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  1. I can't wait for this haha. After 5000+ hours on my Switch, I start to saturate of these loading times which last more than 1mn to access the plains, 2mn in Railjack .. I want to play on my Series S haha.
  2. No problem we can wait, good luck !
  3. " Fixed the "Eliminate the Target" objective not updating after you’ve Vanquished or Converted your Kuva Lich until you kill a Thrall." This is still not fixed, I just saw it again. And still nothing for the issue with Ember Pyraxis ?
  4. Where are the other Yareli buff you talked about on twitter ? And thanks for the fix :)
  5. With Sevagoth, and his separate builds for "himself" and "Shadow form", we need this on Equinox too, Night and Day form builds separately
  6. Icons of the most of things in Dojo (blueprints in laboratory, items during a trade, icons of Railjack components, armaments section, etc) are not display correctly or ever.
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