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  1. Title: Tower in the Void Challenge to player: Deactivate power cores from towers. Situation: Unstable void energy cores threaten to eat space away, Tenno are sent in to disarm unstable energy source Gameplay: Enter at the gates of an Orokin derelict-like tower. Navigate upwards to power core at the top of the tower; this level needs to be oriented vertically to encourage bullet jumping + prioritize mobility. There is a slow path moving upward but enemies scale upwards with elevation above the ground floor. Ancients occupy this path (The point is to push the player to bullet jump, wall run etc. Every third distance up the tower, players need massacre a wave of enemies n = tower number *15 + number of players * 15. There will be a chance that a sentient fighter set spawns in this room after the during the wave. Probability of spawn = .5*number of towers cleared. Number of sentient fighters per spawn should scale as well… At the top, of x tower, hack to disable the power core. There will be a series of control stations n = number of players x3+2. Once the first hack is completed, the tower begins to shut down timer starts (time (s) = (number of players *2+1) *10) Once all hacks are completed, core locks away and door opens leading to a branching pathway, one marked by a void key, the other marked with lotus symbol for extraction. Any 2 different keys will work at the void key door. Average time: 5-6 min should work for each tower. I expect the time to stay fairly balanced with players dropping off void keys from gear slots and enemy scaling upwards with each tower cleared. New/unique objects: Void key door that takes 2 keys Orokin derelict tiles that are designed for vertical traversal Ceiling door. Rewards: Void traces relics sentient cores?
  2. I think defeating the Wolf of Saturn Six himself should yield wolf credits... 15 at a 15% probability. What percent percent chance do you think is fair @(XB1)SammyCat05 to get credits from the scrubs? How many?
  3. I like the idea of snowstorms in OV. Inside the storm, you could place our snow/ice monster (which is really a sentient, c'mon, who are we kidding).
  4. @ezzzzzzzzy, That's a really cool profile picture! I don't think I wrote it in before but this is designed to be an archwing mission. I was aiming to recreate the rush feel of the Baylor mission but make it more repeatable. In essence this is a modified mobile defense mission except, we aren't defending, we're attacking. I'll come up with neat scenarios for land-based warframe gameplay. I thought archwing was a good idea but doesn't have variety. I haven't played all of the warframes to know how modes can be broken/exploited. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  5. Title: Salvage/Minefield Salvage Challenge to player: Get from point A to B in and back without getting blown to bits Situation: A Grineer supply transport has malfunctioned and dropped a massive payload of mines. The tenno are sent in to see if they can recover data. *** IMPORTANT*** mines in this mission need to be re coded to hit percent damage for scaling and to reduce 1-hit KO's This is an Archwing mission. Gameplay: Drop in at an asteroid cluster sprinkled with mines. A randomly generated path in space where the “walls” are a minefield. These special mines can detonate but are not destroyed. As the Tenno goes deeper in, there are new obstacles, moving mines. Number of data caches = 3 + .7n) rounded up drones to recover. Fly through and hack caches to send them back to your orbiter. Each person needs to get a key and use it on the cache before it can be opened. Keys drop on a kill probability (key drop rate percent starts at 0 and increases 2 percent per kill) once key drops the Tenno’s probability drops to 0 until all keys are in. If the tenno is in solo mode each cache needs 2 keys to open a cache. Average time: 7 min I think would be fine going in is generally slower but getting out can be a race. New/unique objects: Mine launcher- a crazy Grineer guy who shoots ½ size mines [can be shot down] 5% damage Tracking mines (probably yellow with an antenna on them) [can be shot down] 3.5% damage Mines that detonate but are not destroyed. They would be red when armed and white when disarmed. After detonation, the mine is disarmed for 2 seconds 2% damage
  6. @(NSW)BAM99, things get easier when you treat Warframe like an RPG. Mods change your statistics. Armor makes your health harder to chip away. If you want some 1-on-1 help, add me my IGN is Shilvio.
  7. @SoulCancer86 Do you mind if I use your ideas to write a mission suggestion to DE?
  8. I arrived in Fortuna for the first time today and I wanted to talk to some NPCs to start to understand the place. When speaking to NPCs, I can not hear their dialogue due to overlapping [loud] voices from other characters. I completely missed the dialogue that I assume would be giving me exposition. I have noticed overlapping voices in other areas of the game, for example in a rescue mission for a quest (defending against infestation for a syndicate guy) and occasionally in the Tenno relay by Mercury. In those situations, it didn't really bother me. Here in Fortuna, it intrudes a lot. After the fantastic entrance and song, the voices are jarring. Proposed solution. If the text lines (voices) are tied to specific NPCs, the volume of voices could be coded to be inversely related to distance to the Tenno. e.g. Volume = player set volume in options / distance to source NPC. If there is the desire to have a constant chatter going on, some background audience sound would go a long way. Thanks for reading the note and look out for other suggestions for game modes and improvements I write.
  9. @NezuHimeSama what would you add to archwing that seems like appropriate content?
  10. I'll look for ze Grattler. The rush mission is an amazing idea, I am going to propose a more fun version to DE [if they read the suggestions]. Archwing in the plains and OV is good. Flight in Anthem is liberating. Why? I think it's because of the space available to not think about the environment getting in the way. The rush mission is like precision platforming. It's not easy and it's not enjoyable unless you really like it.
  11. The idea behind the mission is great. I think it was designed for PC. It requires a lot of precision that I am having a hard time achieving on NSwitch. I can't imagine how much harder it is on PS4 or XBox since you don't have motion controls. If the "weakpoints" (the turrets, engines etc) were larger and signposted better, that would go a long way.
  12. The pursuit mission is near impossible on NSwitch due to targets being tiny. Again, it's a good idea, but it was not translated well.
  13. The main problem with Archwing is level design. I have felt stifled by the tight corridors. It's not conducive for flying. Take a look at Anthem's flying; The area is alreaday quite open which negates the bumpiness of bouncing into halls. We experience this freedom and utility in the plains and OV. I'm writing up some new missions which make use of all of the mechanics of the game. Hope they get attention.
  14. I'm digging the Tenno Rescue mission you suggested. I do think that there should be parts of the mission that only the tenno can do to make it more interested. Tenno role and warframe role. The problem I see with that would be that the warframe role is fully equipped and the real challenge is on the tenno side. The only problem with the tenno-oriented missions is that it's assuming the player has completed at least the the War Within. If the entry is past the Quills place that's a good way to start. I'm not as high MR as you are but I like the fervor behind your ideas.
  15. @RyukagePrime, I liked the " Acquire 5 corrupted mods." for a slightly different reason. You see, I find playing with the keys equipped interesting little self-imposed challenges. I wouldn't suggest making it explicitly for a corrupted mod, but for wolfcred instead. I guess you'd have to find a way to fit the lore together though. I'd raise your corrupted mod challenge to hobbled + one other dragon key challenge. Make us use parkour more. There's a serious lack of that usage in game.
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