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    Add Raid levels again

    The main problem with raids is that they give a critical advantage to those players who have a good and at the same time a constant company of experienced players. The rest can't go in raids, and the majority of them. There is no suitable team, do not know how, etc etc And the gap between such players growing up. So DE and removed this mode.
  2. hello my bruddas ..ohh i mean tenno =)) Recently learned, that the entire my clan is experiencing those same problems, that and I. Mission "defense" frankly boring, so that sometimes you fall asleep on the keyboard. So, not to say a lot of words, I will try briefly to explain why. 1. There are 5 waves in each sublevel. Each wave has to wait until the enemies come to you and you kill them..and so 5 times.. - it happens awfully long, especially if the enemies are slow or not in a hurry to you to go+ timer time for each wave.. 2 progress in these missions is growing too slowly, getting really serious from the 15-20 wave, and before that it is very easy and you have to wait. 3. Mobs behave like stupid meat and trying to beat players with his number ..they are not difficult to win, which also does not add interest. 4 all follows the same pattern, nothing changes except the level of monsters. In General, in the end, I fight for 3-5 minutes And then I get bored and I fall asleep in direct combat. I thought only one, but yesterday all my clan complained of the same problem. What would I suggest? solution 1 problem - a Fixed number of mobs that attack all at once! but with timings for each group, instead of 5 waves'. The wave doesn't stop when all the enemies are killed. Solution 2 problems-the level of enemies initially high. 3. mobs attack in groups, supported each other. 4-enter special levels, change the type of protected object, mini boss level, every 5 waves. Thx for reading, and greater goods for the game 😃