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  1. So I go to play the Ceres Survival Arbitration today with Excalibur Umbra, and find that I can't use my exalted blade. It just says "ability in use". But there is no ability in use, I'm not using anything. I try to go into Operator mode, same thing happens. "Well, ok," I think to myself, "I just won't use abilities. I'll play it safe, and leave after 10 minutes." And as those 10 minutes go by, I try to use my melee attack to open some containers. I hit E, Umbra pulls out the axe I was using, but he doesn't attack with it. I hit E again, nothing happens. I also find out that I can't use life support capsules, so I have to waypoint them so that other people will use them. I think that it might go away after this mission, and go to a Sabotage mission, and everything works fine. My melee and abilities are back to working. Later, I go into another Survival mission, this time a Void Fissure on Eris. My abilities don't work, my melee doesn't work, I can't go into operator mode, I can't use life support, same deal. But because I'm not in Arbitration anymore, I find that it's worse than that. I couldn't revive my Kavat when it went down. I later noticed also that I wasn't getting pulled by the Ancient Infested. I wasn't getting knocked over by the Corrupted Heavy Gunners. "Am I just immune to crowd control now?" I think, before realizing that not only am I immune to cc, I'm immune to damage. Infested exploded right next to me, nothing. I let them swarm me, nothing. Also the gear wheel and emotes weren't working. I tried to take out my Synthesis Scanner, and use the Meditate and Wolf Howl emotes, because at that point I was just trying to find out how broken I was. DE plz help Possibly Helpful notes: -- I was using a Prisma Angstrum as my secondary, and I WAS taking self-damage from the explosions. -- I was not the host in either survival mission. I might've been the host during the Sabotage, I'm not sure, but I don't think I was. -- Other players in the match were not having these issues, because a Nyx was mind controlling enemies, and another Excal had their sword out.
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