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  1. oh ok. Sounded as if you're only able to do so if you have non-prime Nova and her Prime. But just for ease of use.. sure why not. Or two Primes 😉
  2. No. That is not why you UI like you UI. You UI like you UI because you've completely lost track of what's needed and useful and/or user (the "U" in UI, notice something?) friendly. Brozime scratched the surface in this stream highlight. You'll notice that he is talking about completely different things than you are. But I guess that's the difference between people playing the game and people who don't.
  3. I'd love to spend more plat on skins and fashion frame but instead of cool fashion we got ThE kUvA LiCh HuNtEr ColLeCtIoN and more ugly stuff
  4. It's your own fault using your Railjack in Railjack missions. How does one even think of that? You're supposed to hide your ship somewhere in the ribcage of the sentient ship or somewhere way out in space and take your Archwing into combat. tsts... using your Railjack.. haha smh
  5. could someone enlighten me as to why you can't have speed and slow Nova built into her prime? I personally sell the normal frames as soon as the primes are released.
  6. A Forma blueprint would be cool...
  7. Can confirm it's a bug that has been around at least since last years event. Now that you know about it just don't restart from the plains. Exit through the gate and restart. I'm sure they'll fix it soon™. A great start to Warframe's best year yet! 🥳
  8. Even higher chance of 24% to get status proc if going with r1 and r2. really yeah? 😂😅 except for that last statement I'm 100% with you. I also stated that in clan chat when I was still allowed to speak the truth, but the resistance arcanes say "plus"xx% resistance compared to other arcanes that just say xx% chance of yy. that alone can be seen as a hint about the mechanics behind these arcanes (which is additive stacking for resistance arcanes). nice! thx for testing.
  9. What you're saying is you've gotten a magnetic proc even with two r3 arcane nullifiers? (or any combination that equals 100% status immunity) Try equipping two r3 nullies and stand in the magnetic waters of poe at night and see if you get the 4% chance proc. I totally agree on the wiki not being 100% accurate everytime and that it doesn't count as "proof" per se. I also agree on the math of a lot of WF's stacking mechanics (0.2*0.2=0.04) which would be correct IF the arcanes stack multiplicatively.
  10. Because I'm trying to get along with mostly everyone and I think we can all benefit and learn from each other. I'm not debating about which build is better or CO vs PPP, I'm telling facts and all I get is hate, chat suspensions, insults and with that a negative reputation within the clan. I'm trying to make clanmates understand the game better to our all improvement. And the fact that I'm still trying actually shows my appreciation for the mods/clanmates/or just the gamers around me because if I'd think it's completely hopless I would've given up already. But if my messages get more hate or are being ignored without even trying what I suggested, I'll let them rot in their pit of ignorance and overconfidence. 😉 Just this one last try...
  11. Ok makes sense. I was assuming a mr28 would be able to differentiate between a visual effect and a real proc with losing energy but obviously that was too much. Standing in the waters of poe was one of the first things I tested. No procs at all. It ticks about 1/s but you never lose any energy. I tried reaching out to the mods once more via a polite and hopefully diplomatic xbox message. It's always kinda difficult to hit the right tone esp. since english is not my first language and it's hard for stubborn people to admit they were wrong. But DUDE it was the whole clan (moon clan) asking if I'm 7yo and how stupid I must be not to understand simple math. How. ignorant. can. you. be?
  12. I think it may be a flat-earther syndrome. They deny the obvious and state that what is written on the wiki and all over the net is wrong. Because "the Wiki is written by players" Again: we're talking mr26-28 here with >2k hrs of playtime... funny isn't it?
  13. Too bad Leyzar doesn't say anything about the resistance arcanes like Nullifier. I have been suspended from clan chat now for claiming that Arcane Nullifier stacks additively. Because "it obviously doesn't" and "that's not how math works" and one of the mods "still gets procced" when Eidolon hunting with two Arcane Nullies. I'm speechless right now about this much ignorance and stubborness.
  14. I need more proof. I feel like Galileo. They're laughing at me... Question is: do they stack additively or multiplicatively? And, most important: why?!
  15. Actually now that you say it, you're right: it's not me who has to prove them wrong but the other way round. Btw we're talking about mr28 players (myself included) with more than 2k hrs playtime. Could also be an ego-issue here.. not sure.
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