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  1. While pilots in ground, use nidus larva, while they are trapped it will count as "before touching the ground"
  2. Exploiter has been active while thermia event.... Just finished, along with double resource boost in orb vallis
  3. Arbitrations are infested too.... They ask for a host and "they carry" lol 40+ replies and still no statement or response from DE
  4. Regular updates are healthy, but we still need a better or more ways to farm kuva.
  5. This is becoming a plague....the worst part is the kiddos acting like pros
  6. Special alert, using random setup from all your arsenal,including mods
  7. I'd like to know if the relay access will be permanent or limited to event duration. Could we have some clarification?
  8. I can see the issue persist, even when we've passed 2 big updates I'd like some clarification from DE IS using that combination considered an infraction?
  9. I'm also getting random crashes while in vallis
  10. Is this data valid for Nintendo switch? And if not... Where i could see Nintendo switch drop rates?
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