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  1. sailornaruto39

    Report Center: FAQ

    I was harassed in game during a sortie for no reason about my username. Instead of leaving the mission I immaturely did nothing and cost the squad the mission(all 3 were harassing me for no reason) and sent some irritated whispers and messages I know all 3 of the usernames(-Removed Names-), how would I report these 3? Can I even report people for something that occurred in game? I also don't have any screen shots, is that a bad thing?
  2. sailornaruto39

    Psa: Toggled Abilities And Drain

    Doesnt that make it redundant?
  3. sailornaruto39

    Psa: Toggled Abilities And Drain

    I don't get it So what happens when you add something like fleeting expertise? What was the point of this change? Shouldn't drain per second just be left to efficiency?
  4. sailornaruto39

    Building Warframe: Equinox

    So both forms are female? Or when you say eqinox you mean the fused? Speaking of which Are day Fused and night supposed to be 3 separate entities(like Gem fusion from Steven Universe)? Or is she just one whole frame that can switch her powers?
  5. sailornaruto39

    Update 16.6.0

    Question, It doesn't seem to be the case,but I want to make sure, does the terminal velcity fix menitoned in the OP also included the whole turning invisble when projectile speed is increased?
  6. sailornaruto39

    Hotfix 15.5.5

    Ever since the Mesa update I've been unable to join other squads. Is that something fixed too?