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  1. This design feels like an oversight, a negligence. Like someone presenting a car with its wheels mounted to the roof. And then pretending it's intentional. And yet, even with this obvious and clear design error, they haven't changed it for years. Can't be hard to change those numbers. On the other hand: even taking the time to switch around some values can be too much when its intended use benefits some outdated content-island, only a fraction of players explore to its fullest. I'd assume the vast majority of players, casual ones, weekend gamers, don't even know about the schools or how to use them.
  2. I really like that idea. Having an umbralized Inaros myself. Except that it's not...😋
  3. There used to be a bug that glassed enemies could become invincible under certain circumstances. Not sure if it's entirely fixed.
  4. The Paxis Syandana is twitching nervously every couple seconds in orbiter. Why?! It's beautiful but the twitching needs to stop.
  5. The 'full price even with 90% owned policy' is actually keeping me from buying more stuff. Otherwise I'd complete the available bundles but paying again for stuff I already own?! Nah. The individual items not being marked as part of a bundle though are a different thing because that's one. single. checkmark. devs have to set somewhere. This item part of a bundle? - Yes. What is the 😡☠️💩🤯😤 problem here?!
  6. When viewing the individual skins that are part of the Tennogen Bundle XXX in the shop, it doesn't say "This item is part of a bundle". It should do that though, because.. you know.. these items are part of a bundle. Why notifiy me that it can be bought in a bundle but only sometimes?!? 😳 I'm pretty sure it's the same for the other Tennogen Bundles and a few more. This in addiditon to the fact that you're still charging full price for the bundle even if I already own 90% of the contents feels like a scam.
  7. Shadow increases critical hit chance multiplicatively by 60%. [Propa (30% cc) + Certus (20% cc)] x (1 + 0,6) = 80% 😉 Shield while Eidolon is still in the bathtub aka lake.
  8. I know this problem. Usually dying did the trick for me. Yes, recently. Another thing I want to try is mounting the k-drive. Someone said that would help, haven't tested since. I can't remember where, I think somewhere in the forums, someone explained how the bug happened. Afair it's got something to do with getting knocked back by eidolon stomp or pushback attak while transferring in/out of your warframe. Not that it becomes an more avoidable knowing this just something you could pay attention to if that's why it's happening?!
  9. Support staff is probably still working from home. Give them a break.
  10. Good way to prevent the new weapons from being mastery fodder.
  11. Well, guess they half-assed it. That is how DE do.
  12. Noticed this today and it's still not fixed. Thx @Noctah for initial report, simply quoting because of laziness. Obviously I'm on xbox btw.
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