got 3, and failed the mission. Then I cannot up the counter anymore, all the pick up afterwards in a different mission does not count. I tried to switch to a different weapon, and it stays the same. Update: I tried to restart the game, doesn't work. Then I figured it out. You need to finish the mission you failed, and then it will do the counter again. So I'm assuming there's a state/commit that cares about the mission in this. If this is by design, then fine. But I don't think this should behave this way, or the wording of the challenge should change.
  7. Caracol in Saturn, the door to the extraction. This one is very deterministic, never can be exited by client, only host can open the door. Tried it more than 5 times now, with different number of people in group.
  8. Thanks for the JSON! That’s the best format to use. Please include a few more fields: Count: the number of trades happened during that week for that specific type Count of Unique Users: so we can know if some person is trying to skew the data. Median: the median trade value. This will give an indication of the skew, so say if I just want to trade a melee riven for 100k plat, your average will be totally destroyed. 5th percentile: Filtering out outliers on the lower end. 95th percentile: Filtering out outliers on the upper end. And, if possible, include the following as well: 25th percentile, and 75th percentile. Those are going to be used for doing the vanilla outlier calculation. Final request would be, can those data be at a finer granularity? Like by a day? Or if not, can we have weekly data from the past? Not too much to be done for just 1 week of data, but I can see if I have like half a year of weekly data, then there are better ways for analyzing something.
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