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  1. There is still the shakingscreen effect and the motion blur effect when my switch is docked, although the options are disabled in the settings, I have to toggle both options on/off each time the game is launched, even after this fix. :(
  2. So, after I have completed all 3 isolations vault tier once, if anoher day, I want to run directly the tier 3 vault, without the tier 1 and 2 before, I can ?
  3. Thanks for this fix, the game looks much better now :) Have a good weekends
  4. I just missed it with Twitch Prime and I really want it, love the design. Thanks !
  5. Hello, When I use Firewalker on my Octavia (instead of Resonnator via Helminth System), and when I use another ability (like Metronome), I can't use any attack anymore (melee or fire weapons) until Firewalker stop. I read the same thing about it on the Xbox forum with War Cry on Octavia too. Thanks in advance.
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